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9 comments Honest 2023 Review! Scam or Legit?

Anis Founder of

By Anis

March 17, 2023

writing jobz review

Are you looking for a truly honest Writing Jobz ( review?

Looks like there are only positive & suspicious reviews online right?

This is going to be a BRUTALLY honest and balanced review where I say things exactly like they are!

If you want to learn the truth then keep reading this review!

Writing Jobz Summary Review

Name:  Writing Jobz


Founder: Unkown

Price:  Free

writing jobz review

Summary: Writing Jobz so far is NOT a trustworthy site, there are so many red flags (which you learn more about in this review) there are good things about it but for now I don't recommend it as there are better ways out there to earn money writing.

Rating: 2/5

Recommended? No.

What is Writing Jobz?

Writing Job Jobz is an academic freelance writing community, it was created for students to help them make money writing and make ends meet.

Writing jobz promises interesting rates for students that use their writing skills to make some extra money to pay for rent or just pay for their college expenses.

To be honest, when I heard about Writing Jobz I was very skeptical and still I am a little bit, first of all, there aren't real reviews about this company. 

I was able to find 2 or 3 reviews but they seemed VERY biased.

I discovered when I was chilling on Reddit, I came across this conversation about on Reddit where the author of the post is suspicious like me about Writing Jobz as he started this conversation just to see if there is anyone that knows something about this freelancing writing site.

Below I'm going to share with you how works and some red flags I could spot and more.

How Does Writing Jobz Work?

I have recently reviewed a website called Contena and another one called Master Writing Jobs, the first one is legit but expensive while the second one is cheaper but a big scam.

The difference between these sites and Writing Jobz is that the latter does not charge any money, but you need to go through a hiring process where you need to submit your application, upload some of your college or university background and wait for an HR manager to approve your application or reject it.

Below I walk you through how the sign up/Hiring process works at Writing Jobz.

The Sign up & Hiring Process

As I said above the sign up process is 100% free, you don't have to pay any money for memberships or stuff like that like most freelance writing websites do to give you writing jobs.

Writing Jobs work is based on assignments in case you're accepted, you should wait for assignments in your members' area and you have a limited time to finish and deliver the work.

Each assignment has a different pay it depends on how time and effort it requires and also how good your work is.

But before you get accepted you need to submit an application which asks for some info like

  • Your Native Language
  • The name of your School or University
  • Academic Background & Work Experience
  • Your Highest Academic Degree
  • Your Major
  • Your 3 Proficiency Areas

As you can see the sign up process is not quick, you're asked for too much info but to me, this looks like a good sign, because usually, the companies that have such long sign up process are the ones that are serious and pay well.

But that's just my assumption, there are some ugly red flags though that are a bit worrying which I am going to share with you later in this review.

After you submit your application with the info I mentioned above you will be told that your application is being reviewed and in the meantime, you have to provide more info to which is the following:

  • Your Resume
  • Your Billing Details
  • Your Working Hours
  • A sample paper or any written piece written by you.

After you submit all your info, it will take 5 days for the Writing Jobz HR manager to contact you and let you know whether you're accepted or not.

Just a quick note: When submitting your sample paper make sure it's the best paper you have ever written because the staff at is very severe and picky and any grammar issues or sentence structure won't be forgiven!

" Make sure you don't miss any details, we will review your grammar, format or sentence structure like your college professor would."

Writing Jobz team

Writing Jobz Biggest Red Flags!

 1- Suspicious Testimonials

I had a look at the Writing Jobz testimonials that are published on their website, but it looks like the testimonials page is simply a wall of text.

Usually, testimonies come with photos or even videos where they are saying good words about the product or website he/she tried.

But looks like that's not the case with the Writing Jobz testimonials.

If you click on the link above it will take you to the page where the Writing Jobz testimonials are listed.

Have a look below and notice how easy it is to fake this.

Are the Writing Jobz testimonials real or fake?


Anyone can simply write in there whatever they like and add some names. That's a BIG red flag for me and I'm very suspicious about Writing Jobz now.

As far as I'm concerned any website that uses sketchy looking testimonials like this is NOT to be trusted. I have actually reviewed 500's of scams that use fake testimonials because they really convince the buyers to trust and take action!

Now I'm not saying Writing Jobz is a scam but what do you think? Isn't this a big red flag? Let me know what you think in the comments section if you have anything to say about this.

 2- No Reviews Online

Yeah, I have no idea why there aren't enough reviews about Writing Jobz online, as I am writing this there are 2 reviews on Google but they are so positive and biased that after I read them I thought they were written by the CEO.

This is a red flag because usually scams like to fly under the radar and scam people without making buzz because otherwise they will get exposed.

The domain authority  (a metric that shows how popular a site is in Google and other search engines) of is 35 which is not bad. 

Usually, websites with such domain authority do get a fair amount of attention from the search engines and external websites that's why I have no idea why there aren't reviews yet about this site but only 2 positive reviews.

Is Writing Jobz so good? Or a service that shutsdown/pays any negative review that pops up? I have no idea if you know something about this let us know in the comments section!

 3- The Domain Name Sounds Sketchy

The last red flag I noticed is the domain name, this may sound a bit picky but I personally always avoid any website that uses letters like Z, X or Y at the end of their domain names.

Usually, such websites are scams and never last more than 2 months, matter of fact these scams usually change their domain names VERY often and their design too to keep flying under the radar without getting exposed.

Is this the reason why there aren't enough Writing Jobz reviews online? Maybe...

Anis Founder of

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Is Writing Jobz a Good Opportunity?

I really can't comment on that, I have never submitted an application for them or anything but based on what I could find online during my research to me it does not sound like an amazing opportunity.

There are actually many better and well known alternatives where you can't get wrong, this website is REALLY suspicious in my opinion.

I think Writing Jobz is not a good opportunity at least when it comes to the pay... Keep reading below to find out how much money you can earn from this freelance website.

How Much Money Will You Make with Writingjobz?

The good thing about Writing Jobz is you get to choose and write about any topic you like and also work on your own terms.

There are different assignments for you to choose from. Regarding the rates, claims to offer the highest rates in the market.

How does Writing Jobz work


As you can see above on the screenshot, the rate is $9 to $15 per page and that amount depends on how complex the assignment is and the deadline because there are some projects that need to be finished within a limited amount of time.

However, when it comes to the freelancing writing world, what I know is freelance writers are paid for every word they write, $9 to $15 does not look good to me.

What if someone needs a 2000-3000 words essay or article?

 I don't think I would be writing such articles for $15. that would be too much work and misery pay, especially when compared to how much the top dogs of freelance writing websites pay.

Writing Jobz Pros & cons

The Pros 

  • Writing Jobz has been online since 2009
  • They don't promise you any unrealistic income claims or hype.
  • Does not look like a scam.
  • They have a severe & high quality hiring process.
  • It can be a good income source for students.

The Cons

  • The testimonials look fake.
  • The website domain looks scammy.
  • The pay rates don't seem as good as promised.
  • There aren't any real unbiased reviews about online.

Writing Jobz Alternatives

There are many alternatives that are good and a lot better than Writing Jobz.

I'm going to list some of them for you below:

Here are 30+ Sites to get paid to write online!

Is Writing Jobz A Scam?

There isn't much info about Writing Jobz online, we did intense research and from what we have found Writing Jobz is not a scam but if you want to join them proceed with caution.

There are many red flags as I have shared with you in this review and so far I don't recommend it. I'm going to be updating this review as soon as I find more info or updates worth sharing.

I'd appreciate it if you update us with anything new if you can by sharing your thoughts and comments in the comment section!

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  • IDK man, your article is exactly what you’re accusing MWJ of. Like, you say they’re suspicious? Well, your article has these huge buttons with weird links and a structure of a typical promotion scam. That’s what I see when people try to sell my a book, a magical lose-weight-quick course or some similar crap. Speaking of MWJ – yeah, it’s not the best company in the world. No, their prices are not abysmally low (9-15 usd is not for ORDER, it’s for a PAGE, and as a writer I can testify to that). There are some flaws such as clunky, difficult-to-use system, zero customer feedback visible to writers, unflexible control panel and lack of payment methods’ variety. However, MWJ will be a good starting point for earning a couple of extra bucks with very little effort, considering their pricing policy.
    P.S. It really feels like you tried applying but they turned you down. Why’d you be so salty otherwise?
    P.P.S. Really man, check your grammar. It just hurts to read your ONLY HONEST UNPAID FOR, UNBIASED AND OBJECTIVE REVIEW ON THE INTERNET.

  • Thank you for writing this informative article, I hadn’t actually heard of WritingJobz, but after reading your article I think it may be best to stay well away. I really like your site, being split into so many sections makes it easy on the eye.

    Hope to see more soon, someome has to sniff out the sites to watch out for!

  • At first it really did sound like a solid enough opportunity for writers to take on but as soon as I got to your red flags…I began to see the truth seeping through! 

    The main one for me is the fact that they have no real reviews online – what type of writing job site has no reviews behind it?

    Very sketchy indeed!

    Do you have any legit writing opportunities you can suggest?

  • As a writer myself, I can testify that having the skill of being able to write good copy can be a lucrative business. I would shy away from such sites as Writing Jobz however as the pay rates are not really good, and you are trading time for money (and not that much money). Whether it is the Writing Jobz site or Fiverr, or any of the others you mention, this is the case.Where I have been able to cash in with writing in a big way is putting together contract proposals for clients. These businesses are competing for large dollar multi-year contracts with the US Government, and if they win, often they can get 3-5 years of very good profits from the contracts.As such, it takes some very targeted writing style to present the case to the Government in a logical, clear, concise, and convincing manner. There is a limited set of people that know how to do this successfully, and for that reason, the pay is good. It does involve some travel, gathering of information, and then organization skills too.The pay rates for those few that have this particular set of skills? I charge $2000 a day plus expenses. Yes, it is possible, as I always offer the option of no charge but 1-2% of the contract value for my company (I would embed a person or two in the operation for that remuneration)…My particular skill set involves more than raw copywriting, however. I spent a lot of years in the military and evaluated such proposals for the Government. I knew exactly what the evaluators looked for, how it was best presented (I saw good to terrible proposals over the years), and this ‘package’ is what made me marketable.So with that background, I am reading through the review (good one by the way) on Writing Jobz and know that people can do better using their complete set of skills in tandem with the writing skills they may have. I see the application process, which seems overly rigorous for the pay you may receive, and I have to think that although it may be for some people, most certainly I would not even bother applying.A good example of how you can better leverage your skills and move from trading time for money is the recommendation for the Wealthy Affiliate platform you add at the end of the review. I totally agree that you can likely do far better over time, as many of the skills you have can be incorporated and the websites you learn to build and then add pertinent content to will make you money again and again over time.The big advantage that online marketing offers those entering the segment is you can trade front end work for earnings again and again with little additional work. Rather than getting paid one time for an article or review, you can potentially get paid month after month. This is very much a passive income program and a desirable stream of income to develop with your valuable time…In any case, I enjoyed your article, and the page layout was also very easy to understand and navigate. People stopping by will be well informed reading through the review and perhaps taking you up on the final suggestion you have added (Wealthy Affiliate). Thanks!        

    • Hi Dave, thanks a lot for such an in-depth comment! I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well with your writing skills! $2000 per day plus expenses? That’s very impressive! 

      There are many better ways to make more money writing, as you said starting your own site with Wealthy Affiliate is a good idea because you can earn money over and over with the articles you write! 

      Thanks a lot for visiting and have a nice day!

      • Great stuff, Anis…

        Note that these days I am not doing as many of these contract proposals as I was 10 years ago, but the same opportunities are out there.

        At this point in my life, I have found better ways to trade my time for leveraged passive income, and a lot of this was made possible through Wealthy Affiliate!

        I leave the high-pressure jobs that pay this amount to the young-bloods out there and have a simpler and less stressful life…

        I just wrote an article on creating more streams of passive income, and of course, tapping into the power that Wealthy Affiliate offer was one such resource I added!

        It looks like things are going well for you, glad to see it and I wish you all the best for a successful 2019! Back to work here, it is already 0730 in the morning (old habits die slowly, I still get up early)…

        Dave : )

        • Yeah, Wealthy Affiliate can open a lot of opportunities for you! I’m glad you’re loving it too! I also wake up very early to write articles because that’s the best time I focus and get things done better. I believe with hard work, patience and a legit training only the sky is the limit!

          Thanks again & wish you an amazing year!

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