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Affiliate Cash Club Review (2022) Worth your Time and Money?

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By Anis Chity

August 4, 2022

Affiliate Cash Club review

Hello! Welcome to my Affiliate Cash Club review! (Updated 2022)

All of us want to find new ways to earn money, right? Especially now in the age of technology.

Although there are a lot of ways to do it, scammers find a way to ruin it for us!

With that being said, are you one of the people who have encountered Affiliate Cash Club? If yes, then you might want to stop for a minute and read this review!

You will certainly find out the harsh truth about it. Do you want to? Then read on!

Affiliate Cash Club Review: Quick Summary

Name:  Affiliate Cash Club


Founder: “Jordan Mathews”

Type: Affiliate marketing training

Price: $37 + upsells

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? No!

Affiliate Cash Club

What is Affiliate Cash Club?

Affiliate Cash Club

Update 2022: Their website now redirects to an online market place that sells men and women shoes. However, they still have the original name. This could be because they changed their name and another company has acquired the domain.

If you visited its website, it looks like that Affiliate Cash Club claims to offer people the opportunity to be able to earn thousands of dollars in a day.

It is allegedly created by Jordan Matthews.

That sounds great, but I hate to break it up to you, that is not true. If ever something like that worked, then don't you think everyone would be doing it right now and not worry about their expenses?

So what is Affiliate Cash Club really is?

Affiliate Cash Club is a digital product that teaches people how to earn money through affiliate marketing.

According to them, it is easy and you can earn a lot of money with it immediately.

However, having experiences as an affiliate marketer, that is 100% wrong. Affiliate marketing is a legit way to earn money. However, you can't be successful with it in just a matter of a day.

Affiliate Cash Club Review: How does it work?

Affiliate Cash Club uses hyped advertisements and claims to convince people to pay for it. Basically, when you purchase the product for $37, all you will get is a simple affiliate marketing training.

Furthermore, since they will be asking for your email address, you will be receiving invitations and messages from time to time promoting other products.

Usually, these will tell you that they can increase your earnings. All you have to do is to purchase them. These are what we call upsells.

So what is affiliate marketing?

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Basically, the concept behind affiliate marketing is to promote products being sold by various companies and businesses.

There are a lot of ways for you to do this. However, the most commonly used is through a self-owned website.

Visitors will be viewing your website and can click on the links you posted there that can lead to the website of the company or business.

Affiliate tools can include text links, banner ads, widgets and many more.

You will be earning commissions once you meet the terms and conditions of the affiliate program. Usually, most programs will pay you once your visitors or referrals purchase the product/s you are promoting.

That may sound nice and easy. But trust me, the process, especially if you are a beginner, can be challenging.

This is because building a website and gathering visitors or traffic on it takes a lot of work and time. We do it through SEO.

If you want to know more about this, click here.

Affiliate Cash Club Review: Red Flags

#1 Fake Owner

I have reviewed other sites before which are similar to Affiliate Cash Club. So, one common thing they all have is that their owners are fake.

If you search up Jordan Matthews, you won't be able to find any information about him and Affiliate Cash Club.

So, if this product is legit and that they can actually help people earn money online, then why does the real owner have to hide? Is there any reason why the creator must use a fake identity?

However, I will leave that to you to answer.

#2 False claims

Don't take me wrong. Affiliate marketing is excellent. You can earn thousands of dollars per month. However, not immediately.

Affiliate Cash Club claims that with their product, you will be earning a lot of money in just minutes!

In reality, even the most successful affiliate marketers today took a long time to achieve what they have today.

Remember, there are no shortcuts to success. In conclusion, you have to grind yourself way up there.

#3 Fake Testimonials

Affiliate Cash Club Fake Testimonial

If you have watched the video on their website, you must have been mesmerized after knowing that someone else who bought the product ended up earning money fast.

However, do not be fooled! For example, the guy above in the picture is not a real client. Furthermore, his testimonial is fake!

Fake Testimonial Actor

He is jut a freelancer actor who you can find in Fiverr! Chances are, he was hired by the real owner of Affiliate Cash Club and follow a script they have given.

Can you see how absurd this is? Hiring someone to give a fake testimonial to lure people into a scam.

#4 Vague sales video

Speaking of the video, the information and content are so vague. It only discusses about how much money one can earn. Furthermore, these are backed by fake testimonials.

However, Jordan, the narrator, did not disclose any information on how to do this. Even a single thing. 

Basically, in order for you to know, you must purchase the product first. Where is the transparency there? How will you know what you are buying?

This is already a huge red flag for Affiliate Cash Club.

#5 Clickbank Master Account

Affiliate Cash Club Clickbank

In the video, Jordan showed a dashboard of his Clickbank account. There, he shows you the affiliate commissions he has earned.

However, these are the commissions he earned through the products he has been selling in Clickbank.

Clickbank Master Account

Above, you can see some earnings he had achieved. However, there is something odd.

There is over $22,000 refunds and $2000 chargebacks! Those are actually a huge amount of money.

If this product, Affiliate Cash Club is legit, why are there refunds? That says something about its usefulness.

#6 Your personal information may be in danger

Affiliate Cash Club privacy policy

I took a look in their privacy policy and I saw that line above in the picture.

Basically, your personal information that you have shared with them, will also be shared with third parties.

Furthermore, they fail to indicate who or what these parties are. So that means, your personal information may be in danger!

You might want to think again about giving our your details to them.

#7 Large Refund Rate

This one is not directly stated. However, you can assume the refund rate by looking through the earning dashboard of their Master Account. They have a total sales of $59 million; however, it can also be seen that they have processed refunds of $21 million. This means that almost 35% of people applied for a refund for products purchased from them.

So, this shows that the products that they are peddling is not what people have expected.

Anis Chity

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Is Affiliate Cash Club A Scam?

To conclude this Affiliate Cash Club review, it is time to answer whether it is legit or a scam.

The final verdict is it is a SCAM!

The fact that it uses hyped false claims, fake testimonials, fake owner, and fake details, says that Affiliate Cash Club is not legit.

I have reviewed a lot of similar products. All of them just want to lure you in for your money. They won't really help you earn money.

Yes, some of them give a product. However, they won't be of use to you because you won't know how to use it and where to begin. Most of their training programs are incomplete.

For that, I suggest that you should stay away from them and look for a legit training program.

Thank you so much for reading my Affiliate Cash Club review! If you have questions or comments, please leave them on the comment section below!

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