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September 21, 2018

affiliate secret reviewed reviewed

So you have just finished watching the sales page and you're skeptical?

Yes, this site looks like a big scam, but don't worry I had a look and in this review I'm going to share with you the real truth about this!

So sit tight, relax and read this full Affiliate Secret review!

Secret Affiliate Review

  • Name: Affiliate Secret
  • Website:
  • Price: $37
  • Recommended? No
affiliate secret reviewed

What is is a new sotfware that claims you can start earning today $937 per day promoting affiliate products.

It's a software that is being sold on an affiliate network called Clickbank.

So the guy voicing the video sales page is talking about some secret websites that he's going to give you after you purchase SecretAffiliate system.

These secret websites make the owner millions of dollars a year as he says in the video.

After you buy the Secret Affiliate software you will be able to create your own affiliate websites that will start making you easy commissions.

This software is based on affiliate marketing, that's the business model you're going to use to make commissions.

Affiliate marketing is a legit business that is very simple and perfect for newbies to get started with, I personally make a full-time income thanks to affiliate marketing.

If this is the first time you hear about affiliate marketing, here's a video I embedded for you below to give you an idea what it is. promises you to start making $937 day if you use their affiliate website software.

I'm very skeptical and below I'm going to share with you reasons on why SecretAffiliate is another bag full of air and not chips.

Key Takeaways

  • is a software that claims to create affiliate sites for you. 
  • is a Clickbank Product
  • Chevron Circle Right
    You're promised to earn $937 every single day starting today Making $937 a day starting today is too good to be true!

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Who is the Owner of

Who is the owner of this software?

I'm having a hard time even finding his name, there is no picture of him or anything.

How do I know if the owner is actually making millions of dollars per year if I don't even know his name?

Well, I do a lot of scam reviews on my website, we have exposed hundreds of scams.

One very common thing is the owners of the scams we usually review are anonymous or they use some celebrity name or fake stock imagery.

Examples of such scams are Crypto Challenge and CB Cash Code.

These two scams are also sold on Clickbank just like they both cost $37!

I'd like to talk about that below and explain to you how Secret Affiliate is just a copy of other Clickbank scam products I reviewed on my site already.

Key Takeaways

  • The owner is hidden (big scam alert) 

The Secret Affiliate owner is hidden which is a big red flag!

Click to Tweet is a Cookie Cutter Website!

Yes, is a cookie cutter website that has been copied from different scams.

Let me elaborate on this.

SecretAffiliate is a digital product that is sold by a vendor on this website called Clickbank.

Clickbank is like a marketplace for digital products, there are legitimate products sold in there but unfortunately lots of crappy and low quality stuff is being sold on Clickbank.

There is one Clickbank seller in particular that has been selling lots of crappy digital products on Clickbank.

These digital products that the Clickbank vendors sells are all about making money online and SecretAffiliate is one of them.

I have reviewed tons of this vendor products which are basically rehashed from each other.

This Clickbank vendor also uses fake owners and pen names to present his products and each product gives you ridiculous income promises like $7,000 per day tapping your phone or some BS like that.

Here are some example of some Clickbank Scams I have reviewed:

Have a look at their websites and you will see that the design is pretty much the same the price tag is always the same ($37). review
ultimate paydays reviewed
tube crusher reviewed scam reviewed

If you buy Affiliate Secret, you will start receiving sales pitches to buy all the other Clickbank scams sold by this unethical Clickbank vendor.

For example I bought a Clickbank scam called KDL Sniper a few months ago and now I'm receiving one email per day trying to sell me other scams.

Below you can see the the emails I have been receiving, they are very spammy as you can see.

ultimate paydays scam

Key Takeaways

  • is no different than the other Clickbank Scams 
  • The Clickbank scams all have the same design, structure and price!


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Sick & Tired of Scams?

Affiliate marketing is very profitable but you need a real training that can actually teach you this!

My recommended training is free to try!

Can You Make $937 per Day?

I very doubt that you will start making $937 a day after purchasing

The video presentation is very manupilative as it's full of psychological techniques and tricks to make you fall for this.

First of all there is no software that can quickly create for you an affiliate website that you can simply plug to a secret source of traffic and start making money.

That's complete BS.

Unfortunately, making money is not easy and never will be, these scams are just trying to make a quick buck of newbies looking to earn online.

Don't let these scammers take advantage of you being a newbie to this.

The good news making money online is a reality and it's simple but it still requires lots of learning, hard work and patience, I'm going to talk about that later in this review.

The point is making money online is simple but NOT easy in the sense that you're not going to start earning from day one.

You need to stop believing these lying scam products that promises you easy riches with minimal work.

I'm saying that because I have been there and I've lost a lot of money on these crappy products before.

To give you an idea just last month I purchased a similar scam to SecretAffiliate (to review it) called Affiliate Genie, this scam also promises you tons of money and stuff, it costed me $7 one time fee, but they were asking me for money every time I complete a step!

Needless to say that I did not make a dime using their affiliate software because it's simply a scam designed to make you buy the upsells and make the hidden owner richer!

Guess what? Secret Affiliate is NO better!

One thing I want to talk about which Secret Affiliate got right is affiliate marketing and how simple it is.

Key Takeaways

  • Making Money Online is NOT easy.
  • is full of hype and big income claims! is full of hype!

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Affiliate Marketing Works But....

I agree with the person voicing the video when he says that affiliate marketing is a profitable business and that is simple.

That's true!

But there is a problem...

Affiliate marketing is simply selling other people's products, it's that simple, but the problem is it's NOT simple to bring people to buy using your affiliate links!

It's NOT easy to drive traffic to your site like the scammer behind says.

To make money from affiliate marketing you need to do a lot of things right, you need to work very hard for a long time in order for your site to be worthy of getting traffic.

Here's how affiliate marketing works.

  • You build a website
  • You choose a niche (topic) for it 
  • Start writing content related to your niche.
  •  Add affiliate links to your content
  • Submit your site to Google & other search engines.
  • Get Google & other search engines trust
  • Get LOTS OF targeted traffic from the search engines
  • You start making nice commissions and a good income!

That's what you need to do in order to succeed with affiliate marketing, I know it may sound complicated but trust me it's not.

All of this is simple to learn but the problem is you will have to work hard and do the same things for several months in order to succeed.

Google loves websiteS that write content that helps people, Google is willing to send your site lots of traffic, but you need to get their trust first.

How you get Google's trust?

By writing content regularly for several months the more you do it the better you are in Google's eyes and the more traffic you will get which means commissions!

Many people give up when they don't see traffic coming in because they don't know that it takes time for the search engines to trust them!

Anyway that's what it takes to make money with affiliate marketing and I hope now you understant what a scam is!

If you're interested in actually succeding with affiliate marketing I highly recommend you my favourite training for beginners which you can put your hands on completely free (no credit card).

You will be guided and trained to make a full-time income even if you're a total newbie.

Key Takeaways

  • Affiliate Marketing is simple but not easy or an overnight success.
  • You need a legit training to succeed with affiliate marketing (see the recommended training above)

Is A Scam?

Yes, I think is a scam because of the reasons I talked about in this review which I'm going to summarize below:

  • The owner is fake & not showing up
  • is a cookie cutter site
  • Secret Affiliate is full of hype
  • There are no shortcuts to affiliate marketing!

There is no software that will magically create for you profitable affiliate websites, if it was I don't think the owner would be selling it for $37.

Affiliate marketing does work but you need a legitimate training that works and the best one I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate which is a training you can try for free before investing anything.

Hope my review was useful, please don't forget to share it to help others and definitely leave comments and let me know what you think!

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