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Best Online Moderator Jobs (These Are Great Sites!) (2020)

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By Anis Chity

November 29, 2019

Best Online Moderator Jobs

Hello! Welcome to my "Best Online Moderator Jobs" article!

Up to this day, it still I am still impressed, and I can't believe the fact that we can already earn money online! It is very easy and you won't even have to leave your home.

When it comes to this, there are a lot of ways for you to do it. One of them is applying for moderator jobs. What is it? It may sound foreign to you.

But in this article, I will discuss to you what it is and give you the best online moderator jobs!

So if you are interested, read on and be sure to finish everything! And if you are done, let me know what you think in the comment section! Without any further ado, let's get started.

What are online moderator jobs?

As promised, before we move to the best online moderator jobs, let me give you a background information about it so that you can better grasp the concept or simply the job description.

A moderator or community moderator is tasked with monitoring social media sites in behalf of a company, business or a community.

This includes websites like, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Blogs, chatrooms and other websites are part of this too.

Moreover, your role is to remove offensive posts, comments, messages, settle any disputes among the web users, or even arranging information based on their categories.

Today, forums, websites and many more, continue to rise. Which means, the need of online moderators increases! So, here are the best online moderator jobs.

Best Online Moderator Jobs

Zynga logo

Zynga is an online program looking for community moderators who are willing to work based on contract in the United States.

This one is mainly targeted for online games and thus requires good communication skills.

Babycenter logo

If you’re a graduate of Bachelor of Arts or Science and are looking for a full time job online, then Baby Center is the destination for you.

You can apply for jobs that suit your skills and you can do this by checking their website online.

#3 Yelp

Yelp logo

Community managers can grab the opportunity of working as moderators at the comfort of their homes through Yelp.​

If you’re interested to apply for a moderation job on their site, just visit the page labeled “jobs” and see if they have vacant spots you can fill.

The Social Element logo

The Social Element centers on maintaining the social media accounts of companies online.

Mostly, they hire people who work from home and give them positions as community managers on a regular basis.

More details are provided on their website for your perusal.

Liveworld logo

Are you just getting started working online and you’re having difficulty where and what to apply for?

Visit Live World and discover tons of moderator jobs and see where your talents fit.

They don’t require you to have much experience as their cater beginners’ needs. Their applications are always open so you’re free to sign up whenever you want.

Anis Chity

This program offers a lot better than just being a moderator!

Moreover, you can earn a passive income that can even reach into 4 figures monthly like me!

Check it out now!

Crisp Thinking logo

Crisp Thinking has been a leading platform for moderating jobs since 2005.

People can apply and work from home and must be knowledgeable about social media and occurrences and are also required of the basic online job necessities such as a fast internet connection.

Khoros logo

Professionals can now offer their moderator services to their clients at their own homes with Khoros.

If you want to apply, you are needed to meet the minimum requirements of experience and skills.

Ask logo covers a wide range of topics and subject matter.

For this, their workers should be highly proficient in moderating jobs and in managing social media accounts on a contractual basis.

To earn a job here, you must be equipped with great communication and writing skills.)

Metaverse Mod Squad logo

MetaVerse Mod Squad is always open to accept applicants for moderator jobs and offer them regular work.

A non- disclosure agreement is signed by those who are willing to apply and then they will proceed to signing up on their site

#10 ICUC

ICUC logo

For everyone who has an interest in forum participation and social experiments, you can sign up and be a part of ICUC.

Even if you’re located outside the United States, you can still freelance since the work can be made available outside US borders, for instance, Canada.

Bazaar Voice logo

BazaarVoice hires content analysts occasionally in the United States. Moreover, you must work remotely.

The content analysts must help in moderating user-generated content across their clients' websites.

Earn a 4-digit monthly income just with this program! Better than being an online moderator! Check it out now!

Bottom Line

Well there you have the best online moderator jobs! If you are really into social media and the internet, or maybe you have a wide experience in it, being an online moderator is one of the great jobs you can have!

It is one way of you to earn money through your passion. Moreover, it is actually quite easy since you are tasked with the moderation of various online communities.

However, the pay rates may vary. SO you better check these out first before you start signing up.

Thank you so much for reading my "Best Online Moderator Jobs" article! If you have comments or questions, leave them below in the comment section!

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