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Can You Make Money By Sending Emails? (Here Is The Truth!) (2019)

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By Anis Chity

November 17, 2019

Can You Make Money By Sending Emails

Hello! Welcome to my "Can You Make Money By Sending Emails" article!

I still can't get over the fact that today, we can all earn money online. Compared to the days before, we don't even have to leave our houses to work! There are a lot of work from home jobs, as well as online jobs.

However, one thing that has been posed as an online job is sending emails. Does this work? Can you make money by sending emails? Well, in this article, I will gladly give you the answers!

So if you are interested, relax and read on!

What are Emails?

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To start this article, let's have some brief information about emails. What are they? 

The word email is a shortcut for "Electronic Mail". It is pretty much the good old mails that people used to send before. However, emails are the exchange of messages through the use of electronic devices.

It could either be through our mobile phones, tablets, computers etc. Furthermore, emails are easier to use and send compared to the classic mails. It revolutionized communication back in the 1960s, when Ray Tomlinson created it.

It was still limited. However, today, it is widely used all over the world for different purposes. Businesses, companies, families, friends, everyone use it.

Aside from communication, sending emails can be a source of income. That's right. You can earn money by sending emails. However, don't get me wrong.

It is not as easy as signing up in a website or program, send emails and then earn money. There are processes behind it. In the next sections, I will explain it to you.

Email Marketing

Can You Make Money By Sending Emails Email Marketing

The first way to earn money with sending emails is through email marketing. Actually, this is the most common one! It is a broad topic but let me simplify it for you.

The ones that usually perform email marketing are businesses and companies. Basically, its concept is you collect email addresses of people who can be interested the business. This is what we call as email list.

Afterwards, you will be sending emails to these addresses in which you will promote the business, its products and services and many more.

When you get the owners of these email addresses to engage with your emails, it can be good for the business to have exposure and gain potential customers.

So for example, you are working in a health and wellness company and you are in charge with its marketing. You will need to promote its products to gain more sales.

What you will do is email marketing. You collect emails and send them a message that will contain something that could lead them to the business.

It could be a link. Also, you can add something that can attract them, like a free fitness eBook. Now, depending on what contract or conditions for you to earn money, email marketing will work.

If you are an affiliate with a business, you do email marketing and have people engage with the business, you will earn commissions everytime these people purchase any products of the business.

Email marketing is too long to discuss in this article. However, this method will not always directly make you earn money.

If your job only requires you email marketing and you earn money by doing it, then great. However, most of the time, email marketing is just a part of a job.

Like what I said in affiliate marketing. You send emails to make people purchase products. .The only time you can earn money is when they will buy products from the business.

Nevertheless, email marketing is legit and it works.

Anis Chity

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Legit Jobs That Involve Sending Emails

In addition to email marketing, there are other jobs that involve sending emails. One is being an admin assistant. You are tasked to carry out different assignments.

One of them is to respond to customers' emails. Another one is to contact business partners via emails and many more.

If you think about it, almost every job we have today can involve sending emails. If we look at it in the aspect of online jobs, most companies tend to hire people from low income countries. Why?

Think about it, is there any use to hire someone fulltime from high income countries to do do a task that is pretty simple? Usually, emails are already pre-written and the only thing to do is to send them.

Of course, companies and business prefer to save from giving salaries through hiring people from low income countries.

Email Sending Scams

When I was still going through the internet looking for ways to make money online before I found affiliate marketing, I bumped into email sending jobs which are actually scams.

Long story short, they all promised to compensate me if I sign up to them. Also, most of the time, there are fees you have to pay to be able to join them!

But in truth, I get nothing. Furthermore, I just wasted my time, money and effort. The only ones who can benefit from this are the scammers behind these scams.

Below are some of them.

Inbox Income

Inbox Income Scam

Inbox Income is a scam that claims to give you hundreds of dollars every day just by simply sending emails.

That claim alone is a big red flag that it is a scam. There is no such thing as a job opportunity that will compensate you a big amount of money for sending emails.

It is another get-rich-quick scheme that you must avoid.

Email Sending Jobs

Email Sending Jobs scam

The next one is Email Sending Jobs. Similar to Inbox Income, it claims to compensate people around $250 per day by sending pre-written emails.

That's not all. To make it look more legit, they have an income calculator in which people can see their potential income.

Email Sending Jobs scam income calculator

This is very common to all scams out there. What they usually do is to hype up their advertisements and pages. Just like this one, they make claims to give hundreds of dollars.

Furthermore, the first thing you must do is to pay them a fee. But when you do, you will realize that you will not be making money with their system.

So I suggest you to avoid these scams. To help you know whether a site is legit or not, research first and read honest reviews about them!

Trust me, it really helps.

Home Base Work

Home Base Work scam

Compared to the other examples above, this one does not have a fee to join. However, when you get to sign up, you will be surprised.

Look at the picture below.

Home Base Work fees
Home Base Work fee description

As you can see, Home Base Work claims to compensate $1000 per day just by sending emails! And the only thing you need to do to start is to pay $80!

Let me ask you, would you believe this? Because if you say yes, then I suggest to think again.

Furthermore, just look at the description below it! It is actually funny. You are basically tasked to send, I mean, spam emails about everything to random people!

Also, it is indicated that one of the main requirement is good grammar. Seriously. So they would pay someone thousands of dollars just to write emails and send them? Rubbish.

Anis Chity

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Are there email sending jobs with no fees?

Since most scams ask for fees to join them, what about the ones that do not require you to pay?

Well, you will probably come across websites that will tell you that you can earn money with them without paying for anything. Normally, you would believe them. Furthermore, it sounds less risky since you won't be paying, right?

However, there are still scams like this. Instead of fees, they will require you to download a free software they will provide. But that is the thing. This software will send you endless, if not, a lot of offers in which you will gain nothing.

They do this because the people behind it can earn money by giving out these endless loop of offers such as questionnaires and surveys. They are affiliate marketers who use an unethical way to do it.

Beware because most scammers will get your email addresses and other information and may sell them to third party companies.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it! The answer to "Can you make money by sending emails?" question!

To summarize it, yes you can earn money with sending emails. However, it depends on the job you are going into.

Most of the time, those websites telling you to earn hundreds of dollars just be sending emails are scams. It is already obvious. Sending emails is simple and easy. Do you think someone will give you a lot of money for that?

The most legitimate way for you to do it is of course, applying for different kinds of jobs that involve sending emails. Like the admin assistant.

However, for me, integrating affiliate marketing and emails is the best way to do it. You can learn more about this below.

Thank you so much for reading my "Can You Make Money By Sending Emails?" article! If you have questions or comments, leave them on the comment section below!

This is How I Make Money from Home!

As promised, I will explain to you how affiliate marketing works and how emails can help you. Furthermore, this is how I make money from home and affiliate marketing is excellent because of the fact that it can earn you a passive income!

Basically, what I do is to promote products and services in my website. When my visitors purchase them, I earn commissions! Simple. Now, with emails, I can send a lot of it to my visitors and the people in my email list to promote too.

Basically, I can expand my affiliate marketing business using emails. Furthermore, I can reach more people using it. With that, I can increase my sales.

Don't worry. This is legit. I know some affiliate marketers do scams like the ones I listed below. It is because they use hype and false advertisements and other unethical ways.

Also, do not be intimated with having your own website, how affiliate marketing works and how to do it.

Wealthy Affiliate, the best affiliate marketing training program, is ready to help you like it helped me!

With them, you can enjoy a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

  • Complete and comprehensive step-by-step training program
  • Affiliate marketing tools and materials
  • Your own website
  • 24/7 support
  • Access to a live chat with professional marketers who can help you
  • And many more!

In fact, because of Wealthy Affiliate, I now earn affiliate commissions on a daily basis! Below is an example of my earnings. I bet this will be better with email marketing.

I earn affiliate commissions regularly

My November affiliate commissions thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

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