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Get Paid to Read Emails – 5 FREE Great Sites! [2019 Updated]

By Anis Chity

May 24, 2019

Best 5 free sites that pay you to read emails

Wouldn't be great if you could get paid to read emails for free?

No, it's not a dream, there are real sites that pay for reading emails!

However, there are some scams like get paid to send email that claims you will be banking thousands of dollars.

That's not the case and you should avoid sites like those.

While it's possible to earn reading emails it's IMPOSSIBLE to make lots of money doing it.

By reading emails you are going to earn some extra cash and that's it!

But the good news it's easy and fast I mean it's not something that requires a lot of efforts.

Why Would Websites Pay You to Read Emails?

I have written some articles about reward sites these are websites that pay you to do various things like:

And reading emails is one of them for example you get paid to watch videos because there are ads on them that you have to click, the same thing with playing games.

That's the case with emails.

The reward sites usually will send you paid emails that you might be interested into.

These paid emails contain links to advertisers products.

Since the emails might interest you the products promoted might interest you as well.

In a few words, advertisers pay you to read emails because they want more exposure for their products and brand awareness.

How Much Can You Make Reading Emails?

It's not going to be a lot of money.

It's not even a reliable way to make money.

You can't quit your job while getting paid to receive emails.

You want to see it as an easy and simple way to earn some easy free extra cash.

If you want to make a full-time income there are other ways to do it

But they require learning, hard work, dedication and taking action.

These paid to read emails sites are free and don't require any experience or learning

Anis Chity

Hey, I'm Anis!

Reading emails will earn you pennies! Here's How I Make over $3,000 a month online!

Top Legit Sites that Pay You to Read Emails

These sites pay you to open and read emails.

They are 100% free, absolutely no investment required.

Some of them pay instantly and through Paypal.

Without any further do, let's get things rolling!

1) InboxDollars

Inboxdollars site

The 5 sites I am going to mention all pay you to open and read emails.

However, Inboxdollars is the one that seems to send more emails than any site out there.

You will earn 2 cents and you will receive 4 to 5 emails per day.

There also tons of ways to earn money with Inboxdollars so reading emails is not the only option.

You need to earn $30 in order to request a payment.

They pay out via:

  1. Visa card
  2. Check
  3. Gift cards

Payments are processed every week.

You will also get a $5 sign up bonus!

Inboxdollars has paid out millions of people.

It's really a great and free site where you can make money receiving emails.

2) Cashcrate

Try new offers with Cashcrate

Cashcrate is another great site to earn money opening paid emails.

You can expect to receive like 2 to 3 paid emails in your inbox.

emails are not the only way to earn money.

There are a lot of other ways to earn like:

  • Watching videos
  • Taking offers
  • Surveys
  • Referring friends

You need to earn $20 to get paid.

Payments are made via check on the 15th of the month.

2019 Update!

Cashcrate is no longer a reward site! It has turned out into an information blog about ways to make money online!

Learn more about Cashcrate here.

Here are 2 alternatives to Cashcrate:

  1. Rewards Buck
  2. Gift Hunter Club

Global Test Market is one of the most reputable online rewards sites where you get paid for your opinions and also by receiving paid email offers.

Global Test Market boasts 3.3 million members from different countries!

You will receive 3 to 4 emails from Global Test Market with different offers

Payments are made via checks and gift cards.

This site is one of the few sites where you can earn up to $20 per day.

If you take the time to open all the emails every day and take other offers.

It's an exciting way to earn some easy extra cash for free!

4) Swagbucks

swagbucks reviewed

Swagbucks is the king of the reward sites.

While there aren't many paid emails opportunities.

It's still an amazing way to earn extra cash.

Because there are various ways to earn with Swagbucks like:

You can get paid via Paypal or through gift card.

You can cashout as soon as you earn $3!

5) FusionCash

fusion cash

FusionCash is a great extra cash website.

However, the paid email send rate is quite disappointing.

But what I like about this site is the fact you will earn $5 for 5-minute surveys!

The good thing they do send a lot of surveys.

So you can expect to earn some good extra cash from Fusioncash.

You need to earn $25 in order to request a payment.

There are different ways to get paid which include:

The good thing is there are no processing fees like other sites!

Final Words

I hope this post was useful to you.

I hope you have found 1 or 2 websites that you are going use to get paid to read emails.

These sites are not going to make you rich but they definitely going to send you checks or Paypal you cash if you spare at least an hour per day doing them.

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    Thanks for the list of sites, i might look at a couple of them, especially Swagbucks. Some sites require you to spend heaps of time on them, with little reward.
    The idea of 5 minutes for 5 bucks is one i might try. Spending 1 hour a day could bring in some much-needed cash.
    Thanks again for the list

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