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Cash Money Sites 2019 Review – (A Fake Expensive SCAM??!)

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By Anis

May 31, 2019

cash money sites under review

Welcome to my Cash Money Sites review!

Do you want to buy the Cash Money Sites but you're skeptical and afraid it might turn out into a scam?

Today I have decided to purchase it and write a full HONEST Cash Money Sites review for you.

cash money sites clickbank recepit

CashMoneySites clickbank receipt

The language above is Italian because I live in Italy but I have bought the product from Clickbank just for the sake of this review.

If you want to see what you're ACTUALLY buying just stick around and read this review.

Cash Money Sites Review

Cash Money Sites is going to teach you how to create highly profitable affiliate sites that will generate tons and tons of traffic.

The creators of this course claim that you can rack up rapid mass profits from affiliate marketing which is a billion dollars industry.

That's true affiliate marketing is a great money maker especially for newbies, however it's not simple like Cash Money Site says.

There are lots of Clickbank products like Kindle Sniper60 Minute Profit Plan, Ultimate Paydays & AZ Formula that promise easy riches but only to turn out into big scammers.

Cash Money Sites is not as it's advertised to be I have purchased it and I'm going to uncover it for you.

  • Name: Cash Money Sites
  • Website:
  • Price: $47 + hidden costs
  • Owners: Jason Jordan & Mark Adams
  • Recommended? No

Tired of Scams?

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So What is Cash Money Sites?

Cash Money is a new software that is being sold on an affiliate network called Clickbank.

I came accross this product because I was looking for some good affiliate products to promote in order to increase my affiliate commissions.

Cash Money Sites looked good to me because they will pay me up to $367 per sale if I promote it on my site.

cash money sites earn up to $367 per sale from clickbank


But after buying the product to have a look I was disappointed and definitely not happy with my purchase.

That's why I changed my mind and decided to write an honest review to warn you againts Cash Money Sites instead of promoting it even though the pay is good.

Now I know there going to be a lot of affiliates promoting this but you're lucky enough to land in the right review 😉

Cash Money Sites is a software that is supposed to build you ready to profit affiliate sites that come with curated content and free traffic.

You don't have to do anything except counting your money.

Building an affiliate site is the best thing you can do for yourself because I know how profitable a website can be if done right.

But I also know how hard and time consuming it takes to build one that actually make money, that's why you should not let Cash Money Sites fool you with their dodgy unrealistic promises.

2019 Update!

I have written this Cash Money Sites review last year.

One year later, Cash Money Sites have changed their website completely.

Now it's even worse!

They are currently using fake paid actors from Fiverr to convince you that they are legitimate!

Now look at this:

Here's how their website sales page used to look like:

cash money sites review

Today in 2019, the Cash Money Sites sales page looks like this!

cash money sites sales page

Now Cash Money Sites looks exactly the same as other scams I reviewed before like:

If you click and have a quick look at the links above you will realize they are literally the same copy as Cash Money websites!

They also use fake testimonials as well!

Anis Chity

Hey, I'm Anis!

This is exactly how I earn over $3,000 a month legitimately!

Original review continues...

How Does Cash Money Sites Work?

I have been into affiliate marketing for 2 years, I went through the process of building an affiliate site.

I earn a pretty good income from it now but it took me a year in order to start seeing some good results, that's why Cash Money Sites is pretty fake and there is no such thing as making easy money from affiliate sites.

Here's how Cash Money Sites works according to them:

  • Build Your Affiliate site with ibuddyHost
  • Add curated done for you content to your site
  • Edit your SEO setting to make your site Google friendly
  • Promote Affiliate products from ClickBank, Jvzoo and Commission Junction
  • Start making easy commissions

But that's not true, because Cash Money Sites looks like a cheap product that was created to make the owner a quick buck.

Here's Why Cash Money Sites Won't Work!

Cash Money Sites is NOT going to work because in order to build an affiliate site you have to do a lot of things right.

First of all, you need to write your own content, because Google is fighting and shutting down any website that contains copied and not original content

Cash Money Sites has a software that is going to curate content for you and that's a big no no, because search engines like Google and Yahoo are going to penalize sites that use content generated from a software!

cash money sites curates content using a software

Google does not trust new websites therefore they are not going to send you any traffic until they are sure you're writing helpful good unique articles in a regular basis.

When I built my affiliate site it took me 3 months to receive some traffic, because Google and other search engines started to know that I am writing good unique content.

After a year I started making real good affiliate commissions!

That's why affiliate marketing works, it's profitable but requires some patience and that's why you should not trust Cash Money Sites because they are just trying to fool you here.

Here's How an Affiliate Site Should be Built!

You can't build an affiliate site with copied content, you need a good affiliate marketing training that actually teach you how to earn good affiliate commissions by writing content Google loves!

I Bought Cash Money Sites - Here's what I got

Before buying Cash Money Sites, I was expecting some good training about affiliate marketing and website building.

But after buying it I was left disappointed because there is no correlation between what Cash Money Sites promises in the sales page and what the program offers after you swipe your credit card.

There is NO training inside Cash Money Sites. and since I have purchased this, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to get started!

Here's how the Cash Money Dashboard looks like:

cash money sites training

When you login to your Cash Money Sites you will see 4 menus:

  • Dashboard 
  • Builder 
  • My Orders 
  • Log out

That's it there is no tab where you access the training or anything.

I clicked on the Builder menu because that's the only usable button there, all the other buttons are just to log out or to see your orders which I don't need.

When I clicked on the builder menu I was sent to a drag & drop website editor called iBuddyHost.

Here's how it looks like:

cash money sites ibuddyhost drag and drop editor

That's it, this is a basic website builder, there is no content or anything like that, so that means I have just wasted $47 on a website builder that I can find for free online!

This product is useless so far, I have no idea what to do and how to get started.

I tried calling their number because they have a support phone number to call if you need assistance.

cash money sites assistance number

I tried calling them 7 times but no one picks the phone, that's definitely not good as there is no support or anyone to explain to me how this product works.

I kept looking and I have found an email address where I can ask the support team of Cash Money Sites how to get started.

I sent them an email and I am HOPING they will reply.

cash money sites support team


I sent them this email 4 hours ago and still no replies.

I'll update this if I get any replies, if I don't update this just assume they did not reply yet.

Below in this video I show the inside of Cash Money Sites!

Cash Money Sites has no training and no support so what the hell did I just spend my money for?

After reviewing 300's of products just like Cash Money Sites I came to the conclusion that this is My Recommended Training for Building an Affiliate Site

How Much Does Cash Money Sites Cost?

After paying $47 I got nothing and now I am trying to get my money back, because I still don't know what I have bought.

The Cash Money Sites support is probably in a vacation or something.

But guess what? There are even more costs involved. Here's how much money you should expect to spend for Cash Money Sites:

  • $67
  • $77
  • $97
  • $297
  • $197
cash money sites upsells

I don't know what you will get after spending this money, but I would not recommend you to buy these upsells because this system does not look right.

Final Review - Is Cash Money Sites a Scam?

So I have bought the Cash Money Sites, when I logged in I found no training but just a basic website builder called iBuddyHost which is the first time I hear about.

The website promised me to make great affiliate commissions easily and on autopilot, so do you think this product is legit?

Cash Money Sites is exactly like all the Clickbank products I review on my site.

It seems like all these Clickbank products like Profit Reign and Fast Earners Club are useless and never deliver the results they promise.

You definitely DON'T WANT to give Cash Money sites a try because it's not worth it, I have bought it and showed you inside and there is nothing good about it.

Legit Affiliate Marketing Training that Works!

Cash Money Sites are right when they said affiliate marketing is a profitable industry where even the newbie can profit from it.

However their product is all empty talk and it's not going to help you laverage affiliate marketing to build an affiliate website.

If you still want to build a website where you promote affiliate products, I invite you to try my #1 Affiliate marketing training which will teach you:

  • How to build an affiliate site from your PASSION.
  • How to get quality traffic from Google & other search engines
  • How to find high selling products to promote
  • How to convince people to buy your affiliate products!

In fact, thanks to affiliate marketing I can earn affiliate commissions like these:

I earn affiliate commissions regularly

My November affiliate commissions thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

Do You have Anything to Say about Cash Money Sites?

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