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Befrugal 2019 Review! Is it a Cashback Scam?

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By Anis

March 9, 2019

Befrugal Review 2017, Befrugal Vs Ebates, Befrugal Vs My FatWallet, How to Find The Perfect Cashback Site

befrugal reviewed

In this Befrugal review, I cover all the best features and important things you need to know, Is BeFrugal a scam?

How does it compare with other cashback sites?

It’s time to find out stick to this review to learn EVERYTHING about Befrugal! 🙂

BeFrugal Summary Review

Shopping is something we all do, there is no escape from it, and it takes a lot of money from our wallets.

We do our best to save on that.

Nowadays many cashback sites seem to be a fantastic way to save and earn some cash back from online shopping or groceries.

However, people seem to be confused in which cashback site to go for.

Today I will review befrugal which is one of the many cashback sites.

But I will also take the opportunity to show you which cashback site you should go for.

Quick Note!

This is an honest Befrugal review, I never ditch or oversell products just to earn a quick buck.

I provide only honest reviews to help you find the best work at home opportunity.

Note that the products that I trust, love and that I think will be good for you may have affiliate links and I will earn commissions (at no extra cost to you) when you join a program that I recommend.

With that said, let’s dive into this Befrugal in-depth review!

Name:  BeFrugal


Price: Free

Recommended? Yes!

befrugal reviewed Here’s My Top Recommended Program!

What is BeFrugal?

BeFrugal is a cashback and coupon site where you earn cash back on your groceries and online shopping.

Befrugal started in 2009; they are headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Since then this rebates site has been featured in many popular sites like:

  • BBC
  • CNN
  • The New York Times
  • Cheat Sheet
  • USA Today
  • Forbes
  • Fox Business
  • & more!

If that doesn’t prove they are a real company I don’t know what will! 🙂

Wait! Why Would Befrugal Give me FREE Cashback?

Well, it’s a business model, it’s affiliate marketing something that I recommended for newbies to make real money online.

There are many training programs that teach newbies how to make a regular income from home by using affiliate marketing which in fact I personally also use and make a full-time income from!

Befrugal is connected with over 5,000 stores like

  • Amazon 
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Macy’s
  • eBay
  • Sephora
  • & more!

Instead of shopping directly from those stores you can use Befrugal affiliate links to shop as you would normally do.

That’s how Befrugal makes money and pay you.

They basically share with you the commissions they earned from you.

As you can see it’s a win-win situation!

Befrugal is legit and trustworthy however they have many complaints that can’t go unnoticed.

I will talk about that later on this review.

How Does BeFrugal Work?


Sign up & Get Your $10 Sign up Bonus

The first step is to sign up and grab your $10 Sign Up Bonus.

Then  follow these simple steps below:


Find Your Favourite Store


There are over 5,000 stores you can choose from.

Find your favorite store and pick up the products you are looking for.


Buy the Items You Have Selected


All you have to do now is to actually purchase the products that you have selected.

Make sure you install the BeFrugal Toolbar (Addon).

It automatically adds coupons to your cart so you can save even more.


Get Paid


Now you will earn cashback from the items you have bought.

The cashback will be added to your account automatically.

Note that not every product will offer you cash back, and sometimes it may take more than 60 days to approve your cashback and send it to your account, every store has different policies and terms.

How Long Does it Take to Get Paid?

After you request your payment, it will take ten business days to receive it.

Most stores allow 60 days for returns or exchanges, and they pay Befrugal only after 60/90 days, Befrugal will pay you only when they receive the money.

When you earn cashback it will go through 3 sections which are:

  1. The Pending Cashback
  2. The Verified Cashback
  3. The Payable Cashback

1) The Pending Cashback

But keep in mind that the cashback you earn will stay in the pending section for a few days until the retailer confirms the purchase.

2) The Verified Cashback

When the retailer confirms the purchase your cashback will move to the verified section and it will stay there for 1 month to 3 months until the retailer pays Befrugal.

3) The Payable Cashback

Once Befrugal receives the payment from the retailer they will move your cashback the payable section.

When your cashback moves to this section it’s time to get paid!

Keep reading below to see how you can get your Befrugal payment 🙂

Here’s how my Befrugal account summary looks like right now.

My befrugal earnings

Quick Note!

The account balance (see screenshot above) is the total of payable, verified and pending cashback and bonuses.

How Does Befrugal Pay You?

Befrugal can pay you through:

  • Paypal – Minimal withdrawal is $25
  • Check – US only available when your account has earned $25
  • Direct bank deposit: US only when you’ve earned $25
  • e-Gift cards (each gift card has its own minimum withdrawal)
  • Visa Prepaid  Card – minimum payment $5

BeFrugal Best Cashback Match Guarantee

If you purchase a product by using the Befrugal affiliate link and then you find out that a competitor cashback site offers a higher rebate than Befrugal the latter will match 125% of the cashback rate!

But there are some requirements you need to meet to be eligible for this cashback match guarantee.

  • You must have made a purchase that is eligible for cashback on Befrugal
  • cashback rates from memberships sites or credit card reward programs are not accepted.
  • Limit one per store per member.
  • Your order credit should be at least $25.
  • Your cashback match guarantee request should be within 24 of your purchase.

To submit your claim you should provide:

  1. The order receipt
  2. Store name
  3. Specific link to the competitor cashback site
  4. What is the cashback rate offered by the competitor

Tips to Save & Earn more with Befrugal

Here are some good tools and features that will allow you to earn and have the best saving experience with BeFrugal.

1) Befrugal Weekly Ads

They have a page dedicated to weekly ads made by the stores connected with Befrugal.

Every week Befrugal will link relevant ads of the stores so you can grab and never miss the best deals.

2) Befrugal Smartphone App

Befrugal has an app that allows you to save on the go; the app is only available for Ipad and iPhone users, you can find it in the app store.

Befrugal 2019 Review Update

Back in 2017 when I published my Befrugal review, this rebate site did not have an app for Android users.

But now Befrugal has released an app for Android members as well!

3) Befrugal Toolbar (Browser Extension)

The Toolbar or how they call it Befrugal add-on helps you save money online, in-store printable coupons and restaurants.

It helps you earn an average of 7% of the cashback.

4) CouponoMatic

CouponoMatic is a new feature that they have added to the BeFulgar toolbar; this feature automatically adds relevant coupons to your cart when you are about to checkout.

This feature saves time and money as you don’t have to look for coupons to copy and paste.

5) Drive or Fly Calculator

This feature helps you to decide whether you should travel by car or if it’s more convenient to fly.

You put in the information of your destination, and it will show the most convenient way to travel based on many things related to the number of travelers, budget and more.

Within this feature, you can even earn cash back from your travel bookings

6) How Much to Spend on a Car

They have a feature that will help you save money and control the money you spend on your cars.

7) Electric Car Calculator

If you are interested in buying an electric car, this feature will help you decide whether it’s worth it or not.

By providing the possible expenses and the differences regarding prices between normal and electric cars.

Follow Befrugal on Social Media

Befrugal on their official blog and on their social media profiles they are helpful tips and tricks to save as much as possible.

So you definitely want to follow them and stay updated with their latest money saving tips!

Here are links to their social media profiles.

8) Refer Your Friends & Earn $15

Last but not least, Befrugal has one of the best referral programs out there.

You earn $15 for every person you refer, and the person you invite receives $10 as a sign-up bonus.

Quick Tips to Never Miss a Rebate!

  • Contact the support team if you didn’t receive cashback in a certain purchase you’ve made.
  • After you click the Befrugal affiliate link immediately make the purchase.
  • Make sure you’re browser ad-blocker is disabled when shopping.
  • Make sure your browser accepts third party cookies.
  • Never use third party coupons, always use Befrugal coupons only.
  • Always read the Befrugal retailer Terms & Conditions

 How is the Befrugal Support?

Fortunately, whenever you need help and support Befrugal is available.

I you need help you can contact Befrugal on their:

  • Social media accounts
  • On their contact us page (you can create a support ticket)
  • Or chat with them in the live chat (in their business hours)
  • They also have a FAQ page where you will find lots of questions answered.

Is Befrugal Available Worldwide?

Yes Befrugal is available in any country where you’re able to shop on their partner stores.

If Amazon, eBay or any other store is available in your country then you can use Befrugal to save money!

BeFrugal Reviews & Complaints

During my research I have encountered many complaints about Befrugal, most people want the toolbar removed from their computers.

If have noticed Befrugal has an A+ BBB rating here’s their profile on BBB

They manage to have an A+ rating even though the impressive amount of complaints.

But it makes sense because I have noticed that Befrugal has a good support team with live chat and many resources to support their clients.

They also have tutorials on how to remove their toolbar and how to unsubscribe.

You can more Befrugal reviews on other sites like:

befrugal happy userbefrugal positive reviewbefrugal review

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 BeFrugal Alternatives & Comparison

Is BeFrugal the best cashback site out there?

Here is a quick comparison with other well know cashback programs.

BeFrugal Vs Ebates

befrugal vs ebates infographic

Photo credit :

Befrugal is connected with 4000 stores (Ebates 1,700)

Ebates is online since 1998 while BeFrugal started in 2009.

Befrugal has a cash back guarantee

Read Ebates Review 

BeFrugal vs. FatWallet

Befrugal is online since 2009 while FatWallet was established in 1999.

Befrugal has more tools and also allows you to earn cash back on your travel bookings.

Befrugal for Amazon

The good thing about Befrugal is it offers the highest cashback rates for Amazon.

How much cashback you get depends on the Amazon category you’re shopping from.

But the highest cashback rate you can get is 10% which is amazing!

Here’s how Befrugal compares with the best cashback sites for Amazon!

befrugal vs mr rebates for amazon

Photo credit :

Check out other cashback sites reviews.

  1. Mr.Rebates
  2. Shopathome
  3. ExtraBux
  4. Ibotta
  5. Swagbucks
  6. Trunited
  7. Earny
  8. Shop Smarter

Don’t let those numbers and differences confuse you!

There is an easy way to find the perfect cashback site for you

How to Find The Perfect CashBack Site

If you are a student then you want to check out Upromise it focuses on college saving.

If you are a fan of coupons, Coupon Cactus is good.

I recommend you to use Cashback Monitor or CashbackHolic.

These services allow you to type in your store on their search engine and they will pick up for you the cashback sites that offer the highest cashback rates on your favorite products.

It’s always a good idea to sign up for at least two cashback sites, for instance, Ibotta and Ebates are good for me.

Befrugal The Good and The Bad

The Pros and Cons here:

The Good

  • Befrugal is Legit and Free to Join.
  • $10 Sign up Bonus
  • Good Referral Program.
  • A+ BBB Rating.
  • Different Payment Methods
  • Good tools to save more.

The Bad

  • Many complaints (about BeFrugal Malware and Pop-ups)
  • Spam and lots of promotional emails
  • $25 Minimum cashout requirement
  • Not every product is eligible for cashback
  • Cashback takes lots of time to get credited into your account

 Is Befrugal Legit or Scam? Final Review

Yes, Befrugal is legit, and it’s worth a try because it’s one of the best cashback sites out there.

If you want to join, register and get your $10 Sign up Bonus

Make sure you use the services I mentioned above to help you find your perfect cashback site.

I prefer Ibotta and Ebates

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Do you think Befrugal is a scam?

Is there anything I have missed or not clear on this BeFlugar review?

Your comments are always welcome!

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  • Thanks for this review. I never knew about Befrugal until i read this review. From this article, i can deduce that Befrugal is a legit platform one can make money online. I am also convinced because you wrote the review based on your experience on the platform. I will register immediately. Thanks

  • Thanks Anis for your review.  I don’t know much about these Cashback sites so am glad to learn about them from you.

    There doesn’t seem to be any downsides to joining Befrugal Cashback.  I’m curious, for the Befrugal complaints, why did most people want the toolbar removed from their computers?  Is the popup toolbar annoying? or does it slow down computer?Overall it seems a lot of time and effort for not much money?  It seems you’ve been a member since 2017, how much have you made so far from Befrugal?I agree with you, there are better options to make money online that Befrugal.Thanks for introducing me to the world of Cashback sites.

    • Hi John, you know any company will get bad reviews no matter what because nothing is perfect, even Amazon gets bad reviews yet they are the most trustworthy site on the net!

      Yeah, I have been a member of Befrugal since 2017 but honestly, I stopped using it after 6 months of usage because I now live in Italy and I use an Italian cashback site which is better for me.

      Thanks a lot and have a great day! 🙂

  • Hahaha, I love the ‘If he get paid, I get paid’ GIF. This is a really thorough review of how BeFrugal works and how one can make it useful to them. To be honest, it’s hard to knock a service like this that’s FREE! The only thing that gives me pause is, of course, that you’ll sometimes be waiting on retailers to pay BeFrugal before you get paid. But that’s the nature of the affiliate game, and clearly BeFrugal is working with a number of well known, trustworthy brands. 

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