February 24


Gamermine.com Review (A Legit Site? Or Just A Scam?) (2020)

By Anis Chity

February 24, 2020

Gamermine.com Review

Hello! Welcome to my Gamermine.com Review!

This one is especially made for gamers out there. In fact, the creators behind Gamermine.com stated that they intentionally made this website for the video game enthusiasts out there.

What is it? Is it legit or a scam? How does it work? You will find out the answers to these questions in this Gamermine.com Review!

So without any further ado, let's get started.

Name: Gamermine

Website: https://gamermine.com/

Founder: hidden

Price: Free

Type: GPT website

Best for: Gamers

Rating: 3/5

Recommended? No if you are looking for an online full-time source of income

Gamermine.com Review logo


What is Gamermine.com?

Gamermine.com review homepage

To begin this Gamermine.com Review, let's get to know it and learn its background information!

For starters, Gamermine.com is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website. Basically these websites give you offers that you need to accomplish. Whenever you do, you get paid.

Usually, GPT sites give credits which you can redeem for gift cards and promos for shopping online. There are also others that will pay you with cash!

You may think that it is just for gamers since it is advertised as that. However, anyone can join. It is just called Gamermine.com because it is designed to look like a game to make it interesting and of course, fun.

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Who are the people behind this?

For those who have been updated with my reviews, you should know that finding out the owners or creators of businesses and websites I am reviewing is a huge factor to find out if it is a scam or legit.

However, Gamermine.com has no available information about its creators. I did my research, but unfortunately, there is not enough information available in the internet about this GPT site.

The closest thing about its creators that I found is this post from Reddit.

Gamermine.com Review creators

How does it work?

Signing up

Gamermine.com Review signing up

First things first, you need to sign up and create an account. There are three ways for you to do it. One is to enter a desired username and click "Sign up". The other two involve connecting your Google account or your Steam account.

Afterwards, you will be directed to your dashboard. For this review, I tried making an account to show you what the website is.


Gamermine.com Account Dashboard

So this is the dashboard. It is where you can almost see all of the options you can do and navigate through the website.

In that picture, you can see the different offers that you need to accomplish to earn "gold". Take note that 1000 gold is equivalent to $1.

We have surveys, offer walls and videos. Moreover, there is the leaderboard where you can see the people who are earning a lot. You can also earn gold through its referral system.

You just need to invite people and make them sign up through your referral link. And of course the rewards button which you need to check everyday since its offers refresh each day.

The last two are still on the way to the website.


Gamermine.com games

Another way for you to increase your gold is to play games in Gamermine.com. There are two games you can play: Dice and the Coin Flip.

Unlike the offers, you must need to have a gold balance to be able to play these games.

Personally, I have tried other online games similar to this. They are more of like a gamble. So I suggest that you should be wary because in the end, you might end up losing money rather than making more!

Other features

Gamermine.com other features

There are also other features that you can find on your dashboard. We can see them in the picture above.

The first one is the daily free reward. You simply click on it and you will receive 2 gold.

The next one is the inventory which contain "items". I will explain it later on. Next to that is the theme selector.

The notebook looking button is a shortcut to the FAQ section. And lastly is the chat button where you can socialize with other members of Gamermine.com.


Gamermine.com items

So whenever you click on the treasure chest button, you will open up your inventory that contains "items".

Gamermine.com has a unique item system with 2 different items you can use.

  • Balance items - Redeemable to get instant spendable balance
  • Boost items - these items can boost your offer completions

So be sure to use them to earn more gold in Gamermine.com!

Level System

Gamermine.com also has a level system that works similarly with an MMO game. When you sign up, you start at level 1.

You can gain XP through completing the offers and the playing games (Dice and Coin Flip).

The higher your level is, the higher your daily bonus is. Each level, your daily bonus will multiply twice. Moreover, you will be rewarded with a new chat badge which you can "flex" to show your prestige!

And of course, the higher the level, the more earnings you can receive. 

How does it pay you?

Gamermine.com payment methods

Gamermine.com has different payment methods such as Ethereum, Paypal and Bitcoin.

Moreover, a lot more is coming soon according to the website. That include Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Lootbear, Amazon Gift Card and OPSkins.

Who can join?

Anyone can join Gamermine.com. However, what I discovered is that not anyone can participate in the offers.

Sometimes, the offers are not available on your country. Sure, you can use a VPN, however, whenever the Gamermine.com detects that, your account will be suspended, leading to some complications.

What do others think?

There are not much reviews that you can find online about Gamermine.com. Moreover, I only found two forums that discussed about the website: BeerMoney Forum and Reddit.

So far, most people said that the website is legit and that they did earn money. In fact, some of them provided their payment proof. You can check them in the hyperlink above (the BeerMoney Forum and Reddit).

However, some people reported about some complications. But the Gamermine.com team replied and explained the situation.

They froze that user's account due to not following the website's policies. A VPN was used, and multiple accounts were made by the same user which is prohibited by the website.

Is Gamermine.com a scam?

To conclude my Gamermine.com Review, it is time to give my final verdict whether it is a scam or legit!

Based on my research and what other users think, Gamermine.com is a legit GPT site. You can earn from it and has multiple payment methods. Plus, it is designed to be a fun and interesting website.

The only concern I have as of the moment is how everyone can join but not take the offers available. But if you are looking for a good source of income online, I do not recommend Gamermine.com or any GPT site.

They are only good for earning extra cash during your spare time. You can't earn enough money for you to pay your bills. Moreover, it may take some time to earn a lot.

If you want to know how to have a full-time income online, read the next section!

Be sure to always stay updated since I always add new information to this review. Thank you so much for reading my Gamermine.com review and please feel free to leave your comments and questions below in the comments section.

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