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How To Get Paid To Write Reviews (10 Sites Where You Can Do It!) (2019)

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By Anis Chity

August 23, 2019

How To Get Paid To Write Reviews

Hello! Welcome to my "How To Get Paid To Write Reviews" article!

In this wonderful world we live in today, a lot of stuff have improved and changed with the innovations made by brilliant people.

With that being said, even ways to get paid have improved. Especially with the creation of the internet.

One of these ways is writing reviews. That's right. Some websites will pay in cash. While others pay through cashback coupons, gift rewards and many more.

In article, I will tell you how to get paid to write reviews. Furthermore, I will provide 10 sites where you can do this.

So let's get started!

What are reviews?

Reviews are evaluations or examinations of products, services, a company, etc.

Mostly, reviews are written by consumers or people who have experienced these things.

Online reviews are posted on the internet. Furthermore, they are usually about online services and products.

Why are reviews important?

Reviews are very important, especially to businesses. Why?

Most people tend to check out the reviews first, before purchasing something. They do this to have an idea whether the product or service is worth it.

Second, reviews can help gain the trust of customers. Businesses with positive reviews are likely to have more customers too.

Third, reviews can increase the sales that businesses can make. This is because people reading positive reviews are likely to purchase it.

Fourth, people who write positive reviews about a business indicates that they are satisfied. Moreover, they will likely recommend the business to others. Also, chances are, they can become loyal customers.

Fifth, online reviews, in particular, will help boost a business's website SEO. Meaning, it will rank higher in search engine results whenever people search something related to it.

The better the SEO, they more they can be discovered and gain more customers. Which will lead to more sales.

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How to get paid to write reviews?

We have already tackled why reviews a re very important. That is why, nowadays, websites pay people to write reviews.

Reviews can be short or long. It all depends on you.

How to get paid to write reviews? Basically, the first thing you need to do is to join a website that does pay you to write reviews.

Another way to start a blog, which we will talk about later. Afterwards, you just write a review, pass it, then you will be paid.

The next part will show you 10 sites where you can get paid to write reviews.

#1 Swagbucks

Swagbucks logo

Swagbucks is one of the best sites to earn money and rewards. Some may even say that it has everything.

In this website, by accomplishing various tasks, you can earn points, called SBs. These includes reviews.

Basically, there are two ways for you to earn points just for reviewing.

First is to sign up to be able to answer surveys. Usually, these asks your comments, suggestions and opinions about a product or service.

Second is to to test out products. The moment you sign up for promotional offers, you can give your review after testing the product. Afterwards, you will be rewarded with SBs.

Swagbucks will also reward you SBs for watching videos, listening to music, shop online, surfing the web or even playing video games.

You can also read my Swagbucks review here.

#2 Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars logo

Inbox Dollars is pretty similar to Swagbucks. You can earn rewards by completing different offers and tasks.

And yes, writing reviews is one of them. You just review a brand or a product, and you are done.

It also has cash offers and you can get paid by answering surveys. One more thing that's nice about it is that you can earn money just by watching videos.

You can provide your own feedback regarding TV commercials shown. Most of the time, you will be one of the first viewers of these commercials, since it won't be aired on TV yet.

Oh, and you can get a $5 sign up bonus!

You can read my Inbox Dollars review here.

#3 Vindale Research

Vindale Research logo

Vindale Research is another survey site that pays people for reviewing brands and products. Some topics that people will answers surveys about are:

  • Shopping and Fashion
  • New Technology
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Health and Beauty
  • Cars and Trucks
  • Popular Restaurants
  • Home Improvement
  • Politics and Current Events
  • Sports

However, Vindale Research is not limited to surveys. There are also other ways for you to get paid. You can watch videos, join the referral program, sending photos of yourself, paid studies, finding reward codes and opening emails.

In terms of payments, Vindale will pay you through Paypal. Moreover, it pays with cash. Not with gift cards or points!

You can read my Vindale Research review here.

#4 Review Stream

Review Stream page

Review Stream is another that pays you to write reviews. Furthermore, in this website, you can review almost any product.

Basically, you will just select a category. Then if you see a product you want to review, you will just send a request to do it. If ever it gets accepted, then you can start.

Most reviews in this website are composed of a hundred words. However, Review Stream pays higher rates for more detailed reviews. Usually, the website pays $2 for each review.

One thing I like about Review Stream is how it pays you for each upvote given to your review. For each upvote and feedback, you will be paid for $0.10.

Do note that you must first have at least $50 balance in your account to be able to request a payment.

Anis Chity

Hello! I am Anis.

Writing reviews online can earn you money. But it is only good for extra income.

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#5 User Testing

User Testing logo

User Testing is kind of different from the surveys and review websites in this list. Instead of reviewing products and brands, you will be reviewing prototype websites.

To be able to be a writer in this website, you must first sign up and pass a test that will be given to you.

Basically, what you will be doing is to try out a website or an app, complete certain tasks, and then write about your experience. The testing takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

For every review you write, you can earn up to $60. Furthermore, you must record a video of your review. It must be 20 minutes long. But, of course, you will be compensated. For every video, you will be paid $10.

Payments will be sent through Paypal.

#6 Software Judge

Software Judge logo

If you are more into gadgets and technology, Software Judge may be perfect for you.

Software Judge focuses on software. So basically, you will be writing reviews about digital software. You will have an edge if you personally used the said software, that is listed in the website.

Some of these software are used in online security, cloud computing and general office functions.

You will earn $1 for each review. The website will pay you up to $50 for the best, honest and recommended reviews you make. The editors will check your reviews.

In addition to being paid with money, you will also be given free software. Sometimes, it will give you keys for software, programs and games.

#7 FameBit

FameBit logo

FameBit, owned by YouTube, is a marketplace for influencer marketing. Here, you will have a different method of reviewing.

You can get paid by either endorsing brands or reviewing products.

With the reviews, you can share these in your social media accounts. And you will also be paid for this.

Furthermore, once you get a contract with content publishers, your pay will be better.

Compared to the others in this list, the reviews in FameBit must comply the high expectations in the website. However, the pay is better.

For sponsorship, you just need to submit a proposal and let the brand know what type of endorsement you will do.

When you share the endorsement you made, you will be paid.

Payments will be sent via Paypal, through check or direct deposit.

#8 CrowdTap

Crowdtap logo

Crowdtap is a fun way of writing reviews just because it has daily missions for you to complete.

When you select a mission, you will have the chance to be rewarded by writing a great review of a featured product.

These rewards can be gift cards, product samples and other merchandise rewards.

But Crowdtap is not only about that. You can also earn points by completing other tasks. Some of these are finishing daily polls, and answering survey invitations.

Furthermore, you will be rewarded when you share your reviews in social media websites and in your blog.

#9 Moms Meet

Moms Meet logo

This one is great for moms, especially the stay-at-home ones! Moms Meet allows mothers to try out products. And then they will write their opinions about these products on their reviews.

These products will be delivered to your homes too! They are eco-friendly, healthy and organic.

There are 4 programs you can choose to do this.

  • Group program - Try products and review them with a group
  • Influencer program - Use your social media accounts to review the tried products
  • Blogger program - Feature the review you made in your blog
  • Express program - You simply try and review products on your own

For you to start reviewing these products, you must first apply to for the Mom Ambassador or Blog Ambassador memberships.

For ever review you make, you can earn points. You can exchange these points for gift cards, gifts,  fun packs and many more.

Furthermore, you can earn more points for various tasks like watching videos, completing quests, and many more.

Just by signing up, you will be rewarded with a 100-point bonus!

#10 Blogging


The final one is this list is not really a website. However, I believe that it is the best way to earn money online by writing reviews.

It is because you will be earning a passive income with it! Basically, the thing behind blogging is affiliate marketing.

You will sign up for an affiliate program of a business. Then you will review the products on your blog.

The program will provide you with links and other affiliate tools that you will put in your blog.

Your readers can click on these links and become your referrals. When they buy these products, you earn a commission!

So you can just leave your blog out there, with the affiliate links and you will earn money as long as it is online! That is what I mean by passive income. The amount of money you can earn is limitless.

Bottom Line

Well there you have it! Thank you for reading my "How To Get Paid To Write Reviews" article! If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them on the comment section below.

Please do note that the websites I have provided above, may not pay you enough to sustain your everyday needs.

These are only good for earning an extra income. But I totally recommend the blogging way since it can be a great source of full-time income.

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