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How To Promote Affiliate Products Without A Website (A 2019 Guide)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis Chity

July 18, 2019

How To Promote Affiliate Products Without A Website

Hello! Welcome to my "How To Promote Affiliate Products Without A Website" guide!

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online. However, one of the important requirements for you to have is to own a website.

This is where you will promote the products using the links provided.

But having a website means extra work.

Is there any way for you to still do affiliate marketing? How to promote affiliate products without a website?

Don't worry, my friend because I got your back!

Sit back, relax and read carefully what I am about to share to you.

Without any further ado, let's get started!

What is affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate marketing

Before anything else, let's have some background check.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an advertisement that businesses practice.

It involves having an agreement between the merchant and affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketers are tasked to bring traffic and customers to the merchant's website. These customers are their referrals.

After successfully bringing traffic, affiliate marketers get paid.

Or, depending on the agreement, affiliate marketers only get paid a commission when their referrals purchase the products and services of the merchant.

Can you make money with this?

Make money online with affiliate marketing

A lot of people ask most of the time if affiliate marketing is profitable and if you can actually earn income from it.

Do you want the short and simple answer?


In fact, some people make a living from it. Even me!

But there is a twist. The process takes a very long time and you have to put effort and time on it for you to be successful.

Also, one thing that makes it challenging is building a website.

And I guess that is why you are here in this review. Don't worry. Affiliate marketing can still function without a website.

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

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How does affiliate marketing work?

How Affiliate Marketing Works

In affiliate marketing, there are 3 parties that work together.

  1. Merchant - the one who provides the products, services and pays the affiliate marketers
  2. Affiliate marketer - the one who promotes the affiliate products
  3. Customer - the one who purchases the products

First things first, affiliate marketers apply for the affiliate program that the merchant offers.

Afterwards, the merchant's website will provide the marketers with affiliate tools, such as text links, widgets, banners and ads.

The affiliate marketers can use these tools and put them on their websites or blogs for web users to click on.

Note: However, in this review, we won't talk about blogs and websites! Keep reading and you will find out.

When a web user clicks on those tools and then purchases products, the affiliate program will be able to track it.

The affiliate marketer will be given recognition and will be paid!

Why use websites for affiliate marketing?

Ok. I know that we are talking about how to promote affiliate products without a website.

But let me try to explain to you why most successful affiliate marketers use websites or blogs.

Having a website means that you can offer content to the viewers.

In other words, the web users will be given something in return, which is information.

For example, let's say that you applied for a travel site affiliate program.

Then that means that it is fitting that you can use the affiliate links in your travelling website or blog.

Users will visit your blog and learn more about travelling. They can get information such as travelling tips or the best places to visit.

It all depends on you.

Furthermore, when you have a website, you will have loyal viewers, right? People who will always read your content every time you post one.

That will increase the sales you can make.

Another thing is that your affiliate links will be easier to be discovered.

Chances are, most people search for information on the internet, right?

Be it about dating, MMA or even cars, and other more.

When people search up stuff, and with the help of SEO, your website will be easier to be discovered.

Hence, the affiliate inks will have more exposure.

Websites or blogs can be an avenue to create a sustainable income through affiliate marketing.

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

There are ways to do affiliate marketing without a website.

But having one is a lot better!

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How to promote affiliate products without a website?

I know that websites are very crucial in affiliate marketing. However, there are still ways to do it without any website or blog.

Note: Before moving on to read the ways how to promote affiliate products without a website, you have to know that some affiliate programs are strict.

They have a specific set of guidelines. And the most common is that affiliate marketers should have a website.

In fact, they would even require you to provide a URL of your website or blog, just like Amazon Affiliates.

So before, doing the ways I will provide you, you better make sure first that the program you are applying for do not require any website.

Read its guidelines carefully first.

Let's start with the list!

#1 Write an eBook

eBook to promote affiliate products without a website

The first method I can give you is to write an eBook.

Don't worry. You don't have to write a thousand-page or a hundred-page eBook.

You can simply create a 30-page eBook. It may be a report on a certain topic or a review of something.

An eBook can be a viral product. This is very advantageous for you. You can put the affiliate links on the content of the eBook.

Furthermore, you can easily distribute your eBook online. People can sell it, or redistribute it or even feature it in their websites.

If you want, you can also sell it to earn money!

Please make sure that you are not writing an eBook just to promote the affiliate products.

You have to give some helpful information too. Also, the topic must be connected or related to the affiliate product you are promoting.

Do not write about the product. Just a topic related to it.

#2 Facebook

Facebook to promote affiliate products without a website

Almost everyone nowadays have a Facebook account. Knowing that, we can use it to our advantage.

Facebook is a great place to gather up referrals since the volume of users is large. You can create a Facebook page or simply post pictures or videos of hings related to your affiliate product.

Afterwards, do not forget to put the affiliate links you have.

You can also pay for Facebook advertising to increase more traffic on your posts.

Beware though. Facebook sometimes ban affiliate links.

#3 YouTube

YouTube to promote affiliate products without a website

Another answer on how to promote affiliate products without a website is YouTube.

YouTube has over a billion unique visitors every month. That alone says something that YouTube can be a great way to promote affiliate products.

First of all, having a YouTube channel is easy. You create one.

Choose the niche of your videos. I recommend that you choose one that is related to the affiliate products you are promoting.

Creating videos can be easy once you know how. Afterwards, you can put your affiliate links on the description of your videos.

Make sure that your videos have quality content to gain loyal subscribers who will view your videos daily.

Additionally, once you have created a great channel with lots of subscribers and views, you can monetize it and YouTube will be paying you too!

#4 Instagram

Instagram as a way to promote affiliate products without a website

Another great social media website that can be a way for you to promote your affiliate products is Instagram.

Instagram allows people to post pictures and videos, right? Why don't you do the same thing? But with the addition of affiliate links.

One tip I have for you is to create your profile in relation to your affiliate product.

Also, make use of the hashtags that is widely utilized my "Instagrammers". In this way, you will be more searchable.

#5 Twitter

Twitter to promote affiliate products without a website

The last social media website that can help you with promoting your affiliate products is Twitter.

This platform is not just for celebrities, news outlets or informative accounts. It is actually for everyone!

This website has a great amount of users who can be your potential referrals in the future.

You can simply tweet and then use hashtags relevant to your affiliate products.

#6 Posting on forums

You all have your own interests, right? It could be anything.

Well, you can use that to your advantage with forums. There are a lot of various forums on the internet that talks about anything.

Chances are, forums related to your affiliate product exist too!

Forums are where people of the same interest gather up and discuss together. They can share their own thoughts, ideas and opinions of the topic.

You can easily join in one specific forum and post helpful tips or information. And then, don't forget to include the affiliate links you have.

People in these forums can click on your links and may purchase stuff they want!

#7 Email marketing

Email marketing may sound useless nowadays. However, if you partner it up with affiliate marketing, you are talking about a perfect combination!

How do you do this?

Basically, you have to look for email addresses of your targeted audiences who are likely interested to your affiliate products.

Afterwards, you write an email that talks about a relevant topic and then you can insert your affiliate links there.

This is also one of the best ways to do affiliate marketing without a website.

#8 Mobile marketing

This method is probably the least one that I recommend.

Affiliate programs and even your state or country may be strict about this.

Basically, it is like email marketing but instead of emails, you use the phone numbers of your targeted audiences.

You promote your affiliate products by sending them messages.

#9 Writing ads or reviews in classifieds websites

Have you ever heard of Craigslist? If yes, it is one of the classifieds websites out there.

You probably searched for furniture, or car parts or even real estate in Craigslist.

There are various classifieds websites out there and you can use them for affiliate marketing.


You write ads or even reviews of the products you are promoting or even products related to the affiliate products.

And of course, don't forget to insert your affiliate links.

#10 Free community hubs

The last method involves the creation of "hubs". This is possible with Hubpages.com.

A hub is just like a 1-page website that contains information or content that you create about a topic you are interested in.

Building a hub allows you to talk about a certain topic, post ads, reviews or even other posts.

You can do all of these without writing any HTML.

It is also worth noting that Hubpages is part social media site. That means that you have a lot of potential viewers who can be your referrals!

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it! Thank you so much for reading my "How to Promote Affiliate Products Without A Website" article!

I hope that I was able to help you in your affiliate marketing journey.

If you have any comments, suggestions or even questions, please feel free to leave them on the comment section!

Benefits of having a website

Affiliate marketing is kind of challenging. There are certain affiliate marketing guides out there that can help you.

Although there are ways to promote your affiliate products without a website, I still recommend having a website.


For starters, a website is a great instrument to earn money with affiliate marketing consistently. What do I mean?

If we compare having a website and posting on Facebook, chances are, your posts are like one-time wonders.

Compared to websites, it will always be there and it can help you earn a passive income!

Furthermore, having a website is more organized and more comfortable to work with.

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Can you promote affiliate products without a website?

Of course you can! I have given you 10 methods of how to promote affiliate products without a website.

However, always remember to read the guidelines of your affiliate programs.

Some of them do not prefer you posting the links on websites that are not yours.

So, if you want to do it properly, take precautions.

This is How I Make Money from Home!

Personally, I have always considered affiliate marketing as the best way to earn money online.

But if you ask me how I do it, well I use a website. That is what I really recommend you.

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