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Is Millionaire BizPro a Scam? (2022) An Absurd Proven Scam?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 10, 2022

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Is Millionaire BizPro A Scam

Hello! Welcome to my "Is Millionaire BizPro A Scam?" review!

Did you just hear about the Millionaire BizPro and it does not seem like it's a legit opportunity to make money?

I'm very familiar with products like these as I personally tried many of them before!

Anyway, reading a review online before buying a product is a smart move!

In this review, I will share with you some ''SHOCKING'' proof about this system, especially those guys that claimed they had earned money with Millionaire BizPro!

This is an UPDATED review (2022) this scam has changed the program they promote to another one which is something I'm going to explain in this review!

Is Millionaire BizPro a Scam : Quick Summary

Name:  Millionaire BizPro

Website: millionairebizpro.com

Founder: Derek Maxwell (Fake Name!)

Price: $47 + Upsells

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? NO!

Is Millionaire BizPro A Scam logo


What is Millionaire BizPro?

Millionaire BizPro was created by Derek Maxwell in 2016. It is a website that promises you that you can earn money, more than $1000 per day, working no more than 20 minutes per day!

This scam used to promote a pyramid scheme called MOBE, but the latter has been completely shut down by the FTC because of their misleading marketing and hype!

Unfortunately, a lot of people that bought into Millionaire BizPro when they were promoting MOBE has lost $1,000's because of this.

This was how the MOBE official site used to look like:

MOBE webpage

Now MOBE after it has been shut down, looks like this:

MOBE Shutdown by FTC

Since MOBE no longer exists, Millionaire Bizpro started promoting other things.

Furthermore, Millionaire Bizpro was hosted by MOBE, but now it looks like it's being hosted by Clickbank!

Here's the proof below:

Millionaire BizPro Clickbank

Now Millionaire Biz Pro is trying to sell you some useless PDF training and rehashed videos on how to start a website.

Furthermore, this program is only going to make you spend tons of money!

Millionaire BizPro is no different than the usual Clickbank scams mentioned below!

Quick Note!

(Updated, 2020) Instead of Clickbank, Millionaire BizPro indicated on its website that it is run by Clickbetter, another affiliate network.

Is Millionaire BizPro a Scam : The Website

Millionaire BizPro's website does not help with their reputation. Their website has a very bad design and unprofessional look; furthermore, they seem to be trying to hide the instructions on how their service work by making its font color blend with the black background.

How does Millionaire BizPro Work?

Is Millionaire BizPro A Scam statement

As you can see on the photo above, Millionaire BizPro already described itself. In case you failed to read it because of the terrible design, let me simplify it for you.

According to it, upon signing up, you will be given 15 predesigned webpages in which you can use to collect email addresses. Afterwards, they will show you how to monetize it and earn money.

Furthermore, it says that it is not supported or related to Google, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon or Bing, and it even included Clickbetter! But if you look closely, it says there, "Clickbetter Support". It is very confusing!

Furthermore, it is stating that this system will not make the typical purchaser to make money. In addition, it does not guarantee any success or income.

This statement, alone is already a red flag!

Above is the new updated version of this review, below you will read the original post which still contains relevant info of  Millionaire Biz Pro.

Avoid scams already and start earning money legitimately!

I earn a 4-figure monthly income with this program!

Check it out and find out for yourself!

How can you make money with this?

Well, Derek says on the video that he won't ask for money. You just register and start earning.

Afterwards, he will give you some landing pages that you can promote to collect email addresses.

There is nothing wrong with landing pages to collect email addresses. Furthermore, that's something even the top affiliate marketers use to make a living and it works like a charm. Moreover, they made thousands of dollars out of that.

But there is a problem!

If you ask the top affiliate marketers here's what they will likely all tell you. To make money with email marketing, you need people who trust you and what you recommend.

It takes years to build an email list; furthermore, you need to genuinely collect email addresses so when you recommend a product since people trust you they will blindly buy what you recommend.

That's how you can earn with email marketing and it takes lots of time and hard work.

Is Millionaire BizPro a Scam : Red Flags

#1 It is not free. The system is expensive and sells upsells

The first thing the Millionaire Bizpro is not free it costs $47/month.

(UPDATE: Millionaire BizPro is now a Clickbank Clickbetter product which means the costs are going to be HIGHER than just $47 a month!)

Furthermore, it has various upsells to keep stealing money from you but the problem is not the price but the service that does not work and it's based on lies and fake promises.

#2 Fake Testimonials

Pay attention to the testimonials, especially the first one who said she has never recorded a video before. However, you can buy testimonials like these on Fiverr for $5!

The person below said she never recorded a video before but that's not true because she actually makes a living with the testimonial videos.

Fake Testimonial 1
Fake Testimonial 2

The other person Jen from Charleston, SC you can find her gig on Fiverr too.

Fake Testimonial 3

Remember if someone promises you to become a millionaire in no time just run away because all they want is to steal money from you!

Furthermore, if you join this site you will most likely have lots of headaches.

#3 Stock Photos

Derek says in the video (minute 1:50) that this is a picture of him.

Derek Picture

There is a feature on Google that allows you to upload a picture to find similar photos.

You can BUY this picture from Shutterstock! and use it for any project you want!

Derek Stock Photo

Update: I have reviewed other scams that seem to be similar to Millionaire BizPro

#4 Fake Scarcity

Scarcity is a strategy that businesses use to get more sales. Usually, they put a product under a limited time sale. A limited discounted sale is an example.

If you visited the website of Million BizPro, you will see this.

Is Millionaire BizPro A Scam fake scarcity

Basically, Million BizPro uses the date of when you visited the website and use it for their fake scarcity.

Moreover, they will say that there are only two or three slots available. So you should be joining.

But if you refresh the page or visit it on another day, the scarcity changes the date and goes back to its two or three slots!

In conclusion, this is unethical and a red flag which indicates that it is a scam.

#5 Terrible Customer Support

As someone who will spend their hard-earned money, you would expect to receive some support from them. However, if you want to file a complaint or ask a question you can only contact them through their email, which seems to be only for show. Furthermore, they do not offer their contact number or address.

#6 Misleading Claims

They claim to help you make at least a thousand dollars in under 20 minutes; however, this claim is far from true. As we all know, nothing worth it comes easy. The same goes with working for this service. They do not tell you how much work you have to actually put to recover your investment. Things like how to properly develop your page and improve its traffic, which can be hard.

Is Millionaire BizPro a Scam?

Millionaire Bizpro used to be a MOBE sales funnel since the latter does not exist anymore. They have changed wheels and now they are promoting some useless training (the Clickbank style).

I still think Millionaire BizPro is a scam because the sales video and hype the same. They have only changed the scam they are promoting.

This got even more expensive since they are a Clickbank (UPDATE: Clickbetter) product! There are EVEN more hidden upsells and costs now.

Which is why I think you should avoid it at all costs!

If you are looking for an alternative, here's a legit Work From Home Training where you can make a living through hard work and honesty. 

What do you think about Millionaire Bizpro? Let me hear your thoughts.

If you know anyone that is interested in joining this scam please send them this review to save them from committing a big mistake!

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In his free time he loves playing football & hanging out with friends.

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  • i purchased millionarebizpro completly done for you system on may 3rd 2020to this date i have earned " 0 " money

  • I always wish to find that one system which will do as it says on the can so to speak,still wishing..so much for free as he said at the start’ish,only to be knocked of my happy dream,Ah well..still my 3 hour a day job then for another while.Don’t buy it people..just think!let’s see what others think,your search engine is your best friend people..Thanks Google!my buddy..saved me €51..

  • Hello Anis,

    I’ve seen this video on youtube once and was able to tell it was a scam from the first minute. Even though he kept saying he would delete it, it is still there lol. I checked out the WA post you have and that actually sounds very interesting.

  • Hello Anis, thank you for combating the constant scamming that was spread everywhere in the internet. This can even teach people how to spot scammed with an improved and improved mindset to spot scams a mile away. Many scammers have said similar things such as “this video will be taken down forever” or “We have certain number of spot left”. I have been scammed but I have learned a lot from that experience. Keep up the good work and expose more scamming programs.

  • It is amazing how much people will go through, just to steal your money. Good thing you presented a better alternative. Great article, one less program I will invest in.

  • Very decent review ! I can’t believe there is so many scams out there and the worst part is that some people falls into those traps. With this review it seems so easy to make fake promises and steal money. At least there are some nice people like you giving us important information about scams online. I almost fell into a fake scam one day and people should always read information about something before they join.

    • Hi Jean yes you are right there are many scams out there, I also was victim of some scams but I learned my lessons and I am here to protect innocent people from these headaches!

  • Pretty funny actually. Paid fake actors from Fiverr and another pic of some dude found on Shutter stock. LOL! I know there are tons of hustles there but this kinda takes the cake.
    I actually hired a Fiverr actor to help promote my book I wrote years ago but didn’t know they would do a scheme like act for 5.00 promoting an internet hustle.
    Great review and this is some funny stuff!

    • Hi David thanks for dropping by, yes you are right, it’s crazy that those Fiverr actors would accept to work for a scam just for $5, it weird what people could do for money.

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