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Is ShopperWeb.org A Scam? (2022) A Simple and Scary Scam.

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 29, 2022

shopperweb.org reviewed

Shopperweb.org Reviewed!

Welcome to my "Is Shopperweb.org a Scam?article. (Updated for 2022)

Did you receive a call from Sarah or Eric offering you an Amazon work from home job? However, can you trust them or are they only out for your money? Plus, are they even real people?

Are you looking for shopperweb.org real reviews?

You're in the right place, this review is going to uncover Shopperweb.org entirely and show it to you totally naked! 

So, let's get into business!


This review is about Shopperweb.org, however, this can ALSO apply to Retailpay.org, westorejobs.org, Amzjobs.org, Amazoncash.org and many other sites because they are LITERALLY the same!

Is ShopperWeb.org A Scam: Review

  • Name: Shopper Web 
  • Website: Shopperweb.org
  • Price: $47 + upsells
  • Owner: Sarah & Eric
  • Recommended? No
shopperweb.org reviewed

What is Shopperweb.org?

Shopperweb.org is a new website that is presented by a lady called Sarah who is calling people on their phone and offering them a work at home job by Amazon.

Plus, they claim this job will pay you $27 per hour and all you have to do is visit the Shopperweb.org to learn more details.

Well, chances are they already contacted you; plus, offered you the same thing. 

However, when you visited the shopperweb.org website an Amazon news report opens up that looks like this.

amazonprofits.org amazon scam

Plus, the Shopperweb.org either redirects you to an Amazon news report named Amazon Cash Websites, Cash Website Success or Real Profits Online.

Furthermore, I have already published a video review of Real Profits Online which is the site that Shopperweb.org funnels you to.

You can watch it below:

Plus, Shopperweb.org makes some big income claims like:

  • Does not need require experience to work.
  • You can work a couple hours a day.
  • You can earn up to $14,000 a month

However, is it trustworthy? Nope!

Below, you will learn how Shopperweb.org actually works!

How Shopperweb.org Works!

Shopperweb.org is only pretending to be an Amazon work from home job; however, it is not. Furthermore, they are only taking advantage of the big reputation of Amazon to sell their scam.

Plus, there are different variations of Shopperweb.org and I have already reviewed some of them which I will link to below:

Furthermore, Amazon does not have time to call every single person on their phone and offer them a work at home job. In conclusion, it's pretty clear that these scams have been set up by some scammers looking to profit from newbies in a shady way.

Below, I'd like to share with you more reasons why Shopperweb.org is a scam.

Can you earn money with ShopperWeb.org?

There is no way you can earn money with this website; plus, you will even lose money in the process. So, here are some reasons on why you will not earn any money with ShopperWeb.org. First, they are not clear on what you have to do or what you are purchasing. Second, they promise you easy profits for practically zero effort. However, this is too good to be true because in affiliate marketing you have to work hard for many months before seeing a noticeable return.

On the contrary, they charge you $47 monthly in exchange for practically nothing! Plus, they might charge you for upsells that you may not be aware of.

ShopperWeb.org Red Flags

1) Fake landing page and testimonials

Information located in their landing page are fake. Legitimate websites will try to build their credentials in their landing page; plus, explain what they are about. On the contrary, ShopperWeb.org only has lies and tries to deceive you to think that they are legitimate.

That Amazon news report is 100% fake; however, I have to admit that it looks legit but it's not.

This news report is full of deception and lies; plus, the payment screenshots on the page are all manipulated.

In addition, there is a story of Chris and Karen a couple that tried Shopperweb.org and started making up to $14,000 a month!

However, the problem is Chris and Karen do not exist. In conclusion, the ShopperWeb.org scammers invented them to lure you in.

Furthermore, Chris and Karen's photo is from some stock photography website and used in this scam to fool you.

Here's the proof below:

amazon cash websites stock photo
amazon cash websites fake stock photo

Plus, the payment screenshot that they share with you in the news article is fake.

It's a screenshot that they took out of a Google Adsense account. 

However, it's been years that the Google Adsense platform does not look like the platform in the screenshot.

fake adsense payment screenshot

Source: https://rpprofitsonnews.pw/

In addition, Adsense is a company that pays you to show ads on your site. So, what does it have to do with Amazon work at home jobs?

2) Fake Endorsement

Plus, another thing that is fake about Shopperweb.org is the big media channels logos.

Shopperweb.org has not been featured on any of these channels; however, they are misleading you into thinking otherwise.

fake and misleading endorsing

Look closely at the screenshot above on the right, you will notice that it says:

  • "Work from home opportunities"

Of course big channels have featured work from home opportunities; however, Shopperweb.org will never be there because it's a scam.

However, if the endorsement was legit, then it should be like this:

  • Shopperweb.org has been featured in CNN, Forbes...

Scammers have overused this trick; plus, they really manage to fool people with this fake endorsing trick!

Furthermore, If you read the fine print of Shopperweb.org, you will read that they are NOT affiliated with any of these sites. In conclusion, this is something they are forced to say otherwise those companies will sue them.

shopperweb.org is not affiliate with amazon, CNN or Forbes

SOURCE: https://rpprofitsonnews.pw/ FINE PRINT.

3) Shopperweb.org is Promoting You a Scam!

Yes, Shopperweb.org is trying to mislead you to buy a program called Real Profits Online which is a 100% scam.

Here's how the Real Profits Online website looks like.

shopperweb.org's scam they are trying to sell you

This scam will only cost you $47; however, you will be asked to purchase more products aka upsells which are just expensive!

Furthermore, these Amazon scams used to promote a site called Money Sucking Website System now they promote Real Online Profits.

4) Tons of Negative Shopperweb.org Reviews Online!

During my research I have read tons of Shopperweb.org negative reviews; plus, it looks like tons of people have been contacted by this lady Sarah. Furthermore, some say the person that contacted them calls himself "Eric". In fact, Shopperweb.org has 23 million call complaints in Florida.

After reading more reviews I found out that there are other versions of this scam called:

  • Retailpay.org
  • westorejobs.org
  • amzjobs.org

The domain names are different; however, they all redirect to the same Real Profits Online scam.

In addition, Shopperweb.org has way too many negative reviews that you can find on Reportscams.com.

sarah presenting shopperweb.org

SOURCE: https://reportscam.com/shopperweborg_1

Is Shopperweb.org A Scam?

Shopperweb.org is an Amazon work at home scam job because they are not affiliated with Amazon; however, they are using it's name illegally. In conclusion, this website is 100% fake.

I explained to you in this review what Shopperweb.org is:

  1. Promoting their site using a Fake Amazon news report
  2. Trying to sell you a big expensive scam.
  3. Flooded with negative reviews online.

Amazon would never call people on their phones to offer them a work at home job; in conclusion, Shopperweb.org has been created by a scammer to make some quick cash online and disappear.

However, if you're looking for a legit way to make money online, I highly invite you to check out Affiliate Marketing Guide!

Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money online without risking yourself with scams; plus, it will not require you to spend a lot of money to get started. So, click the button below and learn more!

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