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Is WorldVentures A Pyramid Scheme? Here’s The Real Answer! (2019)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis Chity

June 1, 2019

Is WorldVentures a Pyramid Scheme

Hello! Welcome to my WorldVentures Review! “Is WorldVentures a scam? Is WorldVentures a pyramid scheme?”.

These two probably crossed your minds the first time you encountered the company.

Good for you because by reading this review, you will find the answers you seek!

Before we get started, please know that I am not bad-mouthing nor promoting WorldVentures. I am only giving honest and unbiased review.

Are you ready? Let’s go and discover the secrets of WorldVentures!

WorldVentures Quick Summary

Name: WorldVentures

Website: https://www.worldventures.com/en-us/

Founder: Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue

Year Founded: 2005

CEO: Josh Paine

President: Eddie Head

Type: MLM (Or is it?)

Rating: 2/5

Recommended? No

Logo of WorldVentures


What is WorldVentures?

WorldVentures is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that provides memberships to a travel club which can offer its members discounted travel packages.

The company’s founder, Wayne Nugent had a vision of a company that ensures to help its members with their lives and also to promote a happy life with great experiences, long-lasting friendships and nice travel experiences.

Together with Mike Azcue, both of them started WorldVentures in 2005. The company’s headquarters is located at the city of Plano, Texas.

Even though it is deemed an “MLM company”, always remember that some MLMs out there such as Herbalife and Transmerica, are just pyramid schemes in disguise.

Is WorldVentures a pyramid scheme? We’ll find out later.

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WorldVentures Foundation

WorldVentures Foundation Heart to Serve

The company is not just about giving travel packages to people. WorldVentures wants to extend a helping hand and reach out to children all over the world.

With this, they created the WorldVentures Foundation. For many years, the foundation has helped thousands of children, making their lives a lot better.

After all, the children are the future of the world.

WorldVentures Foundation Mission
WorldVentures Foundation History



WorldVentures is the direct-selling part of the company.

It holds the responsibility of training the company’s representatives.

Also provides them with the best tools they need to carry their work, achieve their goals and to sell DreamTrips Memberships to enjoy various benefits to travel the world.


DreamTrips is the branch of WorldVentures that takes care of the travel businesses of its members.

If ever a member wants to take a vacation or visit a certain place, they can just notify DreamTrips, and then it would take care of everything that the member needs.

The travels made my DreamTrips is booked by and with Rovia.

WorldVentures Products

WorldVentures offers three kinds of memberships to its customers. We will go through each one below.

DreamTrips Membership

People who subscribe for this membership have access to different luxurious travel packages at a discount.

Furthermore, the members can acquire membership points through a loyalty program. Other benefits include the following:

  • Access to DreamTrips

  • 24/7 Concierge

  • Access to VolunTours

  • In-destination Support Team Member

  • New Member Welcome DreamTrips

  • RateShrinker

  • DreamTrips Extras

  • DreamTrips Local

DreamTrips Gold

This one includes the benefits above and extra ones such as airfare discounts, flight accident insurance and many more.

This membership was designed for those customers who want to enjoy traveling on any budget. Other benefits include the following:

  • Access to DreamTrips, DreamDays, DreamNights and VolunTours

  • DreamTrips extras: airport transfers, welcome receptions, hosts, excursions and activities

  • DreamTrips Rewards program

  • RateShrinker

  • Exclusive travel deals year-round

  • Flight accident insurance3

  • DreamTrips Exclusive Deals

  • Access to MarketPlace1

  • DreamTrips Local1

  • DreamTrips Mall 1 4

  • DreamTrips concierge

  • Personal website

  • Airport parking and limousine service discounts

DreamTrips Platinum 

This membership includes everything that the first and second level membership have, but with the addition of resort credits, spa discounts and late checkout. 

Other benefits include the following:

  • Access to exclusive DreamTrips Platinum experiences

  • Trip-specific Upgrades on Many DreamTrips, such as resort credits, room upgrades, lift tickets, green fees, spa discounts, culinary classes and more.1

  • Ability to use 50 percent more DreamTrips Points on DreamTrips

  • Emergency evacuation services3

  • Seven-day advance booking access to all DreamTrips

How do you earn money with WorldVentures?

Since we are discussing a brief background about WorldVentures, it is time to move on to the next important topic, which is the business side of the company.

WorldVentures, according to them, is an MLM company. Based on that fact, you can earn money in two ways: selling their products and recruiting, training and motivating other people to join the business and to do the same (which is to sell and recruit).

 In order for us to understand this more, let’s analyze its compensation plan.

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Compensation Plan

Commissions and Bonuses

Before we move to the compensation plan, let me give you a list of the commissions and bonuses that you can receive while working in WorldVentures.

  1. Direct Commission

  2. Sponsor Three Customers: Personal Sales Bonus

  3. Lifestyle Bonus Program

  4. Weekly Bonuses

  5. Monthly Residual Commissions

  6. DreamCar Bonus

  7. DreamHome Bonus

  8. Training Dollars

  9. Travel Dollars

If you want to know more about these, please click here.

Promotional Levels

WorldVentures is similar to other MLM companies such as, Beachbody, Juice Plus, Cutco, Optavia, Paparazzi Accessories and many more.

Their compensation plan is structured in a ladder-like form, wherein the more you earn and recruit, you climb a step, which is an analogy to a rank. Then again, other jobs out there, still has this form. You get promoted if you do well.

The levels of the compensation plan are the following:

  • Enrolled Representative (ER)

  • Active Representative (AR) 

  • Qualified Representative

  • Senior Representative

  • Director

  • Marketing Director

  • Regional Marketing Director

  • National Marketing Director

  • International Marketing Director

P.S. - You must become “Active” in order to receive other bonuses and to be able to qualify in climbing up the ranks after AR.

To become “Active”, you should pay the Representative Business System (RBS) fee. It provides you with a personalized website, online training and sales marketing materials.

There is still a lot more things to learn about the compensation plan but I won’t get into detail about each level.

However if you want to know more about it, click here. Also, I have provided a video explanation of the compensation plan below.

Looking at the compensation plan, it really is very promising.

If you are approached by one of the distributors and tried to recruit you, or even saw an advertisement, I would not blame you if you are already mesmerized immediately.

But it is always best to check it first and that is what you are doing by reading this review.

I congratulate you. But to be honest, there are more ways to earn money online, like affiliate marketing.

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WorldVentures Red Flags, Issues and Concerns

#1 Controversies

WorldVentures’ history has its share of controversies. In the year 2013, the Gaming Authority in Norway opened an audit for WorldVentures because of the company’s pyramid scheme-like business model.

Furthermore, WorldVentures was reported to the police in Sweden, by the Lotteries Inspection because of the suspicion of it being a pyramid scheme.

Even the company’s own representatives sued the company. Devraj and Cassandra Soojay, a couple who were one of the company’s top earners in South Africa, filed filed a lawsuit against WorldVentures after not being paid for a long time.

These are just one of the controversies that the company had. If you look more into it, you will find several more.

I don’t know about you, but if I were you, I would probably take my chances finding other ways to earn money.

#2 Low amount of income

When researching for this review, I came upon the company’s 2015 Income Disclosure Statement and I was really alarmed to find out that only 22.24% of all the distributors earned commission.

While the other 77.76% didn’t even receive anything! With this information, I can say that you will be better off if you work on other ways to earn money online. Affiliate marketing, for example.

Hey there! I actually earn a 4-figure income per month with this method.

#3 Negative Reviews

Save yourself a headache
Ponzi Scheme

#4 BBB rating

The BBB rating of WorldVentures is a C+ which is a result after lots of customers complained how unprofessional the staff is whenever they needed assistance.

Other reviews said that working in the company is just a waste of time.

WorldVentures BBB rating

#5 Confusing Compensation Plan

Another thing that I noticed and even read in another review is that when you analyze the compensation plan, it only speaks about earning money through recruiting and enrolling new distributors rather than selling the packages.

Additionally, the compensation plan has too many rules and regulations. Even wants you to pay a fee to become active, to be able to earn more commissions and climb the ranks.

WorldVentures Positive Side

#1 Positive Reviews

DreamTrips National Travel
Fantastic Culture
Network Marketing

#2 WorldVentures Foundation

The company also gives back to the community with its foundation, WorldVentures Foundation.

They help children all over the world. Additionally, their program VolunTour is a nice program to help the local communities.

#3 Great Travel Engine

WorldVentures has its own travel search engine, Rovia. A lot of reviews online stated that it is actually nicer compared to other travel search engines.

#4 Nice products

WorldVentures sell travel packages at a discounted price. Personally, I think they are great.

They make sure that your vacations and travel experiences are very nice and worth it. Furthermore, they will all take care of it.

You just have to give them your destination and you are all set to have your Dream Trip (no pun intended).

#5 Accomplishments

According to WorldVentures…

“We achieved the No. 25 rank on the Direct Selling News Global 100 list! As we continue to revolutionise our products and evolve, we’re constantly striving to disrupt the direct-sales industry. But we’re not done yet! We’re currently ranked at:

  • No. 1 in the list of Top U.S. Mid-Market Companies ($300M to $999M) with $926.6M

  • No. 1 in Consistent Growth from 2009 to 2016 with a 927% increase

  • No. 2 in the $100 Million Growth Club (we grew $233M in 2016)

  • No. 12 in the top 20 U.S. Companies”

Is WorldVentures a Pyramid Scheme?

After researching about the company, the questions,”Is WorldVentures a pyramid scheme?” or “Is WorldVentures a scam?” still bother our head.

What is the big answer? Personally, I don’t think it is pyramid scheme. WorldVentures offers products which are the travel packages.

If a company offers real products and services, then they are not considered as a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme only focuses on recruiting other members. But…

A lot of people filed lawsuits and even complained about how WorldVentures is actually a pyramid scheme.

Even some countries banned WorldVentures from operating, Norway for instance. Furthermore, WorldVentures representatives focus more on recruiting new members so that they won’t have to pay for their fees.

And let me remind you, it was stated in their compensation plan that you earn direct commissions whenever you make a customer enroll as a representative.

With this, I can say that it is a bit unclear to decide whether it is actually a pyramid scheme or not. However, the evidences, the pros and the cons are already given to you.

It is up to you to decide whether you give it a chance or not. The products are great. But business-wise, I don’t recommend it.

In fact, if you want to earn money online, I recommend affiliate marketing.

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To be honest, MLMs can give you money. However, it takes a lot of effort, time and patience.

Sometimes, I can compare it to gambling because there are bigger chances of you not earning much.

If you really want to earn a decent amount of money, then I recommend affiliate marketing.

Why is it so much better than MLMs you ask?

  • You earn a passive income
  • No need to sell products
  • No need to buy products
  • No need to recruit
  • You can work at your own pace
  • You have freedom to promote any product you like

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  • I have been into many pyramid schemes but dint get much success. You wrote it very well. Really appreciate the information. MLM doesn’t mean piece of cake, it needs patience and dedication.

    Thank you
    Jason Fisher

  • I am disappointed to find out that World Ventures is nothing but an MLM, as I was interested in promoting their services, but finding out it’s an MLM, is definitely making me have second thoughts.
    Reading from your Review, I can see that one will really need to do a lot of recruitment to really benefit from World Ventures.I am also totally alarmed to learn only about 22.24% of their representative had success with it, that’s pretty discouraging for a newbie like me.From what I see, I believe it will favour those who really travel a lot the most, as they can get to save up and also gain points at the same time.I think I will rather check out your recommendation and see if it will .nefit me more..Cheers..

    • Hello Queen! You can earn money through MLMs but yes, it does require a lot of effort. You have to make sales and recruit people. If you just want to promote products or services, then try out affiliate marketing, which is the one I recommend you.

  • Since I have never become involved in MLM’s or anything similar, I can’t speak with any authority as to whether or not what you are presenting is helpful. 

    I can comment on the overall concept of your page, from my point of view. I am wondering if this format that you have created is working for you – bringing in sales?

    To me, it is heavy on Adsense, which distracts from what I’m reading. Again, the overall “vibe” I get from the page is like one of those lengthy adverts that makes you read on and on to get to the bottom line. I guess what I would like to say is that it seems too “flashy” and lacking in sincerity. It could use a more personal touch maybe?

    I’m sorry to come across harshly, but that is merely my opinion, and for all I know, this is working like gangbusters for you!

    I can see you put a lot of time and effort into your posts, and I truly hope you are reaping the rewards from this.



    • Thank you so much Tom for your comment, I really appreciate your feedback, I do my best to improve my blog, and yes you’re right this post in particular and some other posts have lots of posts, these ads make me good money but they are distracting so I’ll reduce them a bit.

      Thanks again for your feedback!

  • Hello Anis. Nice review about wordventures. Taken into account all the positive and negative reviews, it looks too risky to even consider it. Personally I don’t like MLM companies because as you said the earnings are not so high either.Me too prefer affiliate marketing. Have started it about 3 months now. Still no sale but there is progress. The crucial thing is that I like spending time writing posts and reviews about products I like and I believe are great. Many of them I will buy them in future and maybe enchance the reviews themselves.Glad to hear you are earning 3000$ / month. Really cool. I wish you get more if of course that’s what your goal and aim is.Have a nice day.

    • That’s so great to hear! Affiliate marketing is a lot better compared to MLMs, in my opinion. And don’t worry! I was able to go through what you are experiencing now. I am sure that you will do great in affiliate marketing. Good luck!

  • Thank you for a straightforward and honest review of WorldVentures. I’m almost always not a fan of MLMs, so I appreciate you pointing out right away that this product is an MLM. The fact that the Swedish authorities investigated this company as a potential pyramid scheme is certainly a red flag. Also low earning potential, negative reviews and low BBB is enough for me to steer clear. Your alternative in Wealthy Affiliate is solid, I will be referring others to your site, thank you! 

    • Hello! I truly appreciate that. Yes, MLMs require a lot of effort and in return, you only receive a small amount of income. And I wish you luck on your journey with Wealthy Affiliates!

  • Really a great review, I thought that the world ventures is the best program and legit. I would be joining the program because I love to travel and make money by travelling. This article gave me clear information on world ventures and I also think that this article would help a lot of people like me who try to join world ventures.Thank you for sharing such useful information and sharing the reality of the world ventures program. Good job, keep on.

    • Hi! Well, you can only make money with WorldVentures by selling their products and recruiting since it is an MLM. Also, I am so glad that this review was able to help you.

  • Your review provides some valuable information for me, confirming what I thought years ago when someone tried to get me to join.  I’m glad I heeded the warning flags and decided that this was not for me as it seemed that I would be pouring my money into a never-ending pit.Thank you for compiling this review for us so that we avoid the pitfalls and enticing of this venture.

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