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Is Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 a Scam? (2019 Review Exposes it!)

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May 25, 2019

profit genesis reloaded reviewed

Profit Genesis Reloaded Reviewed!

Welcome to My Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 Review!

You're probably wondering if you can actually make $5,000 a week from this program.

The big question is " Is Profit Genesis Reloaded a Scam?"

You really want to buy this but you're at the same time afraid to open a can of worms with your own hands?

This Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 review is going to be a great sense of relief after you read it entirely!

I'm going to expose to you the REAL RAW truth that these guys don't want you to know!

So keep reading so you can remove all that stress from your head!

Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 Quick Review

Name: Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0


Price: $37 + different upsells

Owner: David Milner

Recommended? No, read the full review to learn why!

profit genesis reloaded reviewed

What is Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0?

Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 is a training program that comes with a promise of making you rich by working from home.

This website is owned by a person called David Milner and I will share with you some info about the owner that may shock you later in this review.

So David Milner gives you a promise that if you set up his system you will start generating in no time over $5,000 a week.

In the video presentation it's hard to understand what work you should do to make that money but the author keeps saying it's going to be an easy route to success as you only need 15 minutes a day to make big money.

David Milner keeps saying over the video that his Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 system is a "secret system" that no one knows about.

We still have no idea what you're supposed to do in order to make money using this system.

David says that his system is NOT about:

So what the hell it is then?

All what David keeps saying in the Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 video is that his program is a step by step instructions manual that you have to follow to set up your $5k's weekly payments system!

But looks like all these promises are really unrealistic and nonsense as you will read below.

How Does Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 Work?

Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 is exacly the same type of low quality full of hype make money products that I review all the time on my website

This product comes with nothing new or earth shattering.

In fact this program is also packed with the same unethical techniques that all the get rich quick schemes use.

First of all there is no such thing as a "secret source" or a "secret system" these are just some lame techniques to get the reader hooked to the BS video presentation.

The purpose of the video is not to explain to you how you're going to make money (which is how a legit video will) but just to touch your psychology and have some control of it.

These sales pages and sales videos are usually written by professional copywriters that know how to feed you with the right words to convince you.

There is nothing wrong with hiring a professional copywriter

But it's very misleading to feed people with such nonsense BS like making $1,000's daily or weekly with little work!

profit genesis reloaded 2.0 all you need is 3 steps to get started

On top of that they let you in for a little price (as always) $37 which will give you access to some bogus PDF's about how to start a Shopify E-commerce store

E-commerce takes a lot of investment and hard work to pay off and yet you're promised thousands with 15 minutes of work!

Below I'm going to talk about 3 big red flags and reasons on why you should pass up Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0.

But before we get into that I would like to mention the training that was the reason I work from home full-time and make over $3,000 a month!

This training unlike Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 is 100% free to try.

You don't even need a credit card to try it out!

Anis Chity

Hey, I'm Anis!

Sick & Tired of Scams Like Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0?

Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 is based on hype which is not going to make you money!

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3 Reasons to Avoid Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0!

1) Who is David Milner? The Owner is FAKE!

This online world is full of shady and unethical people that are there waiting for victims to fall into their trap.

That's why it's hard to trust anyone online.

Most people just buy these type of scams without even doing some basic research which is a really bad thing.

I know people that comment all the time under my reviews complaining about wasting +$15,000 on online scams.

Yes, scammers are really good at scamming! They have mastered that art!

That's why you should always do your homework when you're dealing with these guys.

One of the first things I always do when I'm interested in a certain product is to research the owner and the creator of the product.

Most scams online come with owners that are hiding their identities and do not share with you any details about them or their background.

They do this because once their scam gets exposed nobody knows who is the owner.

And yes the Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 owner does not show up which is a big red flag in my book.

At some point at the video you will find a small picture of him scuba diving but that's not a real picture of him as it's just a stock photo that was pulled out from a stock photography website as you can see below!

profit genesis reloaded 2.0 the owner is fake using fake scuba diving stock imagery

Screenshot source:

David Milner is just a pen name while the real owner is hiding his/her identity.

The training that taught me how to make money online full-time from home is so transparent and legit even the owners Kyle & Carson are real and helpful as I can send them questions and they actually reply and offer me help which is amazing!

2) The PGR 2.0 Testimonials are Paid Actors!

The owner is not the only fake thing about Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0.

Also the testimonials that keep talking good about this program are fake, in fact,  they are paid actors that have been paid to say sweet words towards Profit Genesis Reloaded!

Paid testimonials are nothing new, I have been reviewing hundreds of these scams that buy testimonials from a site called where testimonials and spokespersons are pretty cheap.

All you have to do is write a script and send it over to these paid actors and they will say whatever you want them to say!

These fake testimonials are very popular nowadays, they are cheap and they do their job very well.

profit genesis reloaded 2.0 fake paid actor trevor
profit genesis reloaded 2.0 fake fiverr actor


If you want to learn more about the dark world of these fake paid testimonials and reviews just watch the video I have embedded below!

3) Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 is a Rehashed Program!

Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 is a program that has been rehashed out of many older scams that I have already reviewed in the past.

So basically all these rehashed similar products are sold on a digital products marketplace called Clickbank.

The latter is a legitimate place where people like you and I sell digital products they create.

There are many legit digital products at Clickbank, however most of the digital products related to making money online sold at Clickbank are complete junk.

2019 Update

I've been receiving lots of emails from the Profit Genesis relaoded members asking me how to get a refund.

The good news is you can get a refund from Clickbank within 60 days of your purchase.

If you want to get a refund just head to Clickbank and follow their instructions.

How do you know if a certain product belongs to Clickbank?

It's simple all you have to do is find this logo (the picture on the right) somewhere on the site.

Clickbank - di fiducia - sicuro

These Clickbank products are really bad as they have been rehashed and copied from it's other.

I have reviewed many of them as I said before and here are some example of reviews you can read to see what I mean by rehashed!

Below I have included some screenshots for you to see how they are pretty much the same and you can tell they have been rehashed from each other.

profit genesis reloaded reviewed scam reviewed
ultimate paydays reviewed
income quickies scam review

Is Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 A Scam?

Now I will pass the ball to you, it's up to you to decide if Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 is a scam or not.

I have shared with you in this review 3 red flags which are:

  • The owner being fake with proof.
  • The proof that the video testimonials are fake.
  • Proof that Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0  is rehashed from old scams.

I forgot to mention that they have an earnings disclaimer page that says exactly the opposite of the promises made in the video.

Here's a screenshot I took from the Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 earning disclosure page.

earnings disclaimer


Not to mention that the program does not cost $37 but a lot more.

Here are some of the costs that have been hidden from you.

  • Front End: Profit Genesis = $37
  • Upsell #1: Profit Genesis Turbo = $47
  • Upsell #2: Multiple Income Activator = $197
  • Upsell #3: Good Club = $97

As you can see you have to spend over $300 right off the bat, don't forget that they have your email address (if you have signed up to them) which means more upsells are coming your way!

With that said, I would like to conclude this review with the fact that I don't recommend Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0.

This is How I Make Money from Home...

I know you are tired from all these fake scams, if you really want to stop falling for these scams you have to stop believing anyone that promises you easy riches.

There is absolutely no such thing as that.

Hard work and a real program that gives you real training and tools to work hard building your own income are what you need.

That's exactly what I did and I'm happy as I earn a full-time income from my hard work and thanks to this amazing training.

This amazing program gave me training and connected me with some awesome people that helped me succeed online!

Now I earn over $3,000 a month and I am 23 years old!

If you want to try the training which you can try for FREE (no credit card) just click on the button below!

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