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More Than Writers Review. (Updated 2023) Reliable or Suspicious?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis Chity

February 8, 2023

More Than Writers Review

Hello! Welcome to my “More Than Writers” review! (Updated for 2023!)

Out of all the many ways to earn money online, freelance writing is one of the good ones and a lot of people actually do it as a source of money online. Aspiring writers use their passion to earn a living online.

There are numerous websites that offer this opportunity. One of them is More Than Writers. In this review, I will compile everything that I found about this website to help you and other people who wish to try out writing for More Than Writers.

And always check out this review from time to time because I always make sure to update it! Without any further ado, let’s get started.

More Than Writers Quick Summary

Name:  More Than Writers

Website: https://www.morethanwriters.com

Founder: Gonzalo Suarez and Carmen Bardaji

Founded: 2013

Best for: Writers

Rating: 2/5

Recommended: No

More Than Writers Review

What is More Than Writers About?

To start this More Than Writers Review, let’s get to know it. First, It is a website that started in 2013 and claims to provide writers around the world, the opportunity to earn income through their passion for writing, online.

Every month, the website receives orders from different clients who wish to have 'More Than Writers’ writing services. These orders are the jobs that freelance writers have to accomplish to get compensation.

As for its other background, according to its website, More Than Writers’ location is in Canada. However, the information from LinkedIn says that it’s headquartered’ location is in Malta.

The same thing is indicated in the LinkedIn profiles of its creators. Speaking of them, More Than Writers was started by two key people, Gonzalo Suarez, the Operations Manager, and Carmen Bardaji, the Head of Talent.

In my reviews, it is very important to find out the owners behind websites and online opportunities. Most scams do not do this, while others use stock photos and fake names to disguise as its creators.

So far, the information and even the photos used for More Than Writers’ creators, are legit. I guess we are safe in that aspect.

You might confuse them with a Christian Writers blogspot with the same name but rest assured that they are a very different things.

How does More Than Writers Operate?

Before you can join their team of writers you would have to sign up first. You will need to provide your information such as email address, name, and native language.

Then you will have to indicate whether or not you are applying as a writer. After that they will then give you a test to see if you are qualified to work for them. 

The quality test according to them should only take you 40 minutes to complete. This quality test consists of writing an article with 200 words that they will then evaluate. According to them evaluating your test will take between two to five days.

If you pass their test, then congratulations! You are now a part of the More Than Writers team of writers where you will have your own dashboard where you can find available jobs that you can apply for.

You will then be given a set of instructions and topic to write about. They will also give you a word count that you should be able to reach for each topic. 

Reminder that you will only be paid if you submit your work on time and the client is satisfied with it.

They only accept one profile per person, however if you have past experience as a translator then you can create a second account as a translator.

Travel the World While Earning $$$?

Anis Chity

How Much Can You Earn with More Than Writers?

More Than Writers does not explicitly says how much exactly they pay their writers. However they say that they pay their writers per word they write for each project. The price also depends on the project.

Their payment method is only through their platform using the Wise Transfer payment tool. Unfortunately, if you are using PayPal or other payment methods then you are out of luck.

Payment can also take long to be processed as you will only be paid if the client has finished reviewing your work and is satisfied with it. If you waited for a long time only for the client to reject your work then that would be really annoying. Right?

This is why I am not entirely confident in More Than Writers as a source of stable income.

If you want to build a stable income by using your writing skills, then you will thank me later for this opportunity.

Is More Than Writers A Scam?

To conclude this More Than Writers review, when you look at it from the surface one can easily say that More Than Writers is not a scam. However there are not enough reviews of it online from verified users to be able to say that it is not a scam.

For me however, I don't personally recommend this website since there aren't enough public reviews for this website except from the testimonials that they placed on their website. Even those can be manufactured by the owners.

Vagueness on the amount you can earn and restricting payment method to one tool is discouraging. Why use one payment method only when there are a lot of ways they can pay their writers easily? 

Their website has improved since 2020 and they are now giving many information in their website about More Than Writers. I have given you a quick rundown of their website. It is now up to you to decide whether or not More Than Writers is legit.

Thank you so much for reading my More Than Writers review! If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below in the comments section!

Anis Chity

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  • Hi there. Diego from Chile here. I created my account in Santiago and then moved to Portugal. I have worked in a few projects of More than writers and no problem at all. In fact everything is fast and works properly. Very friendly platform.

  • More than writers Account They accepted my samples and started asking for Id picture and passports. They are scammers. Avoid them!!!

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