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Online Part Time Jobs For College Students (LEGIT WAYS ONLY!) (2019)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis Chity

July 1, 2019

Online Part Time Jobs For College Students

Hello! Welcome to my "Online Part Time Jobs For College Students" article!

College is a very challenging chapter of our lives. There will always be times that we just can't afford to depend on others anymore.

That is why, we should act too.

In this article, I will tell you a couple of online part time jobs for college students, like you!

Also, this is a bit more personal because I have been here too, before I found out about affiliate marketing.

So without any further ado, let's start the list.

Data Entry

Data entry online jobs are one of those stress-free jobs for you.

All you have to do is to type certain documents and word files that your employer will tell you to do or to fill up forms. 

You don't need any experience or skill except, a fast words-per-minute.

Other employers require you to have a specific WPM. You can check out this website and test out your typing speed.

Average Salary: $10 - $17 per hour 

Where to find one:

Graphic Designer

If you are an art major or even studying graphic designing, then you are perfect for this job.

Certain companies out there, look for people to create logos for them, or even YouTuber channels that look for people to design video thumbnail and profile pics.

There are countless opportunities for graphic designers online.

If you are not one, then don't worry.

There are tutorials online. Try this Graphic Design Basics course from Skillshare.

I tried this one before and I didn't have much knowledge using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

However, I was able to find other applications are that easier to use. Like, Canva.

Average Salary: $25 - $50 per hour

Where to find one:

Reward Sites

Reward sites are one of the easiest ways of earning money online.

These are sites that pay you whenever you complete simple tasks. These include

Average Salary: Varies depending on the website

Where to find one: Click here for the best reward sites

Earn a 4-figure monthly commission with this program!

Freelance Writer

It may sound a bit intimidating. However, don't worry. If you have good grammatical skills and the passion to write, then you are more than qualified for this.

Take it from me.

I started freelance writing when I was at the age of 16 years old. I wrote content for websites, articles and even blogs.

Freelance writing is a flexible and easy of earning money online.

This job is very in-demand considering that more and more companies are expanding their business in the internet. With that, they require more writer to fill up their websites.

Furthermore, you can find a lot of various freelance writing jobs online since it is a very wide industry.

Average Salary: $25 - $50 per hour

Where to find one:

Social Media Manager

Speaking of businesses expanding online, they are also in need of people to manage their social media accounts.

This doesn't require much skill since we are always using social media accounts, right?

Everyday, we check and spend time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. 

Well, businesses have them and they want you to manage them. You have to contact customers, make posts about the products and services, etc.

The tasks you will do will entirely depend on the employer.

Average Salary: $15 - $40 per hour

Where to find one:


Proofreading may sound simple since you will have to edit documents, articles and written works and check for errors.

However, it may require more experience. That is because sometimes you will have to edit official documents, books and many more which require more skills.

But there are also times wherein you have to proofread website contents which do not require much stuff to do.

Learn more about how to make money as a proofreader here.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant requires more tasks for you to do, compared to the other jobs in this list.

Basically, you ask as an assistant for your employer. Most of the time, you will send and reply emails, manage social media accounts, write and type documents and many more.

This job has a wide range of tasks. I suggest that you have to really discuss the job conditions with your employer and make sure that it coincides with your schedule at school.

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

Hello! I am Anis.

Are you looking for ways to earn money while studying in college?

Then try out the best part time online job for college students like you!

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Average Salary: $15 - $40 per hour

Where to find one:

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring has a variety of things you can do. It doesn't always mean that you will teach academic subjects.

You can teach sports, instruments or even video games.

Also, most of the time, you will be teaching kids with some basic education.

Tutoring is great since you can teach stuff that you already know. No need for you learn anything.

Average Salary: Varies

Where to find one:

  • Chegg (starts at $20 per hour)
  • VIPKID (requires a bachelor's degree; $14 - $22 per hour)
  • Wyzant (you set your own rate)

Search Engine Evaluator

Search engines exist on the internet. An example of it is Google. 

Developers and the owners of the said search engines will need to have them evaluated to find out what to improve on.

However, technology cannot be trusted sometimes. Jobs like this require human work.

And that's where you come in. This is very flexible and can fit into your college schedule. You will simple evaluate these websites.

Average Salary: $12 - $15 per hour

Where to find one:

Affiliate Marketing

Personally, I have tried 3 to 4 ways listed above to earn money.

However, I stopped trying out more stuff when I discovered affiliate marketing.

And I think that this is the best out of the online part time jobs for college students out there.

Basically, what you do is to have a website or a blog, then apply for affiliate programs from merchant websites which will provide you with links and banners.

You will have to put these banners and links to your websites.

Whenever people click on those links and purchase products from the merchant websites, you earn a commission!

There are a lot of affiliate programs out there.

Apply for those that fit the niche of your websites. Some examples are travel sites, dating sites, MMA, or cars.

When you have the niche, simply use the internet to look for affiliate programs about that niche.

Also, you will earn a PASSIVE INCOME!

Bottom Line

Thank you for reading my article! I hope I was able to help you to with the online part time jobs for college students.

In this century, things are getting more advanced and easier. Even in terms of jobs, you can easily find them online.

Being a college student is not a hindrance for you to make money online.

I have provided you a list of online part time jobs for college students.

It is up to you which one to try. Choose the best that fits your schedule and of course, the one that you are interested in.

Because if you love what you are doing, then you can work with passion and it won't be that difficult for you.

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  • Besides the survey sites, which I hate, these can all be compared to “traditional” jobs where you work for others, except the last one. You clearly saved the last for the best. With the other jobs being more mainstream they have a certain form of comfort, but also restrict you in your income potential, let alone working for others, ugh.
    Affiliate marketing on the other hand is more like an adventure in a land full of never-ending treasures. You’re your own boss and have far higher (read: unlimited) income potential, and if you put good consistent content out in the beginning, after a year or so you can just sit back, keep your site updated with a post from time to time, and get a greater income with far less working hours, working wherever and whenever you want. Heck, if you’re succesful, you might just end up dropping out of college take your business to the next level.

    • Hello Faheem! EXACTLY! Affiliate marketing lets you earn a passive income that is beyond any limits!

  • I think I would work towards the Freelance Writer job. If you are a blogger out there, you of course have the skill to be a Freelance Writer. I wouldn’t actually go with the Reward Sites, as I am currently doing surveys, but getting nowhere towards getting actual money out of it. People take their time finishing surveys, yet they get no reward. Or am I the only one?But it’s a great selection of online jobs for students. I’ve always had a passion for Graphic Designing. That’s what I am working towards or shall I say studying towards. Thank you for the read.Aabidah

    • Hello Aabidah! I agree with you. To be honest, reward sites are not that good. They are only good for “extra” income. But you made a great decision on freelance writing. There are a lot of jobs like that online and even pay great money. Graphic designing on the other hand offers more and if it is your interest, then grab it! You will not only be working but you will also be enjoying because you are doing what you love.

  • Hi!Thanks so much for your article!  I’m not a college student, but this can be helpful for anyone so I checked it out.  Virtual assistant jobs are very awesome if you don’t mind spending a lot of time doing it, as well as freelance writer, definitely.  Data entry would be too boring for me, I think though.  I do agree that affiliate marketing is the best bet of the list.  Reward sites are very little money compared to the effort involved, honestly.Thanks so much.

    • Hello Selenity! Thank you so much for reading my article. Well, your comment is on point already. I recommend reward sites the least. They don’t offer much. Affiliate marketing is great and can be very rewarding.

  • As an online college student myself, I am always seeking new job opportunities before receiving my degree. This lookslike great ones; hence many scammers exist nowadays, I wonder what they get out of it, don’t they care to be thrown out the window? Either way, thank you for this info, it really comes in handy. Blessings~

    • Hello Linda! Thank you so much for reading my article and I am glad that you find it helpful. And yes, always be careful of scams. You don’t want to waste your time and effort on them.

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