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AskforTask Review – Earn Money Doing Tasks or Scam?

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By Anis

March 4, 2019

askfortask reviewed

Are you looking for a detailed AskforTask review?

You've come to the right place! In this review, I'm going to answer all the questions you have about Ask for Task.

This is an honest review, I'm not promoting or sponsoring this site!

So read this full review to find out how AskforTask exactly works!

AskForTask Summary Review 

Name:  AskforTask


Founders: Muneeb Mushtaq & Nabeel Mushtaq

Price: $59.99 verification fee for taskers

askfortask reviewed

Summary: Askfortask is a legitimate site where you earn money doing tasks or where you can find people to help you do your chores.

In this review, I talk about all the positives & negatives of this site.

Rating: 3/5

Recommended? Yes

What Is AskForTask?

AskforTask ( is a website where you can outsource errands for cheap instead of hiring expensive service people.

This online platform is based in Canada and was founded by Pakistani-Canadian brothers Muneeb Mushtaq & Nabeel Mushtaq in 2012.

AskforTask is also an opportunity to make extra cash by offering different tasks to people that need to outsource their errands.

This company has become popular that it has been featured in many big sites like:

Below I'm going to explain to you how Ask for Task actually works.

This is an AskforTask Tasker focused review which means I'll talk more about the tasker prescriptive.

But even if you're someone that needs to outsource errands can find lots of info in this review that is going to be useful.

With that said, keep reading to learn the ins & outs of AskforTask.

How Does AskForTask Work?

I'm going to explain to you below how Ask for Task works exactly for both the clients and people that want to make money doing small jobs.

AskforTask for the Clients

If you need help with your errands, AskforTasks makes it VERY easy for you to find someone that will take care of them for you.

To get started you need to visit the AskforTask website and book a task, you will be asked for some information like:

  • The address of the place where you need help
  • The task size, type, frequency & the start date
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number

AskforTask will give you a price estimator tool to give you an idea of how much the tasker will cost you.

For example, if you need cleaning services the prices are the followings:

  • Weekly: $29/hour
  • Biweekly: $30/hour
  • Monthly: $31/hour
  • One time: $32/hour

let's say you need cleaning services tasker for two weeks and you want to know how much is the total cost for two weeks of cleaning.

Thanks to the AskforTask price estimator tool you will need the total cost in seconds.

Another benefit of using AskforTask is you don't have to pay for the material the taskers needs.

In the cleaning services task for example, you don't need to buy the cleaning supplies (the cleaning solutions and cloths) for the tasker as they are required by Askfortask to bring all the material with them.

AskforTask for the Taskers

If you want to get started and make money as a Tasker with AskforTask you need to sign up as a tasker.

During the sign up process, you will need to select the skills that you're qualified for.

Here are some of the skills you can choose from:


Quick Note!

Make sure you select the skills that you're actually qualified for because AskforTask are going to do an interview with you to make sure you actually qualify for the task that you have applied for!

To find tasks that are available in your area, you need to download and install the AskforTask app which is available for both IOS & Android.

This app is very useful because it allows you to find tasks that are less than 30km near to your house.

Within the AskforTask app, you will find all the available tasks with all the details like:

  • The price of the task
  • The distance of the task from your location
  • The time of the task
askfortask app

There many tasks you can apply to that include:

  • Interior painting
  • Furniture assembly
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Home cleaning
  • Plumbing
  • General help tasks
  • & more

Once you have a task that you're interested in, all you have to do is click on it to see it's details and the task instructions.

If you want to apply for the task then all you have to do is call or send a text to the asker.

Quick Note!

If you call the asker you will notice that the phone number is hidden and you can't see it.

Also, your number won't be shown to the asker for safety purposes. Tasker Requirements

  • You need to be 18 years old or older
  • You need to possess a smartphone with data plan
  • Clean criminal record
  • At least 1 year paid experience in cleaning and handyman jobs
  • Good customer service skills
  • Taskers need to pay attention to details & have a positive attitude.
  • You should bring with you the material needed to do the task.

Keep in mind that all AskforTask taskers are independent contractors and not employees.

How Much does AskforTask Costs?

AskforTask askers can use the site for free but the taskers have to pay a $59.99 verification.

The verification fee covers the background check and the Askfortask t-shirt expenses.

The Askfortask t-shirt is a simple t-shirt with the AskforTask logo that every tasker must wear when performing the task.

By the way, the $59.99 verification fee is NOT an upfront fee, it's just a one time fee that will be deducted from the earnings you earn from your Askfortask tasks.

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How Much Can You Earn With AskForTask?

How much you earn greatly depends on your skills and how much experience you have in your selected task category.

But there are some starting wages per hour that you'll get as a new tasker.

  • Cleaning services: $18 to $22/hour
  • Painting-electrical-handyman- plumbing: $34/$30/hour
  • General help: $15/hour

If you offer services that your asker will like you will even receive tips on top of your hourly wage.

Askfortask allows askers to offer tips within their Askfortask dashboard.

This means if you receive a tip it will be automatically added to your account

Quick Note!

If you want to see if you have received any tips from the askers all you have to do is login to your AskforTask profile.

Click on payments then click on the next payout and you should be able to see all the tips and who sent them to you.

Quick Tips to Increase Your Earnings

To increase your earnings with Askfortask you need to focus on improving your Askfortask rating.

Your rating within the platform is very important because the askers are very skeptical and always tend to hire the taskers with higher ratings also for safety purposes.

Just put yourself in their shoes.

If you would hire someone from Askfortask you will definitely be looking for someone with a good rating because you're bringing a stranger to your house.

Taskers with low ratings are instinctively seen as unreliable or even worse not trustworthy.

That's why you should absolutely spend a lot of time in improving your rating if you want to earn decent money with Askfortask.

But how can you improve your rating?

Here are some few tips.

  • Always show up on time.
  • Never forget the necessary equipment for the job.
  • Be friendly & with a positive attitude.
  • Always overdeliver & give more than what the asker expects
  • Always wear your AskforTask t-shirt (it increases trust & makes you look professional)

How Does AskforTask Pay You?

Askfortask has a cash-free payment system and there is only one payment method available which is direct bank deposit.

Your payments will be sent every Monday & Thursday.

You can always monitor your payments in the Taskers app.

In What Cities AskforTask is Available?

Askfortask is not available worldwide, it's only available a few cities in Canada and one city in the United States.

Here are the cities where AskforTask is currently available.

The United States

  • Brooklyn New York

British Columbia

  • Vancouver


  • Ajax
  • Brampton
  • Etobicoke
  • Markham
  • Mississauga
  • North York
  • Pickering
  • Richmond Hill
  • Scarborough
  • Toronto 
  • Vaughan


  • Montreal

Is AskforTask Safe?

I have read lots of negative reviews about AskforTask, but none of the negative reviews involve safety issues.

Askfortask does a good job filtering and doing extensive background checks and vetting process.

On top of that, the taskers are regularly trained on how to use the AskforTask app and their code of conduct.

Askfortask also suspends any tasker that gets his/her rating fall under 3.7 stars.

With that said, you definitely want to always use common sense and never trust anyone blindly.

Ask for Task - Reviews & Complaints

Reading other people reviews is something very important especially when you want to you to get in the same boat.

That's why in this review, I would like to share with you what other Askfortask askers & taskers say about this company.

Unfortunately, most reviews I read are negative ones.

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AskforTask Tasker Reviews 

On Glassdoor, you will read lots of NEGATIVE reviews from the taskers (members that perform tasks and earn money).

The Glassdoor rating is 2.7 out of 5 stars which is pretty bad.

The reviews I read complain about things like:

  • The payments are not on time.
  • The owners are very rude
  • High fees & low payments

I took screenshots for you so you can read some of the reviews below.

AskforTask Asker Reviews 

When it comes from the reviews from the askers, negative reviews are the norm.

Yelp gave a 2 out 5 stars rating which is not good.

When I was reading the Askfortask reviews I read complaints like:

  • Taskers don't show up or keep rescheduling their tasks.
  • Askfortasks did not process refunds for some clients.
  • Some members claim that they have been double-billed.
  • The customer service is aggressive and not understanding.

You can read some of the Askfortask reviews below.

AskforTask Alternatives

If you're looking for alternatives of Askfortask to make money I recommend you to try these sites!

Is Ask For Task A Scam? is a genuine and legitimate website but it's not the best site out there.

The negative reviews about this site are quite concerning which makes it hard for me to recommend it.

A few days ago I reviewed a similar site called TaskRabbit and it had so many positive reviews compared to AskforTask.

But Taskrabbit is only available in one city in Canada and many cities in the US while Ask for Task is available in different cities in Canada and in the US is only available in Brooklyn New York.

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Making money doing tasks with is a good opportunity to earn money working on your neighborhood.

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  • Thanks for the Askfortask review. It’s always good to have real reviews  of companies and you would have assisted me as I like to give ideas to my audience on work from home that will not waste their time. I really like dthe hidden number feature…tht’s a big safety plus but I disiked the fact that most people complained they were rude…no one needs that stress!

    Maybe over time they will realize their business needs taskers but they are going elsewhere!

  • The negative comments about askfortask is already a bad image to the company. I also had to read other reviews elsewhere before commenting on this. Askfortask is no doubt a good way to earn money passively not actively, that way, the person doesn’t get squared up in a  no-other option scenario. 

    For the company to flourish, they need to work on several areas of the company especially customer’s relation, because that’s the face and voice of the company to the world.. 

    I love this review no doubt, it’s very honest and straightforward, I’ll be looking forward to reading more reviews from you. 



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