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Onlinejobs.ph (2020-March Review) – How to Hire a Super VA!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

February 29, 2020

Onlinejobs.ph reviewed

Welcome to my Onlinejobs.ph review!

So you're a business owner that wants to outsource a part of his/her business?

Then this review is for you!

I'm going to explain to you how to outsource using Onlinejobs.ph for cheap, show you the costly mistakes to avoid, and review this platform for you!

Sounds good?

Then let's get into this review without wasting time!

Onlinejobs.ph Summary Review

Name:  OnlineJobs

Website: Onlinejobs.ph

Founder:  John Jonas

Price: Free + Pro plan $69/month + Premium plan $99/month.

Best for: People that want to hire a long term VA for an affordable price.

Onlinejobs.ph reviewed

Summary: Onlinejobs.ph is a great website where you can outsource your business to talented Filipino virtual workers for cheap!

It's also a great opportunity for Filipinos to work from home!

In this review, I show you how to hire a Philipino for cheap without the big mistakes I did!

Rating: 4/5

Recommended? Yes!

What is Onlinejobs.ph?

Onlinejobs.ph is an online job board for Filipinos to find work from home opportunities.

It's also an amazing website for business owners to outsource parts of their business to highly talented Filipinos for cheap.

Onlinejobs.ph was created in 2005 by an American Entrepreneur call John Jonas.

Wh is John Jonas?

This is john jonas

John is an American Utah based entrepreneur who had big success in outsourcing his business to Filipino workers.

In his website, you will always see John saying good words about the Filipinos and how professional, loyal and honest they are.

That's what I personally experienced too when I hired my first Filipino worker!

When John realized how good Filipinos are then he created this platform.

You can learn more about how John decided to launch Onlinejobs.ph.

This is How Onlinejobs.ph Was Born

John Jonas before creating Onlinejobs.ph he was looking for a virtual assistant to help him with his projects.

He initially found some American virtual assistants but they were so expensive and not so reliable.

John once hired a Filipino worker and eventually was impressed by how loyal and reliable the Filipino was.

Since then Jonas realized that the Philippines is a heaven for outsourcing for the American entrepreneurs.

That's why he created this platform OnlineJobs.ph where helps entrepreneurs hire very reliable VA's without splashing tons of money.

John has also created an amazing FREE Course called ReplaceMySelf.com which is an outsourcing education for entrepreneurs that I recommend you to check out before you outsource!

My Personal Experience with Onlinejobs.ph

So a client of mine asked me for a full-time video editor that will edit & add visual effects and professional intros to his videos on a regular basis

I'd usually look for video editors on sites like Upwork or Fiverr.

But a friend of mine suggested me to check out Onlinejobs.ph.

I initially thought it was a scam honestly.

But I quickly found out that I was flat wrong!

I was impressed by how professional the Filipinos are and most importantly how affordable the prices are!

So I quickly created my FREE account and started to explore the site and see how it works.

After a few days, I upgraded to the pro membership (I'll talk more about the plans and pricing later in this review)

I posted my first post on the platform looking for a video editor and I was immediately flooded with messages from Filipinos interested in my offer!

onlinejobs.ph inbox

I filtered the Filipino workers and interviewed them until I picked up the one that was good for this position and forwarded him to my client.

I'm not going to say how much I earn now from this client but it's a good recurring fee! 😉

Thanks to Onlinejobs I found a VA that is:

  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • & Hardworking!

All I have to say is John was right Filipinos are great, kind and professional people!

I'm about to hire a Filipino writer to help me with the content of this website and I'm creating a training for him so I make sure he/she understands the type of content I want on my website!

By the way, my Friend Jerry from Smartaffiliatesuccess.com is the one who referred me to Onlinejobs.ph thanks to a blog he posted on the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Jerry has hired a full-time writer with 9 years of experience from Onlinejobs.ph.

The onlinejobs.ph full-time writer charges Jerry only $400/month!

And he offers him:

  • 20 blog posts a month (5 a week)
  • Each post is 1500/2000 words long
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Keyword research is included

Isn't that a steal for $400/month?

Now try hiring a full-time writer from the US and let me know how expensive it is.

By the way, I have read the articles written by Jerry's writer they were written and formatted very well with excellent English!

So below I'm going to show you how Onlinejobs.ph works in details so you get started hiring your super star Filipino virtual worker as well!

How Does Onlinejobs.ph Work?

Watch this short video by Onlinejobs.ph to learn how it works.

If you want to get started with Onlinejobs.ph here are the steps to take.

1) Create a Free Account

The first thing you want to do is to create your FREE Onlinejobs.ph account.

You can stay as a free member as long as you want but you have many limitations.

You can see the Filipino workers profiles but as a free member you won't be able to contact them until you upgrade.

I'll explain the Onlinejobs.ph plans in a second but let's have a look first on how you can post a job.

2) Post A Job

To post a job all you have to do is click the "post a job" buton and then you will be able to fill a form about your offer description and the details you want the Filipino worker to pay attention too.

As you can see on the screenshot above, you can add information to your post like:

how to post a job at onlinejobs.ph
  • The salary
  • Type of employment (full-time or part-time)
  • The required skills
  • & more

After you post your job, go grab a coffee and after a few minutes comeback to your Onlinejobs.ph account and see the messages you get from the applicants.

In my case, I got tons of messages in the first day!

onlinejobs.ph inbox

Quick Tip!

Before you post your first job on Onlinejobs.ph make sure you come up with a catchy title!

This way your post will stand out and get so many clicks and applicants!

This is the secret why I was flooded with messages!

 Ready to Outsource with Onlinejobs.ph? 

Create Your FREE Account NOW!

3) Contact Your VA Directly

Another option to contact virtual workers at Onlinejobs.ph is to use the advanced skill search feature.

This feature allows you to easily find your optimal VA by contacting them directly.

Here's how the advanced skill search feature looks like (have a look at the screenshot!)

But to use this feature you need to upgrade.

Below I'm going to talk about the pricing plans available at Onlinejobs.ph!

philippines va search

How Much Does Onlinejobs.ph Cost?

Onlinejobs.ph has three three membership options:

  1. The free membership
  2. The Pro membership
  3. The Premium membership

1) The Free Membership

As I said earlier in this review, you can create your free onlinejobs.ph account and stay as a free member for as long as you want.

But you can only see the workers profiles, if you find a VA you need to upgrade to the pro membership in order to hire him/her.

2) The Pro Membership = $69/month

The pro plan is what you need if you want to contact your VA and hire them.

The pro plan is what I currently use and it costs $69 a month.

Don't be scared by the monthly fee of $69 because Onlinejobs.ph is not going to lock you in.

I personally paid $69 only one time and I have cancelled my account and I can comunicate with my virtual Assistant however I want via email, Skype or Messenger.

Onlinejobs.ph does recommend you to deactivate your account when done recruiting.

You will need the monthly fee again only if after 30 days you need another VA or something.

this is the online jobs pricing

3) The Premium Membership = $99/month

The third plan is called the Premium plan and it costs $99/month.

If you own a small online business like mine the pro plan is all you need.

The premium plan is for big companies that need to hire a lot of VA's.

The premium membership is more expensive because it also offers the virtual coaching service.

The vitual coaching service gives you a very expert Filipino VA that is going to teach the Filipino you have hired how to be productive and handle your projects for more optimal results for your company.

This is an interesting feature because by buying the premium plan Onlinejobs.ph are going to train your VA for you!

Obviously, you want to train your VA yourself too because they need to get familiar with your style but it's a good idea to get Onlinejobs.ph to train your virtual worker.

 Ready to Outsource with Onlinejobs.ph? 

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Here is Why Onlinejobs.ph is Great for Outsourcing!

1) Lots of Resumes Available

Onlinejobs.ph has a huge database of virtual workers.

All you have to do to do is type your keyword to start searching for resumes.

onlinejobs search resumes

For example, when I was looking for a video editor I typed "video editor" in the "search resumes" search box.

If you're looking for a writer you would simply type "writer" in the search box and many resumes from writers will show up.

As I am writing this there are over 500,000 resumes and lots of job posts that range from:

  • Writing
  • Marketing & Sales
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Graphics & Multimedia
  • & a lot more!

Here's an extensive full list of what Filipino workers can do for your business!

2) Outsourcing to the Philippines is Affordable!

Yes, outsourcing to the Philippines is so affordable but before you point your gun at me and say you're underpaying the Filipinos you need to firstly have a look at their average monthly salary!

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the average Filipino family earns 22,000 Php/month (Philipping pesos) which is $420/month when you convert to USD currency!

So you're barely underpaying them, you're actually a solid source of income for them.

That's why the Philippines is a great opportunity for us to outsource.

Let me show you something interesting.

How much can you buy with $10 in the US or Europe?

I think you already know 😉

Now compare it with how much stuff $10 can buy you in the Philippines!

Keep in mind that this video is filmed in the capital of the Philippines Manila! 😉

That's why when you hire a Filipino and pay him/her around $400/month he/she is definitely going to do a great job for you because you're giving them a salary that is good in the Philippines.

On the other hand who would work for you full-time for $400/month in the US? No one!

As you can see this is why I am saying Onlinejobs.ph is a golden opportunity for us to outsource our business to the philippines.

Other than that the Filipinos are known for being:

  • Loyal (they are known to be loyal)
  • Hard working
  • Speak & Write excellent English (They even watch TV in English!)

That's what makes them perfect for outsourcing!

3) Onlinejobs.ph Doesn't Cut a Fee

Onlinejobs.ph allows you to make transactions between you and your VA outside the platform.

Which means they are not going to get a fee from your transaction.

This is not possible with other platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

According to Finder.com Fiverr takes $1 from every purchase above $20.

While Upwork will charge a 2.75% processing fee on all your payments.

For example, if you spend $1000 with Upwork you will need to pay an additional $27 fee just to process the payment.

It's great that you don't pay any fees with Onlinejobs.ph but there is a problem with that which I will talk about it later in this review.

4) Onlinejobs.ph Offers You Great Training

Finding a great VA that is going to do everyhting for your business in perfection as soon as you hire them is just a dream unfortunately.

There are many people that do tons of mistakes when it comes to outsourcing.

For example, some business owners will quickly hire a VA without even training them.

Or they overwhelm their virtual workers with  too many work like they are a robot or something.

If you're new to outsourcing I suggest you to check out the training that Onlinejobs.ph offers to you for FREE.

This training is imperative if you want to find a really good virtual worker!

You will find ebooks, tutorias, guides, the biggest mistakes and tips & tricks to outsource the best Filipino VA!

John Jonas has +12 years of experience in outsourcing so you definitely want to follow his training with laser focus!

5) ID Proof & TimeProof Features are VERY Useful!

These 2 features are exclusive to onlinejobs.ph and I'm going to explain to you why they are very useful!

What is ID Proof?

The ID proof is a metric you can use to make sure the VA you're interested in is real and not not a fake account.

Each Onlinejobs.ph worker has an ID proof score that ranges from 1 to 100.

This ID proof is a not a metric that shows you how skillful or reliable a VA is.

Use it just to make sure you're not dealing with a VA with a fake profile.

Onlinejobs.ph suggests you to contact workers with with an ID proof of 70 or greater.

Here is an example of real virtual assistants at Onlinejobs.ph

onlinejobs Idproof

 As you can see their ID proof score is pretty high and these are the kind of VA's you want!

An Important Note about the ID Proof!

While the ID proof is a good feature don't take it blindly!

You still want to contact your VA and interview them to make sure they are real people.

I have noticed that some Filipinos workers go to internet cafés because they don't have WIFI at home or they borrow a laptop from their friends.

These type of online workers are bad for your business that's why you want to interview them for a few days via email.

I found out that when you interview 30 candidates via email, most of them will quit the interview and those that quit are the ones you don't need anyway.

The few people that stick to my interview are the perfect candidates to outsource my business to.

The Onlinejobs.ph Timeproof Feature.

The timeproof is a feature that I don't use but you might be interested to know about it.

So this feature allows you to track your VA work and see if they are really putting in the effort or not.

My friend Jerry when he hired his writer the latter told him not to use the feature because it puts him under pressure.

And it makes sense if you think about it who would want to work while someone is tracking them?

I personally did not use this feature but it must be important for some type of work like for virtual call center assistants or programmers to see if they are really doing the work.

But in my case (video editing or writing) using timeproof is useless because I can later judge the VA work when they send me the edited video or the article they wrote.

6) OnlineJobs.ph App

One of the things I liked about Onlinejobs.ph is their easy to use app.

Many times when I'm outside home I check my IPhone and see many messages from VA's on the app.

This makes it so easy for me to reply to new VA's without having to open my laptop.

The app is well designed and incredibly easy to use!

The onlinejobs.ph app is currently available on both IOS and Android devices.

7) OnlineJobs.ph Affiliate Program

When you join Onlinejobs.ph to find a VA you can also invite someone that is looking for a VA and earn 40% when they join using your affiliate link.

Here's an example of how the Onlinejobs.ph affiliate program works.

onlinejobs.ph reviews

8) OnlineJobs.ph Refund Policy

OnlineJobs.ph has a 30 days money back guarantee.

So if you join in and you realize it's not for you or you make a payment by mistake you only need to contact the support team to get a full refund.

You can read more about their refund policy here.

 Ready to Outsource with Onlinejobs.ph? 

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What I Don't Like About Onlinejobs.ph

Now that I talked about all the great things that Onlinejobs.ph offers it's time to talk about the things I don't dig about it.

1) No Escrow To Protect The Members

Remember when I said Onlinejobs.ph does not take a fee from your transaction?

While that is good there is a problem about it...

The lack of escrow protection.

Let's take Fiverr as an example.

When you order a gig on Fiverr that money you pay won't go the gig seller but go into an escrew account managed by Fiverr.

If you don't like the work offered by the Fiverr seller you can simply get your money back from the escrow account after you prove that the job is not done like you asked.

This is a very good feature in my opinion.

With Onlinejobs.ph you are at your own risk, the transactions are made by you and the Filipino worker.

But in my case I did not have any problems, I think in order to not get scammed is just to make sure you find a real VA (not with a fake account) with ID proof greater than 70.

Interview your VA and never pay them in advance but you want to pay them in the first week (at least in the first 2 months) so they can trust you and not be afraid of you running away after they work with you for a month.

2) The Onlinejobs.ph VAs Are Not Tested

Another thing I don't like about Onlinejobs.ph is they allow practically anyone to join their platform.

They don't review or test their skills or something.

For example when I posted my video editing gig on Onlinejobs.ph I received many messages from workers that although they say they have good editing skills they have no skills about video editing but they are just hoping to make some extra cash.

3) Little OnlineJobs.ph Reviews

It's always good to find reviews online about a program you're doing research about.

Unfortunately, if you look online for Onlinejobs.ph 2020 reviews you won't find a lot.

I did some research and I could only find like 3 reviews on Sitejabber.

Onlinejobs.ph Alternatives

1) Onlinejobs.ph Vs Hirewriters

I have used both Hirewriters and Onlinejobs.ph.

I use Hirewriters when I need an article or too, so it's perfect for people that need some freelancers to write for them a couple of articles or ebooks.

Although Hirewriters freelancers are from North America the prices are pretty affordable and I have bought many articles for my blog that have made me some good money.

Onlinejobs.ph on the other hand is good for hiring an affordable long term writer.

2) Onlinejobs.ph Vs Upwork

Upwork is another freelance market place which is more popular than Hirewriters and more expensive.

It's also good for finding freelancers for short term projects.

Upwork will charge you 2.75% as a processing fee for each payment you make.

With Onlinejobs.ph you have to pay the monthly $69 fee.

Upwork has 12 millions freelancers while Online jobs has 300,000 workers.

3) Onlinejobs.ph Vs Fiverr

Fiverr is another popular marketplace where you find people offering all kind of services.

I personally would NEVER outsource any content creation or SEO work on Fiverr because in my opinion Fiverr is only meant for some small services like logo creation or website design or something like that.

Fiverr is my go to website when I need a professional banner created or maybe an intro of a video but I don't buy any gigs related to writing or SEO.

Here are the top 11 things that are great to outsource on Fiverr.

Also, check out this good video that compares Onlinejobs.ph with Upwork and Fiverr!

Is Onlinejobs.ph Legit?

Onlinejobs.ph is 100% legit, they offer you a great service where you can find talented and affordable virtual assistants.

The price is reasonable and it's easy to deactivate your membership by simply sending an email to the support team.

With that said there is absolutely nothing sketchy about this site which proves it's not a scam.

Is Onlinejobs.ph Worth The Money? 

If you're looking for a full-time long term virtual assistant for your business then Onlinejobs.ph is 100% worth it!

If you're looking for a freelancer to write a couple of cheap articles for you site then it's a total waste of time and money in my opinion.

The Filipinos at Onlinejobs.ph are looking for long term work only and they are not willing to waste time on short term projects.

The best sites for short term projects are Fiverr, Upwork & Hirewriters.

If you're looking for a full-time VA then I recommend you to join Onlinejobs.ph because they are simply the best for hiring affordable long term VA's!

If you've found this review useful, make sure you use my affiliate link to sign up and thanks for the support! 🙂

 Ready to Outsource with Onlinejobs.ph? 

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Hire a Writer Like a Pro Recommended Course!

If you're looking for a full-time writer to write content for your website then good news!

My friend Jerry has mastered the art of outsourcing writers and he has hired a full-time writer for only $400/month.

I read Jerry's blog regularly and I can assure you that his writer is providing him some amazing content.

Jerry has created an amazing course around Onlinejobs.ph showing you how to hire a writer like a pro.

In his course, you're going to get training and also some amazing bonuses like:

  • Done for you hiring templates
  • Proven to work interview questions
  • Email follow-up messages to send 
  • & More!

All you have to do is buy his training and hire your writer with total confidence!

Onlinejobs.ph Final Review

I hope you have found useful my Onlinejobs.ph review!

If you want to outsource I highly recommend you to get started and create your Free Onlinejobs.ph Account.

If you have any questions about Onlinejobs.ph just leave your comments below.

Also, share this review with people that might find it useful!

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  • Hello there and thank you for this amazing review. Never heard of this website before. I also used only Fiverr and I taught there was no real alternative when it comes to SEO and copywriting. As soon as I went through your review I created my free account there. It is amazing how many good workers you can find for reasonable fees.

    This is not possible with Fiverr. Fiverr workers ask a lot more per work or even per hour. The offer on Onlinejobs.ph is also quite diversified so anyone can find a profile they might need.

    Thank you.


  • Wow, you have done some extensive research with outsourcing and I’m impressed with the research you’ve done.

    Most of my outsourcing has been with people I know and I realized that people are people, Lol. I was thinking of using other services where I’m able to find people who really will put in the time.

    I will look into a service line onlinejobs.ph and see how my experience is. Also, the tips you gave in regards to looking for long term and short term outsourcing is useful. Thanks, blessings to you.

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