Opinions that Pay Review – 5 Reasons Why It’s NOT Legit!

opinions that pay review

Is Opinions that Pay Legit or an opportunity to earn +$350 sharing your opinions?

In this review, I'm going to share with you my experience with Opinions that Pay so you understand how it works and most importantly if it's worth your time or not!

Sounds good? Let's get into it!

Opinions That Pay Summary Review

Name:  Opinions That Pay 

Website: Opinionsthatpay.com

Price: Free

opinions that pay review

Summary: Opinions that Pay is not a legitimate website!

In this review I give you 5 reasons with proof on why this is a site to avoid!

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? No!

What Is Opinions That Pay?

Opinions that Pay is a website that promises people to make +350 by sharing their opinions, testing out products & doing different tasks.

This website claims that is going to connect you with the best surveys in the world, so all you have to do is provide your email address and you're going to be enjoying some high paying surveys.

I'm pretty familiar with Opinions that Pay and I know exactly how they work, so in this review, I will be explaining how this reward site actually works and why it's not a very safe website (with proof!)

So keep reading to learn the real truth... 😉

How Does Opinions that Pay Work?

opinions that pay review

Basically, Opinions that Pay pretends to be a legit research company site that gives you real in house surveys but that's not the truth!

Because this website is nothing but just an affiliate (middle man) of the surveys they connect you with.

Being an affiliate is not illegal or something, it's a good business, but the problem is Opinions that Pay is NOT being honest about it at all.

They basically want you to use their affiliate links as much as possible so they can earn the most commissions.

They are going to give you lists of surveys to join, the more you sign up the more they get paid.

These are some of the surveys & opportunities they want you to sign up for:

  • The Bill Wizard
  • Uber (Get Paid to Drive)
  • eMiles
  • VIP Voice
  • Paid Surveys at Home
  • Survey Junkie
  • Opinion Outpost
  • OMG Sweepstakes

While most of these sites are legit which is good, there are many websites and surveys that are questionable which confirm that Opinions that Pay does not care what kind of work from home opportunities they connect you with!

As long as they are making money they are good!

Let me give you an example!

Paid Surveys at Home is one of the sites that Opinions that Pay connects you with, they will earn money when you join this site!

By just doing a quick Google search you will realize it's a scam!

Here's what other people are saying about it on the internet!

opinions that pay complaints

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Opinions that Pay is NOT legit!

Here are 6 surveys where you can actually make extra cash today!

What I Like About Opinions That Pay

#1 Opinions that Pay is Free To Join

While I would never recommend anyone to sign up on this site it's good that it's free to join, so even if you get scammed at the end of the day you're not wasting any money.

But unfortunately, you're going to get SO MUCH spam if you join.

#2 You're Matched with Legit Sites 

While they don't care about which sites they connect you with I'm glad that most of the surveys and work from home opportunities are legitimate.

It's a bummer that they sell your info to other people and do many other shady things which I am going to talk about below.

What I Don't Like About Opinions That Pay

#1 Opinions that Pay is Owned by a Scam!

Opinions that Pay unfortunately is a site that belongs to a dangerous scam called Survey Voices, the latter also owns other scams like Smart Dollars Club and Brands that Need You.

Here's proof of that!

Just have a look at their design, they are cookie cutter sites!

brandsneeds you - take surveys get paid
is smart dollars club a scam
big brands want to pay you - BrandsNeedYou scam website
opinions that pay review

#2 How Much Can You Earn with Opinions that Pay?

On their website, they say you will make $350 by sharing your opinions but they don't even say if that $350 can be earned in a week, month or in a year!

But according to many negative reviews about the mother site of Opinions that Pay (Survey Voices) these sites are completely to avoid because they are not going to make any usable money but just spam you!

#3 Opinions that Pay Will Sell Your Personal Info!

Opinions that Pay will sell your information to third party websites because this is one of their ways to make money from members.

This will result in you receiving tons of spam into your inbox from different scammy websites.

As you can see below on the Survey Voices terms & conditions page you are told that you will receive phone sales calls & text messages too!

Survey Voices review

Tired of Scams?

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#4 They Connect You With Scams & Risky Sites!

So Just out of curiosity, I decided to try one of the Opinions that Pay surveys, I was redirected to join a website to start doing surveys to earn money.

But unfortunately, I could NOT even get in because the site was risky that I had a big red warning!

Here's how it looks like!

Survey Voices reviews

This exact thing happened to me with Brands that Need you, Smart Dollars Club & Survey Voices.

They are basically the same scam and are promoting the same scam offers to their members!

Sometimes you're even asked to spend money on some bogus subscriptions these subscriptions as Opinions that pay say are going to enable you to earn the $350 check.

is opinions that pay a scam?

I recommend you to avoid such offers!

#5 They Want you to Join More than 3 Companies

Doing surveys with Opinions that Pay can make you some extra cash because some of their surveys are legitimate.

However, the big issue is this website wants you to sign up for as many surveys as possible.

This is going to only waste your time, I always recommend people to NOT join more than 3 surveys.

If you sign up for more than 3 surveys you're going to get confused because the payments methods, cashout limits, survey send rate and many other things are different on each survey!

Is Opinions That Pay A Scam?

I think Opinions that Pay is a scam to avoid, although they get you to sign up for some legitimate offers I don't think a legit company would ever connect you with shady offers and scams like Opinions that Pay does!

On top of that, Opinions that Pay is owned by a big scam called Survey Voices!

If you're looking for some extra cash doing surveys I recommend to check out my favorite surveys below!

3 Opinions That Pay Legit Alternatives!

  1. SWAGBUCKS ($5 sign up bonus
  2. INBOXDOLLARS ($5 Sign up Bonus)
  3. YOUGOV (Earn up to $30 per Survey!)

What is Your Experience with Opinions that Pay?

Did you sign up for Opinions that Pay?

What is your experience with it?

Let us know in the comments section!

And don't forget to SHARE! 🙂

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  • Emmanuel Buysse says:

    Great post and good info.

    Yet another scam that tells you you can earn money easily and good, by sharing stuff. 

    The only thing you share is your personal things and they will take advantage from that, I already done some platforms like that and it is always the same. 

    If you want to earn money online, this is not the way to do. 

    Anyway, with this review, I’m pretty sure you will save some people by joining the bad thing, so thanks a lot for that. 

  • Joo says:

    Wow you have put in lots of effort doing up this very detailed post! I was just checking it out, and good thing I landed here! Trying to be a legitimate survey platform when all they are is serving up their own affiliate links is so disgusting! Like you said, nothing wrong with being an affiliate for programs, but come on, cheating about it is definitely fraudulent! 

    Thanks for alerting me to this, I’ll make sure to steer clear of it.

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