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Best Cable TV Affiliate Programs (These Actually Work!) (2019)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis Chity

October 6, 2019

Best Cable TV Affiliate Programs

Hi! Welcome to my "Best Cable TV Affiliate Programs" article!

These times, there are more ways to earn money, especially online. One of these is affiliate marketing.

Personally, I think it is the best way because of its passive income. To do it, you must apply for affiliate programs first. However, there are a lot.

In this article, we will be talking about the best cable TV affiliate programs. The list will contain 10 of them and you should check them out!

Without any further ado, let's get started.

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What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketing

Before we start with the best cable TV affiliate programs list, let's get some background information.

What is an affiliate program?

It is basically a program that gives people the opportunity to earn money through affiliate marketing.

After signing up, the program will give its affiliates the tools and materials that they will need. These include banners, ads, text links, widgets and many more.

Affiliates can put these on their blogs and websites. Whenever visitors click on them, the program will record them as referrals. Everytime they purchase these products, the affiliates will be compensated.

However, affiliate programs will not always pay you everytime a referral buys. The terms will depend on the program. Some will pay you if you get people to sign up or simply click on the links.

#1 fuboTV

fuboTV logo

When it comes to sports live TV, there is nothing else better than fuboTV. It is the leading streaming subscription service for sports.

Their clients can enjoy over 100 channels. Furthermore, they won't even be tied to a cable TV contract!

Another thing is that it offers free trials that last for a week! You can try it out! Also, they have affordable monthly plans.

FuboTV has no long term contracts.

Affiliate Program

The fuboTV affiliate program is managed by Impact Radius. Affiliates can benefit from their state-of-the-art technology platform, affiliate tutorials, marketing materials and creatives.

Furthermore, the program will compensate you 30$ for every subscription made by your referrals. Cookie life runs for 30 days.

#2 Xfinity

Xfinity logo

Brought to you by Comcast, an American telecommunications conglomerate, Xfinity offers almost everything.

TV, home management services, mobile, internet, voice and many more, are the best ones that it can offer. Furthermore, it has packages that can work perfectly together.

One thing they is their digital TV which features the following:

  • Cable channel networks
  • Free self install kit
  • TV and internet services discounts

If you will sign up to Xfinity, you will be able to access their Xfinity stream app. With that, you can watch live TV anytime and anywhere. Additionally, you can also download shows from them!

Affiliate program

Just like fuboTV, the Xfinity affiliate program is run by Impact Radius.

Affiliates can earn up to $135 per order made by referrals. Furthermore, the cookie life is 30 days.

Apart from that, the program will provide marketing tools such as banners, ads, text links and promotional content.

And let's not forget that its helpful affiliate management team will always be there to offer you help and support.

#3 SkyStream

Skystream logo

Skystream is a streaming media player designed for Android users. It is the most advanced and fastest of its kind.

Their clients are able to stream various sporting events, TV shows, and movies that are from different streaming apps in Android phones.

Apart from that, Skystream's media players allow people to stream anywhere and anytime! With that, you can actually save money from subscribing to various TV services.

Affiliate Program

Unlike other TV affiliate programs, Skystream manages their own affiliate program.

It provides its affiliates with great marketing tools and resources. One of them are unique tracking links.

Furthermore, they can share these links to their friends and family to be able to save money from cable bills.

Commission rate is at 6.60%. Furthermore, the program has a 60-day cookie life. Payouts are done quickly through Paypal.

#4 NoCable

NoCable main page

If you want to save from money subscribing to TV cable services, you should consult NoCable.

It offers how-to articles that will lead you to save over $1400 a year with your cable subscriptions. Basically, it encourages people to use over-the-air HD television and antenna.

Currently, 90% of the households in the United States are in range to be able to stream different TV shows for free because of broadcast TV signals.

Furthermore, clients can check out their free reports that will show them the available free broadband ISPs and DTV broadcast stations located on or near their areas.

Affiliate program

The NoCable affiliate program is managed in-house. Its affiliate marketing team ensures that their affiliates are well taken care of.

They are always available and open for questions. Furthermore, they can surely help you in optimizing your marketing campaigns.

NoCable reportedly has an average order size of over $50. With that, you can earn 15% commission!. The program also has a 30-day cookie life.

#5 Vontronix

Vontronix logo

If you want an affordable streaming service that offers over 500 channels, then Vontronix is the one you are looking for.

Actually, it is streaming video provider that gives its clients with video services that are designed to give you the experience of having a cable TV.

Even when they add more channels, the monthly rate would still be the same affordable one! Furthermore, the on-demand library includes 15000 titles.

Affiliate program

As for the Vontronix affiliate program, it is run and managed by ShareASale

Affiliates can earn a 15% commission on each successful subscription they can bring. Furthermore, the cookie life is one year!

The affiliate program will provide you with professionally made text links, banners and ads.

Moreover, affiliates have a dashboard wherein they can track their sales, leads, commissions, conversion rates and many more.

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#6 Dish Network

Dish Network logo

This one has a great name on it. Dish Network is the leading satellite TV company. Furthermore, it is ranked number 1 by J.D. Power

They offer great TV services at the best prices! Apart from that, their innovative technology, 2-year price, great customer service and excellent programming are proofs that they deserve the number 1 ranking.

All of their clients benefit from this!

Affiliate program

The Dish Network affiliate program uses Commission Junction to manage them.

If you are one of their affiliates, expect that you will be provided with excellent tools. Furthermore, the program has a lot of various creatives and real time tracking tools available for you.

You can earn $100 per new customer you can recruit. Also, you will be able to do this through online. Or you can utilize their Call Tracking program to earn commissions for offline phone orders.

The affiliate program has a 30-day cookie life.

#7 Antennas Direct

Antennas Direct logo

If ever you are looking for antennas, then Antennas Direct is the best one! They offer high quality products and services for people who use over-the-air TV.

Since 2003, people have been starting to cut their cable cords and save money. Why? Because of Antennas Direct!

They offer great products at a very affordable price. Furthermore, they have a lifetime warranty.

Affiliate program

Commission Junction manages the Antennas Direct affiliate program. Affiliates can earn 10% commission. Furthermore, they can benefit from a 30-day cookie duration.

The company has an average order size of $120+. This can be great to the affiliates out there.

Also, they will be provided with excellent marketing tools that are professionally designed.

Some of these are banners, text links, ads, product catalogs, and special affiliate offers.

#8 Cox Communications

Cox Communications logo

Another big player in the TV industry is Cox Communications. It is the 3rd largest private telecommunications company, as well as the largest cable service provider in the United States.

Additionally, the company serves 6 million households and businesses in 18 states. Isn't that magnificent?

That statistics alone says something about Cox Communications. It is a great company.

They have a smart TV cable that combines the following:

  • Streaming
  • Your favorite TV shows
  • Live TV
  • DVR Recordings

Affiliate Program

Cox Communications affiliate program is managed by Acceleration Partners and hosted on Partnerize.

The program provides its affiliate with their own banners, text links, ads, content and other marketing tools.

When you generate more than 5 new customer sales, you will receive bonuses.

Furthermore, the program pays commissions up to $95. Also, it will give you a 30-day cookie life.

#9 IPTV Sensation

IPTV Sensation logo

In the world of internet protocol TV provider, IPTV Sensation is the best.

Its 500,000 customers can vouch for that. IPTV has a library that consists of more than 2000 programs that also include international channels.

Furthermore, the premium plans they offer will work at any devices with more than 5000 multi-language VOD and a 9.9% guaranteed uptime.

Affiliate program

ShareASale runs the IPTV Sensation affiliate program. The program reportedly has a very high conversation rate of 17.11%!

Be sure to utilize and take advantage of this. Affiliates will be provided with attractive and nice banners, ads and text links. These can be added on their websites.

It has 45-day cookie life and offers a 45% commission rate.

#10 Sling TV

Sling TV logoSling TV logo

Lastly is Sling TV. It is the United States' #1 live streaming service. If you doubt that, then you can try it out with their free trial!

This company offers high quality services with leading prices. There are no hidden fees too! You are completely safe.

Apart from that, there are no long term contracts and all channels are excellent.

Affiliate program

The Sling TV affiliate program is powered by Commission Junction. The highlight with the program is its dashboard for the affiliates.

This will give them everything they need to start, including marketing tools.

Furthermore, the program compensates those affiliates with great and quality traffic and placement.

The affiliate program rewards $0-$5 per lead and $3-$20 per sale. Moreover, the cookie life is 30 days.

Bottom Line

Well, that concludes the article! You now know the best cable TV affiliate programs!

If you are an affiliate marketer or still starting out, you should consider the cable TV niche.

A lot of people still use it nowadays. Furthermore, it is a home service. Clients will multiply each day.

These companies are also big time. You will surely make lots of money with their programs if you do it correctly.

Thank you so much for reading my "Best Cable TV Affiliate Programs" article! If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them on the comment section below!

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