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Is BigSpot.com a Scam? Read the UGLY Truth Here!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

January 15, 2019

BigSpot.com Reviewed!

Did you watch the Bigspot.com tv commercial and like me you assumed it's a real & legit site that will generously pay you to take surveys?

Or is it just a scam & hyped up survey that is going to waste your precious time?

This review is going to show you all the ugly reviews about this site, the red flags and the good, you want to read this review to learn the real truth!

So without any further ado, let's get into it!

BigSpot.com Summary Review

Name:  BigSpot

Website: BigSpot.com

Price: Free

Is it a Scam? No

BigSpot.com Reviewed!

Summary: Bigspot.com is not a scam survey, but it's borderline, you can make some money with it but in this review, I show you some big red flags and the most common complaints about it.

Rating: 2/5

Recommended? No!

What is BigSpot.com?

Bigspot is a survey website that promises people that want to earn extra cash online to make some easy money taking surveys from home.

This survey has been advertised many times on TV which made it a bit more popular, you know when you see any product being advertised in TV you just assume its gotta be good!

But a product being advertised in TV does not necessarily mean it's good, it just means the owners have a big budget to afford to appear on TV commercials and Bigspot might be just a hyped-up well advertised empty bag of chips.

In case you did not see the Bigspot TV commercial, it's basically a pretty funny commercial about a person with a neck basket.

You can watch this commercial below:

So Bigspot.com is advertised as a website where you can make money by sharing your opinion, but after having a closer look I realized it's not a real survey site or a market research company that connects companies with their customers.

I'll explain how they actually work below so keep reading! 😉

How Does BigSpot Work?

There is something you probably don't know, that Bigspot does not tell you or at least it's not clear about. Bigspot, as I said above, is NOT a real survey site.

Looks like they are being advertised like they are a survey website that is going to send you surveys and pay you.

Bigspot is actually just an affiliate of many other popular surveys, what they do is they sign up for other surveys, they get their affiliate/referral link and give it to you.

If you sign up, they will earn commissions. You & I and can go ahead and create a website, sign up as affiliates for other surveys and make money promoting them to other people. Anyone can become an affiliate!

Now, I'm not saying Bigspot is a scam or illegal just because they are an affiliate with other surveys. There are many sites that do this and it's fine.

The problem is Bigspot does not tell you that and it's pretty misleading and dishonest to not be clear about it to your members.

If you sign up you will get access to their dashboard and you will see the surveys they recommend. For example, when I signed up I was asked to join the following three surveys:

Bigspot recommended surveys

  1. I-Say Ipsos
  2. My Survey
  3. Global Test Market

I'm pretty familiar with these surveys and I can guarantee you they are legitimate, however, they are NOT the best surveys to make money but that's not my point.

My point is Bigspot just like other survey aggregators will only send you to sign up for different surveys just to earn referral commissions.

I'm going to talk about this point later and explain why it's not good for you.

The Bigspot.com Registration Process

The Registration process is pretty straightforward, just enter your

  •  Email address
  • Birthdate
  • Gender

And you're ready to go, once you sign up you will see offers that Bigspot claims they have been chosen based on your profile (which I'm having a hard time believing).

You're also told that the more surveys you join the more money you will make (nice try Bigspot 🙂 ) and many survey aggregators do this just to earn more referral commissions.

But I'm glad that the surveys you are recommended to join are free and are NOT scams or some spammy work at home jobs.

I'm saying this because I have been reviewing scammy survey aggregators before whose only goal is to send spam to people in order to make money.

You can read about these scammy surveys I review here:

How Does BigSpot Pay You?

No, Bigspot does not pay you, they are just affiliates of the sites they refer you to, so you're basically signing up for third-party websites who are the ones that are going to pay you.

Each survey you join through Bigspot is going to pay you individually, each survey has it's own payment method and cashout limits.

Let's say Bigspot recommends you to sign up for Survey Spot, if you earn any money doing surveys Survey Spot is going to pay you, their payment method is Paypal or gift cards and you can cash out when you have 1000 points in your account.

This is just an example, each survey has it payment method and withdraw limit. Just imagine signing up for many surveys and having to go collect your dollars from each individual site, it's a pain the ass and it's not even worth it.

6 Legit Surveys that Pay Via Paypal Instantly!

Here are 6 surveys where you can actually make extra cash today!

What I Liked About BigSpot.com

1-They Connect You With Some Legit Surveys

I appreciate the fact they make sure they send you only legit surveys. 

As I said before I know many websites that don't mind connecting you with shady sites because they just want to send you the most expensive stuff or refer you to sites that make them the most money regardless of them being legit or scam.

The sites Bigspot refers you to can help you make extra cash doing surveys.

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2- BigSpot.com Has Been Featured On Tv

Not many companies can afford to make themselves appear on TV, just the fact they have been featured on TV means they are doing something right.

What I Didn't Like About BigSpot.com

1- So Many BigSpot Complaints & Negative Reviews

During my research, I came across various complaints and negative reviews from unhappy members, below I breakdown for you the most common ones:

1) This is a Useless Website!

BigSpot Scam Reviews

I have stumbled upon a lot of negative reviews from members that say this site is plain useless, according to some unhappy members Bigspot.com is nothing but another list of surveys.

Well, I do agree because literally in 20 seconds on Google you can pull up a full list of legit surveys that work without signing up for anyone and risking being spammed.

2) The Pay is Misery!

Bigspot pay is low

I also came across a lot of Bigspot complaints that talk about how little the survey qualification rate and earnings are, but this complaint is about surveys in general, not Bigspost because 99% surveys are just pocket money earners you can't expect to earn a living.

Since Bigspot.com is sending you a list of surveys to sign up for you're not going to make any decent money from surveys, because the more surveys you sign up for the less money you'll make.

The only people who are going to earn decent money are the Bigspot owners.

2) BigSpot.com is A Scam that Will Sell Your Info!

BigSpot Complaints

Images source: 

Some reviews say that Bigspot is going to sell your information to third party websites, Bigspot on their privacy policy page clearly say that they are NOT going to send your info to third party websites.

But unhappy members say that they do like a trick to switch the privacy policy when you're signing up for another site so technically you agree (without knowing it) to the new privacy policy that says it's going to send your info to third party websites.

But I think this is unlikely because Bigspot sends you to third-party surveys and I guess these third-party surveys are the ones that will probably sell your info.

2- Bigspot.com is the Same as Surveysay.com!

As I was doing my research about Bigspot.com I came across another website that is called Surveysay.com and I noticed that they are LITERALLY the same.

The only difference is the logo as you can clearly see in these screenshots below:

bigspot vs surveysay
surveysay vs bigspot

They even recommend you to join EXACTLY the same surveys, have a look below:

bigspot review
surveysay vs bigspot

After having a deeper look I realized that Bigspot.com & Surveysay.com belong to the same company called Varsityplaza, LLC, I have even found their BBB profile and their business is not even accredited and it has one complaint.

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Is BigSpot.com Worth Signing Up For?

I don't think it's worth signing up for Bigspot.com, everything they give you can be found quickly with a 20 seconds Google search.

Also, you should NOT sign up for more than 3-4 surveys because if you do you will be spreading your efforts thin.

3 Best BigSpot Alternatives

If you're looking for some legitimate surveys that won't spam you and where you will actually make some extra bucks then I recommend you to check out my top recommended 3 surveys.

  • YOUGOV (Earn up to $30 per Survey!)

Is BigSpot A Scam?

BigSpot is A Scam

Bigspot.com is not a scam, but it's a misleading site that is pretending to be a real survey, it comes with many red flags and complaints from actual members and I don't recommend it.

If you're curious and you want to try it out make sure you use a bogus email address, don't give out your real email address because you might be bombarded with spammy offers.

Surveys Won't Pay Your Bills!

If you're taking surveys and you think you can earn enough money, then you're wrong, surveys are legit, they can earn you a few bucks per week but nothing much.

I know that because I used to take surveys all the time, they require effort and most of the time they are not worth it.

I stopped doing surveys and I started my own website where I write articles and promote other people products.

That's how I have been making a full-time income from home, this is thanks to this step by step training that allowed me to make money from home even if I am a complete beginner!

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  • Hello Anis! Your review was very helpful because I was thinking about signing in with BigSpot. Now i see it will be just waste of my time. I am grateful for such detailed look at this company, It is difficult sometimes to find a legit survey company online. Thanks for providing a list with a scammy survey sites as well.

  • Great review! That Bigspot commercial is pretty funny but that’s where the fun ends. For me when a company or business is not honest they lose all credibility and go into my scam basket. I know it may not be a scam but the dishonesty is enough to discourage me from joining up with them.

    I actually enjoy real surveys but it is difficult because many of the good ones are not available in my country. it is good to know that Bigspot is not a scam but for me, it is not worth it. I think Affiliate marketing is a much better way to get some decent income from providing a valuable service.

    Thanks for this information.

  • Taking online surveys is a good way to earn money online but it takes a very long time to get a tangible sum of money. This Bigspot looks like a good site, but just like the other survey sites I’ve worked on, it’ll still be a long shot to earn money or even get paid. 

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