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Opinion City Review (Stay Away From This Website!) (Updated 2020)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 19, 2020

Does Opinion City Work?, Is Opinion City real or fake, Opinion City reviews

Opinion City

Hello! Welcome to my Opinion City Review!

Many online surveys usually will earn you a few dollars but Opinion City claims that you will start banking $500 per week.

But is that real? Can you earn $500 per week on this site? Or Opinion City is a scam?

To me earning $500 per day or per week doing surveys is too good to be true. I have been looking into Opinion City to make sure it’s legitimate.

In this Opinion City review, I am going to share with you my findings. Before you sign up for Opinion City make sure you read this review first! Let’s get started.

Opinion City Review Quick Summary

Name: Opinion City

Website: opinioncity.com

Price: FREE

Owner: Unkown (Maybe be an alien?)

Rating: 1/5

Recommended? NO

Opinion City Review logo

What is Opinion City?

Opinion City Review website homepage

Let’s begin this Opinion City Review with a background information to get to know it!

Opinion City is an online platform that claims to be an incredible money making opportunity which connects you with online market research companies to earn money easily doing surveys.

It’s job is to help you make money online safely without getting scammed. But are they real? Let’s find out first how this site works.

How Does Opinion City Work?

When I saw Opinion City for the first time I thought it was a site where you get paid to take surveys.

But after having a closer look it was clear to me that this is another survey hub or survey aggregator like the following:

Anis Wait! What is a Survey Hub?

A survey hub aka survey aggregator is a website where the owner is an affiliate of many other real survey companies like Swagbucks & Prizerebel.

The affiliate creates a website which is a survey hub where he/she keeps promoting so people click and join surveys using his/her affiliate links.

Opinion City in this case is a survey hub and they are owned by a person who is an affiliate of all the surveys they want you to sign up for.

What Opinion City does is send you to register for different survey sites because every time you join a survey panel through their affiliate link they get paid.

Referring people to sites is legit but when you join TONS of different survey panels (which Opinion City wants you to do) you won’t earn much as you need to focus on one or maximum two sites.

On their website, they have 3 tabs, each tab contains sites that they want you to join to earn money.

Opinion City Review website tabs

I’m going to quickly explain each tab individually below:

#1 Surveys and Paid Offers

I noticed that they send you to join mixed survey panels. Some of them are legit while some are known to be scams like Survey Voices.

On their site, they also send you to join some paid offers.

These paid offers do ask for your credit card. Sometimes you will even have to spend money.

Don’t Forget this!

There are a lot of people who forget to unlink their credit cards after a paid offer. Therefore, their cards get charged every month!

#2 Coupons & Freebies

Sometimes they also link you to join some rebate sites where you can get discounts.

I noticed that the cashback sites they want you to join are legit and well known like.

3) Work from Home (Scam, Scam…!)

On this tab, you’re recommended to join some work at home opportunities that will cost you quite a lot of money.

Some of the products they want to sell you are confirmed scams that I had reviewed on my site.

Opinion City Review products

As you can see in the screenshot above, they want you to join the following scams.

  1. The Job Quitter
  2. My Online Profits Breakthrough
  3. Automated Daily Income

The above programs are COMPLETE scams!

They will suck your money and scam you. You really should NOT buy them. Just click on the links above to see what I am talking about!

At this point, you have probably noticed that Opinion City wants you to join as many sites as possible by using their affiliate links.

They will make money every time you use their affiliate or referral link. That’s called Affiliate marketing. It’s a totally legit online business model.

However, you need to know that when you join so many survey sites, you will be confused and overwhelmed by the surveys and you won’t earn much as every site pays individually.

The second issue is on the work from home tab. They want you to join some big scams that cost thousands of dollars in upsells.

For example, if you join the Automated Daily Income you will have to buy another program called Mobe which will cost you more than $50,000!

Opinion City Quick 2020 Update!

Mobe has been COMPLETELY shutdown and closed by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)!

Do you see what kind of site Opinion City wanted you to join?

Just imagine if you took Opinion City recommendation and splashed $5,000’s on Mobe just to find out they have been shut down and lose all your money?

Opinion City promotes those expensive scams because they will earn bigger commissions versus if you join a free survey site.

Unfortunately, those sites they want you to join are so dangerous and you can waste lots of money without earning a cent.

I know many guys that have lost a lot of money on those useless scams that Opinion City wants you to sign up for!

Opinion City 2020 Review Update!

I have published this Opinion City review three years ago and some things have changed about this site.

Some of the things that changed is that Opinion City does not promote anymore those scam work from home sites I talked about.

It is because they are not operating anymore since those scams have been exposed and shutdown.

But would you trust Opinion City? I would not because if they used to market scams then they don’t deserve to be trusted and they are not safe!

Anis chity

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Is Opinion City Available Worldwide?

If you want to give Opinion City a try then you’re lucky because it’s available worldwide. You can join from any country in the world.

But you need to keep in mind that the surveys they promote, not all of them support international members.

Quick Note!

I live in Italy and I noticed that they have a specific Opinion City version for Italian members (Opinioncity.it).

Chances are there is an Opinion City version available for your country.

How is the Support?

Is Opinion City a website that is going to offer you good support when you need it?

Well they have no FAQ page but they have a Contact Us page where they say you will get back to you in 24 to 48 hours.

I personally did NOT contact them because I’m not planning to use Opinion City since it’s not a good site to work with in my opinion.

Is Opinion City BBB Accredited?

I have received many questions from members who want to join Opinion City asking me if is it BBB accredited.

That’s why I decided to give them the answer here. I went to BBB to see if Opinion City is accredited and I found out that it does not even exist in their database!

opinion city is not mentioned at bbb

This does NOT mean that Opinion City is a scam just because they are not accredited by the BBB but it’s definitely a warning sign.

Opinion City Biggest Red Flags!

So I have been using Opinion City for a long time and I have detected 6 UGLY scam signs that I really want you to know before you join them.

Here are the 6 scam signs in order.

1 -Who is the Founder of Opinion City?

Since you’re reading my Opinion City review chances are all you’re looking for is a legitimate work from home job right? Can I give you a quick tip that is going to help you avoid any work from home scam?

Always research the founder of any website you want to sign up for or buy products from. I personally NEVER trust any website who is created by a fake or unethical founder.

But did you ever ask yourself who is the founder of Opinion City? If you go check now the Opinion City website you WON’T find:

  • An about page
  • Or any information about the owner of Opinion City!

But on the homepage, there is a photo of Alyssa who is supposedly a consumer trend investigator. But unfortunately Alyssa is just a stock photo and her picture is used on many other websites.

Have a look below!

the owner of opinion cityAlyssa doesn't exist

I have also checked the WHOIS info of Opinion City and they have listed A&A Marketing is their registrant organization.

I started searching for A&A marketing reviews and no one is linking Opinion City to this organization which raises many red flags.

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

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The best part I did not need any experience because they gave me the training & support I needed to succeed!

2- Opinion City & Your Personal Info

If you check their privacy page you will notice that they will share your personal information like:

  • Your name
  • email address
  • Phone Number
  • Your vehicles
  • Social Security number

Opinion City Review Sharing and Disclosure

On the sidebar, Opinion City has a lead generation box where they ask for your email address. When you give out your email address you will be part of a $50 weekly draw on Facebook.

But the truth is there is no draw on Facebook or anything. Their newsletter is all about promoting to you more dodgy programs so they earn more commissions.

On top of that, you will start receiving spam emails from third party sites, because they sell your email address to other advertisers.

3- Can You REALLY earn Money with Opinion City?

Opinion City promises you to earn $500/week. But I can assure you that’s complete BS. This site is only going to make the owners rich. We all know the income potential of surveys

If you make $200 per month doing surveys you are doing extremely well. Surveys are just an extra way to earn cash. There is no such thing as earning $500/week.

The work at home programs they promote are complete scams and will only waste your time! If I were you I’d definitely look for a legitimate alternative!

4- High Income  Claims!

Opinion City on their homepage gives you a list of survey recommendations. Under each survey, there is a description that explains how it works.

One thing I noticed is there are some misleading income claims under some survey descriptions.

For example, this survey called Surveyjobs.com and Opinion City says that they will make you $500 doing surveys.

I Googled it to read a review and I found out it’s a scam that gives people fake income claims!

opinion city connects you with scams

5- Fake Star Ratings & Reviews!

As I said above Opinion City gives you a list of recommended surveys but I noticed that all their recommendations have 5 star ratings.

Those ratings are fake and superficial and this proves that Opinion City hopes that you sign up for all their recommended surveys.

Anis Chity FullTimeHomebusiness.com

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6 – Opinion City BUYS Fake Facebook Likes!

Just a few months ago I noticed that Opinion City had a few Facebook likes but now I checked their Facebook page and I noticed that they have over 23k likes!

These likes are clearly fake because you can’t get all those likes organically and if you see the Opinion City Facebook posts you’ll see little engagements for a 23k likes page!

Is Opinion City a Scam? Final Review

Well, Opinion City used to promote scams. Now most of the sites they promote are legitimate which means they are not 100% scam but definitely a website I’ll never recommend because some of the sites are low quality and spammy.

I don’t recommend you to join Opinion City because they are all about earning money from you and not help you make money!

Opinion City reminds me of other similar sites like Smart Dollars Club & clout cash club!They won’t make you money because they recommend joining questionable sites.

Furthermore, they also have some sketchy offers that ask for your credit card. If you are not careful you may forget to unlink your card and waste money as a result!

There are many good ways to earn money and I’m sure Opinion City is not one of them.

Thank you so much for reading my Opinion City Review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

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In his free time he loves playing football & hanging out with friends.

Quick update: Anis now is 28 earning over $40k a month on average in affiliate commissions! Learn How He exactly did it here.

  • I suspected it was too good to be legitimate. This review has to be the most comprehensive review I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for the review- it opened my eyes to a lot more than just Opinion City.

    • Hi Mika, I always make sure my reviews and articles are in-depth, comprehensive and honest, I’m so happy to hear that this Opinion City review has helped you!

      If you need help making money online or anyone reading this comment just reply to this comment and I will be happy to help.

      I was a newbie and I know how hard it is to find a legit opportunity on the internet.


  • I have done so many online surveys in the past. I was beginning to wonder what Opinion City had that was different from the previous ones I already did. Oh! They are worse, much worse! It shouldn’t be only Mobe shut down. What Opinion City is doing to innocent people is very cruel. They should be shut down immediately! 

  • Online surveys always appear as low hanging fruit as it requires only your time and to follow the instructions. It is proved time and again that taking these surveys cannot provide the returns that are promised. The ultimate goal is an automated online business that is not time related and with surveys, they require your time to earn anything.

    This in my opinion is not a long term solution.

    Thanks for your detailed Opinion City review!


    • Hi, Richard, I agree! Starting your own online business or affiliate website is 10x better than doing surveys especially with Opinion City which is a questionable site as I have explained in my review!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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