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How To Earn Money Online During The Coronavirus (2020)

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By Anis Chity

March 20, 2020

How To Earn Money Online During The Coronavirus (2020)

Hello! Welcome to my “How To Earn Money Online During Coronavirus” article!

In these times, wherein a global pandemic disease affects everyone, such as the coronavirus disease, prioritizing your health is of utmost importance.

Officials and experts have already announced and advised everyone to quarantine themselves and be sure to stay at their homes to help fight off this virus and end it once and for all.

With this, it also means that people have to take a break from their work, right?

There are some of you who will still earn money during the break, but I know that most of the people out there are struggling to earn money.

So, instead of being a couch potato in your humble abode, why not use your time to earn some money? And no, you won’t be doing it outside.

Instead, you will be earning money online, from your home, safe and sound. In this article, I will give you ways on how to earn money online during the coronavirus aka Covid-19 Without any further ado, let’s get started.

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Ways To Earn Money Online During The Coronavirus

Survey Websites

How To Earn Money Online During The Coronavirus Survey Websites

So let’s start off this list with survey websites. Believe it or not, you can actually get paid by answering and completing surveys online. Why is that?

Well, businesses and companies need the opinions of different people regarding them, including their products and services. These opinions will really help them improve their whole organization.

There are a lot of survey websites online such as Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

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So the process is like this: you create an account, then you just simply click on one of the surveys available in your account’s dashboard. It will usually take 30 to 60 seconds to finish one survey.

Most websites will reward you points for every survey you finish. Afterward, you can redeem rewards with these points. You can get gift cards, coupons and of course, cash.

However, you must know those survey websites are only good at being a source of extra cash. Which means that you won’t really be earning that much.

Do not expect that you can actually replace your actual job with survey websites. Nevertheless, survey websites are fun, easy and can still reward you.

Reward Sites

How To Earn Money Online During The Coronavirus Reward Sites

Reward sites are pretty much similar to survey websites. In fact, surveys are a part of reward sites.

Basically, these sites will compensate you for accomplishing tasks. Some of these include watching and viewing ads, listening to music, watching videos, playing games, and answering surveys.

You will get to receive points, like in survey websites, that you can use to redeem rewards!

But then again, survey websites and reward sites are just good for earning extra cash. Don’t worry! We have more ways in this list wherein you can earn more money!

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For those who are into writing out there, you can actually earn money from your passion! Blogging is all about sharing your interests and opinions to the world.

First and foremost, you pick a niche or a topic in which your blog will revolve around. After that, you just simply make your blog! There are a lot of free services out there that you can use, such as WordPress.

Personally, I think that blogging is one of the underrated ways to earn money online. However, there is a misconception about this. You do not earn money just by writing and adding content to your blog.

How To Earn Money Online During The Coronavirus Blogging

What you have to do is to monetize your blog. You can do that through ads and affiliate marketing. Basically, you just sign up for a website that enables you to add ads on your own blog.

One example is Google Adsense. These ads will help increase a company’s exposure, gaining more customers and sales.

You just need to have visitors on your webpage who will click on these ads. To do that, you must really create excellent content for your blog and make it very entertaining for your audience.

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Freelance writing

How To Earn Money Online During The Coronavirus Freelance Writer

This one is also for those who are into writing, yet too lazy or do not have the time to manage a blog. Being a freelance writer is also one of the nice ways to earn money online.

There are a lot of writing services and websites that hire freelance writers to do writing jobs for them. Clients go to these websites to avail various writing services.

As a freelance writer, your job is to deliver their order. There is a huge and wide scope of topics that you can choose. So rest assured that whatever field or interest you have, you will find a place in the world of freelance writing and earn money online.


Have you ever gone to YouTube and watched entertaining vlogs? What about different videos? For those you don’t know, you can actually earn money with YouTube.

But first, you must have a YouTube channel and meet the requirements. One of these is to have at least 1000 subscribers on your channel and must have at least a total of 4000 hours of watch time.

Sounds a bit challenging. However, entertaining videos nowadays can easily go viral. So you are probably wondering why you will earn money through YouTube.

Well, pretty much the same with blogging, it involves ads. That is why, if you noticed, most videos you have watched have ads on them.

How To Earn Money Online During The Coronavirus YouTube

As a viewer, you might find this a bit annoying. However, if you are a YouTuber, it is truly a blessing if your viewers do not skip these ads because it will earn you money!

So during this time of quarantine and being at home, why don’t you just record videos of yourself or maybe include your family?

Think of something creative and fun that people will love to watch. Besides, most people today do not really have much to do, right?

I am sure that most people spend time on YouTube, watching videos. Why not take advantage of that? Pretty smart, huh?

Not confident enough to do vlogging? Then try out this better option to earn money online!

Online Streamer

How To Earn Money Online During The Coronavirus Online Streaming

This one is for the gamers out there! There are streaming websites, such as Twitch, wherein you can stream while playing your favorite video games.


You need to have subscribers though, like on YouTube. So be sure to be entertaining and interact with your viewers. Your main source of income in streaming is your viewers. They can donate money to you.


Once you grow your stream, sponsors will be offering you deals. Up to this date, streamer, Ninja, has made millions of dollars just by streaming! Can you imagine that? You make money just by playing video games!

Other freelancer work

The next option we have is the other freelance jobs we have online. The most common ones include researching, data entry, and virtual assistant.

Online companies and businesses seek people who can manage their online operations while they take care of other stuff. Several websites like Upwork and have a lot of different freelance jobs available for you.

How To Earn Money Online During The Coronavirus Freelancer

Apart from that, you will be earning more money than working in reward sites and survey websites. What you have to do is to create an account on these freelance websites.

Then you can search up freelance jobs that you want to take. Submit your application and then wait for the employers’ response.

Once you get accepted, you can work immediately and get paid! Both full-time and part-time jobs are available for you. Personally, I started working online doing different kinds of freelance jobs. Until I found out about the next one, which is affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate marketing

Last but not the least, we have affiliate marketing. Before anything else, affiliate marketing is similar to being a YouTuber, blogger, and an online streamer in terms of the period of time before you can earn money.

Moreover, all of them require time, patience and of course, effort. Always keep that in mind. Anyways, what is affiliate marketing? It is a form of marketing that involves the promotion of products and services for you to get compensation.

When you promote these things online, you can get paid whenever people buy them. There are a lot of ways for you to promote. However, the best one for me is through your own blog or website.

How To Earn Money Online During The Coronavirus Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing a great source of passive income, which is why I totally recommend it to everyone who wishes to achieve financial freedom.

But just like I said, you won’t be earning money immediately with affiliate marketing. It will take time and effort to grow this online business.

However, once you do it right, I guarantee you that you will be earning a full-time income online! So I suggest that during this time of quarantine and being at home, you start building your website and start doing affiliate marketing.

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Bottom Line

Well, there you have them! The ways on how to make money online during the coronavirus. There is no need for you to worry about your finances these days. Remember, there is always a way.

Stay at your house and always be safe. For now, avoid going out because if you do, you will be exposed to crowds which is a big reason for getting the virus.

Instead of just laying down on your bed and relaxing, why don’t you use your time to make money online? I have shown you the ways already. Now, it is your time to make a move.

Thank you so much for reading my “How To Earn Money Online During The Coronavirus” article! If you have comments or questions, feel free to leave them below in the comments section! Stay safe everyone!

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