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Is Affiliate Marketing Safe? (Here Is The Only Answer You Need!) (2020)

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By Anis Chity

November 2, 2020

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Is Affiliate Marketing Safe

Hello! Welcome to my "Is Affiliate Marketing Safe?" article!

If you have been spending time looking for ways to earn money online, you have probably bumped into affiliate marketing.

Whether you did or not, you have come to the right place to know more about it. Specifically, is affiliate marketing safe?

Personally, I totally recommend affiliate marketing. However, there are instances that you must be careful. In this article, we will discover the answer regarding the safety questions of affiliate marketing!

With that being said, let's get started.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing wherein through affiliates, businesses can grow.

Furthermore, with affiliates, businesses can gain more exposure, a wider network of customers and affiliates, all leading to more sales.

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn a passive income with affiliate marketing because they are compensated for every product sale they make.

There are a lot of ways to do this. However, I believe that the best way is to do it through a personal blog or a website. This is because you will have total control over it.

If you have more questions about this, check out the last section in the bottom of this post.

How does it work?

The concept behind affiliate marketing is pretty simple. In this section, let's assume that you have a blog or a website. In fact, most affiliate programs require its affiliates to have a website.

Anyway, let's get down to the process.

Step 1 Apply for an affiliate program

The first thing you need to do after having your own website is to look and apply for an affiliate program.

You must make sure that the programs coincide or are related to the niche of your website! This is important so that your readers are more likely to convert.

Some examples of niches are:

After being accepted into the affiliate program, you will be given affiliate tools. Some of these are banner ads, widgets, text links and many more.

Step 2 Promote the products or business

With the affiliate tools you have given, it is time for you to put and embed them on your website.

You can write a post that is related to your niche, of course. And then you can just put these tools in the webpage.

But be sure to not overuse it. If you do, it might overwhelm your readers and cause them to exit from your website.

Step 3 Reviewers click on the affiliate tools

After placing the tools and publishing content, all you have to do is to drive traffic onto your website. You can do this by doing SEO work.

Your readers are potential customers. So you better work on getting more of them.

How this works is that when readers click on those tools, they will be brought to the business's website. Then the affiliate program will be able to track these viewers and make them as your referrals.

Step 4 Referrals purchase something/signs up

Affiliate programs have different terms and conditions for you to be paid. Some of them will pay you if your referrals purchase the products.

Others will pay the moment your referrals sign up or create an account. With that being said, it is important for you to know the terms of the affiliate programs.

Step 5 Earn commission

The final part is basically you getting paid whenever your referrals do the action that your affiliate program requires!

This process can repeat for as long as your website is active and online. That is why affiliate marketing gives you a passive income.

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Things to watch out for

Although affiliate marketing is legit, it is still not safe from scammers who stain its name.

They find illegal and unethical ways to exploit affiliate marketing to be able to get money from people.

Here are things that you must watch out for.

#1 Scam affiliate programs

 Remember that in affiliate marketing, you should register for affiliate programs, right? If you don't, how will you earn affiliate commissions?

However, not all programs are legit. In fact, there are some who won't even pay you!

With that being said, before registering, it is very important to do some research first. You can read reviews about these programs. Furthermore, you can check the terms and conditions.

You have to find out whether these programs are safe and legit.

#2 Get-rich-quick schemes

One thing that I review are get-rich-quick schemes. These are programs, systems or businesses that claim to make people get rich instantly.

However these are not true. Most of the time, the thing behind them is an affiliate marketing training. I am telling you to be wary of these, although they only offer training, because some of them will put you to harm or even your website.

Others will only get your email to be part of their email list. And afterwards, you will start to receive spam emails.

But most of them aim to get money from people. They will encourage you to purchase their products and you will get nothing much from them. Additionally, there will be cases that upsells exist.

#3 Fake products and services

What you do in affiliate marketing is to promote products, right? So what do you think will happen if the products are fake?

Also, some scammers will even use the names of famous brands and sell fake products. Be very vigilant for these scams are difficult to spot.

Scammers will invest time and effort in making a great portfolio to the point that it will look legit.

#4 Pay to join

Always remember this one: Affiliate programs are all free to join!

If you are told to pay to join, then it is an indication that it is a scam!

Most of them will turn out to be just pyramid schemes.

Learn to avoid scams and earn more with this program!

Is Affiliate Marketing Safe?

To conclude this article, it is time to answer the question, "Is Affiliate Marketing safe?".

Based on my research and of course, my experience, affiliate marketing is safe. In fact, it is how I earn money online. I love it because of the passive income.

However, scammers will always find a way to exploit affiliate marketing and earn unethically.

That is why, I suggest that you should not be complacent. Always research and gather information about the affiliate programs before joining. It is better to be safe than to be sorry, right?

Thank you so much for reading my "Is Affiliate Marketing Safe?" article! If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them on the comment section below!

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